How the Heavens Declared Trump’s Victory

Roaring Lion Donald Trump Elected President


Roaring Lion Donald Trump Elected President
Birth Chart

November 9 (Day 314, Passover):  Donald Trump, the roaring lion, won the Presidential election of 2016 to become the 45th President of the USA.  Like Jehu in Israel Trump was selected by the Sovereign Creator and anointed for a mission to destroy Satan’s stronghold in government.  Of course, Trump probably sees himself as a man with a big job ahead rather than a Divine appointee with angelic support.  The 2016 Presidential election was all about sanctification of evil that was taking the nation down under the Four Generation Curse.

In spite of a Trump victory predicted by two hurricanes (Hermine and Matthew) and weather angels shouting about Trump all week long, the news media and government leaders continued to sell Trump short.  On election night the media were all geared up for a Clinton victory based on their polls.  However, the election wasn’t decided by the people they asked, but by unknowns that the angels bought to the polls from rural America.

God selects kings and authorities (Jer 27:5-7Dan 2:214:17255:18-1921Rom 13:1), and He sent His angels to bring in the vote.  This is not hyperbole, nor metaphor.  The election was decided in Antecedent Grace.  Donald Trump is probably the most spiritual man to ever be elected President – not that he knows much about Christianity.  He’s an apostate Presbyterian, who doesn’t believe in Rebound.  However, he has several qualifications for his mission:

  1. He can see through fools.
  2. He has a backbone, unlike wimp, hen-pecked government bureaucrats.
  3. He believes in nationalism – not socialism.  He sees the immigrants for what they are – men without a country.
  4. He believes in the Protestant work ethic.

Anointing, 11-8-16, UWThe angels painted the picture of Donald Trump on the satellite weather images.  His anointing was portrayed on the image of Nov. 8 at 0045 GMT.  A ram, for leadership authority, was anointing him.  That means an angel was giving him power.  His characteristic pose was with bent elbow and hand out.  Then during the election he was portrayed as a roaring lion off the East coast opposite Washington, DC.  There are two roaring lions, Jesus Christ at the Second Advent and Satan.


2016 Election Chart
2016 Election Polls Close
2016 Election Victory Chart
2016 Election Victory

After the polls had closed in the Eastern half of the USA at 9:00 PM EST, there was a Bowl on the West side of the Astrology Chart that had been poured out and was about to be filled.  When Trump had won Pennsylvania (and therefore headed for victory) as called by the Associated Press at 1:39 AM EST (Nov. 9, 2016), the Bowl was almost horizontal and upright.  It symbolized a Bowl that was almost full – full of water, votes, blessing.

Birth Chart

Donald Trump Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Donald Trump contains a Bowl on the East, Spiritual  side of the Chart.  The only planet on the Temporal side of the Chart is the Moon in Scorpius during a Lunar Eclipse, for Eclipse Testing with the Prostitute of Babylon.  This was the curse of Adam.  The Birth Chart of his first wife, Ivana, had the Moon in Scorpius at the point of a Plow.  She divorced him and plowed him under.

The Bowl is for a bowl of blessing or cursing.  The position of the Bowl indicates that it is being poured out in the spiritual realm.  An example would be the seven angels with the seven bowl judgments in Revelation (Rev 15:716:117:121:9).  The spiritual blessing or cursing in Trump’s life would be associated with angels.

The Sun was in Taurus in conjunction with the Mediator Planet.

  1. Sun – highest glory.
  2. Mediator – riches through a mediator.

The Bottom of Heaven was in Scorpius, for the victim of Satan, the murderer, for example through the Sin Leading to Death.

The  Red Planet was on the Ascendant in Leo, for a roaring lion.  Trump would appear to the world as a roaring lion.  This really upsets the sissy cowards and ineptizoids.  The two roaring lions are Jesus Christ at the Second Advent (Rev 5:5) and Satan (1 Pet 5:8).

There were three pairs of planets in the Chart, for a flood.  Trump is a public figure with floods of people in his life.

Two planets were in conjunction on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer.

  1. God of the Covenants in Gemini – partnerships, corresponding to his business partners.  Ivana was such a partner.
  2. Morning Star in Cancer – taker of spoils.  Trump prospered by buying up run down property and renovating it.

The Last Adam in Cancer is for scourging.  Trump has a knack for insulting people and being insulted in return.  He faced blistering attacks from the self-righteous hypocrites in the media and government every day during his campaign.

The Savior Planet is in Gemini, for a help make.  This again corresponds to his first wife Ivana.

There are two planets in Virgo.

  1. Redeemer – husband redeemer
  2. Almighty God – world peace and prosperity (as in the Millennium) or a powerful woman.  The Presidential race was against a powerful woman.


The election victory of Donald Trump as the 45th President was not about a man.  It was the Grace of God to prevent the destruction of the USA under the Four Generation Curse.  The government immigration policy of open borders is Satan’s policy of the Tower of Babel.  Satan is bringing in the immigrants.  Socialism sponsored by both parties is a violation of freedom.  Government homosexual and transgender policy is degenerate and lacking sanity.  The destruction of the military, police, and criminal justice system by liberal politicians is more evil.  Satan is the one behind all these things.

The Doctrine of the Four Generation Curse was taught this year in honor of 2016, for Sanctification.  Because of the few who took the doctrine to heart, God elected a man like Jehu to destroy the house of Ahab.  However, since this is the Church Age, it is different from the time of Jehu.  This is all Spiritual Warfare in which Elect Angels will be breaking up Satan’s strongholds.  The number, 45, for the 45th President is for victory over the stronghold.  The only people who will have a clue about the spiritual side of this conflict will be doctrinal believers.

The Trump Presidential victory was predicted by two hurricanes and many other indicators.  Yet the weather service and media got the hurricane predictions wrong, and they got the election predictions wrong.  Why?  There are many reasons, but this is something new.  Elect angels are on the scene kicking out Satan’s crowd and making way for something new.  This is a spiritual uptrend.  Who knows how long it will last?  But however long it lasts doctrinal believers will be able to see the Grace of God in place of the evil of Satan.




1.  Ed Morrissey, “Presidential race live blog:,” Hot Air, Nov. 9, 2016.

Released November 9, 2016


Author:  Larry Wood


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