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Hooters Casino: A Staging Area for a Second Massacre in Vegas! LRAD Live Test?

There is still so much we don’t know about the Los Vegas massacre, but one thing we do know for sure is the official narrative is bogus. There are so many holes in their obvious fabrication you could use it for a screen door. In light of all the misinformation and confusion I have developed a theory of my own about what actually transpired. I believe one or more weaponize drones carrying an automatic weapons were used to carry to the murders.

I also believe that there may have been specific targets identified in the Country Music festival through fast tract registration. Read; In Las Vegas, TSA PreCheck members get fast lane into country music festival The individual hit could have been strategically concealed within the mass murder.

Folks although I certainly wasn’t born yesterday but I am by no means an investigative journalist. I am throwing a few things out here that bounced around in my head a bit hoping someone like the author who has a lot more talent and attention to detail than I can pick up on.

My train of thought began after viewing the last episode of Criminal Minds featured Oct 20th 2017 which depicted DRONE MURDERS. An awake individual can learn much from watching it. I’m almost certain it’s airing was no coincidence. I’m not certain but I think there could be a correlation between the Los Vegas massacre and that particular program. The use of a weaponized drone could easily explain the multiple shooter testimony that so many witnesses suggested.

I wondered, could the content of the weekly series be a form of gloating about the deep state capturing a successful false narrative? After all they really do like to do that. The entire program can be viewed at no cost by clicking on the following link.

In the next video pay close attention. It appears as though the sequence of rapid fire muscle flashes coming from a flying object coordinates perfectly with the sound of the machine-gun blasting away. The clip is titled; CLEARLY Shooting Crowd from HELICOPTERS in VEGAS

Equipped with what you now know have how would you feel to learn Battlefield Vegas a military experience business is a mere rocks throw away from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Could that be an unassociated coincidence? Of course, but surely it makes one wonder if the latest version of weaponized drone technology wasn’t made readily available by them on the night of October first.

Now watch as a mysterious man being escorted by armed detail The man appears to be crarying what could be a Drone control board.

Let’s face it the idea of weaponized drone and mass casualties may be foreign to the rest of us with normal thinking minds but it is certainly being discussed among FEMA, TSA and other government officials,. Here’s one example TriMet, TSA drill simulates attack at Providence Park Although not in this case it is wise to remember that on occasion these drills have been known to go hot.

With all the recent warning of terrorists conducting a poison gas attack I wonder will drones be used?

Possible Gas Attack as Los Vegas FEMA Drill Depicts

I threw this link in just for kicks, it’s an advertisement for Crisis Actors: It is good to acquaint yourself with the method of operation of crisis actors and their use of hollywood style blood, guts and special effects.

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