Does Elpída = The Pedo? The Radcliffe Foundation project founded Frank Giustra’s uses the pedophilia logo.


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From the Holy-Shit-That-Can’t-Be-Real file:

ELPIDA HOME PEDO LOGO discovered – Owned by Radcliffe Foundation, Owned by Billionaire Frank Giustra who Donated BIG money to Clinton Foundation! (

Facebook page is here.

Notice, “El,” as in Spanish for a masculine “the,” would usually be followed by a masculine noun, ending in “O,” which would yield “El Pido” as the name, which would be pronounced, “El Peedo.” If I were a pedophile, and I saw the logo, and then thought about the name, things would get awful clear awful quick. The Peedo charity for vulnerable children refugees.


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The logo is backwards and rotated, but clearly you have that Spiraling Triangle symbol the FBI apparently says is the pedophile batsignal:

How a Clinton Foundation Director could be attached publicly to all this is beyond imagination, but it is not his only charitable interest in children:

Mr. Giustra is a founding patron of the Boys Club Network, an at-risk youth mentoring support group in Vancouver, Canada…

For two decades, the Radcliffe Foundation has been dedicated to enhancing the welfare, health, and education of children; supporting programs to enhance health generally; and financing and promoting education.

In other news, somebody found an archived Urban Dictionary page from over a decade ago saying that “Ping Pong” was slang for raping a defenseless child:

5. Ping Pong

v. Cuttafile Code for raping defenseless children.

Cuttie: I’m gonna go play some ping pong with…..umm….some people…at the playground…..after schools out…

Source: []\/[]atty G, Jan 27, 2004

So is that why you had “Comet Ping Pong Pizza?” “Come an Ping Pong?”

This is so obvious, the very idea so disorienting and shocking, and the clues so brazen, it almost seems more likely it is some sort of set up. Though I couldn’t imagine how it could benefit them, unless they set these out as false clues with some intention of suing all individual redditors later in court for defamation to try and shut down that avenue of resistance and end the meme’ing.

Than again, what would you expect from a thoroughly r-ified society, which was in the end stages of decline and collapse, that had literally spent a limitless quantity of free resources since 1980, and which almost elected a Clinton, (and the unlikable one, of all Clintons)?

I am essentially completely hardened stress-wise. I often feel like I can never be broken. But I get the impression if I went fully down this pedophile rathole, and learned everything about the truth of it, and what happened to all these kids, the inability to end it might be the one thing on this earth that could take my brain to the breaking point – especially when I learned how powerless even the FBI is to do anything about it and how much some cabal of craven scumbags has benefitted by placing these compromised pedophile assets in their powerful positions, as puppet leaders. This feels like a very dark place.

Now, what did Trump just say? Foreign governments would all be urged by our Ambassadors to investigate the activities of the Clinton Foundation’s operations overseas, in their own countries. Might this have been what he was talking about?


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