Is the USA Electorate Addicted to Deception?

Obama takes advantage like no candidate in US history

Is there any question that the great majority throughout the body politic is addicted to deception?

Is it not obvious that those who have taken up one side or the other on the political front are addicted to the transparent deceptions of the two-party system?

This phenomenon is quite similar to those who play the markets without regard to the realities of the ongoing economic collapse and financial meltdown. Aren’t they likewise addicted to the obvious deceptions of Wall Street?

Herein lies the problem. A HUGE problem for the nation, and therefore for the entire world because of how the American weapons of mass deception have been projected across the planet.

If you don’t get it yet, then the rest of this social commentary is not going to make you happy. Therefore, please consider yourself forewarned.

This little statement truly represents the crux of our predicament:

If we could completely unravel its collective content and individual baggage, well kept secrets and hidden mysteries, far-reaching ramifications and awesome consequences, we would quickly find ourselves in a different place in 2012.

For instance, the electorate would easily see through the charade of so much manufactured illusion known as the US presidential campaign season.

The voter would then be compelled to take back their power from those who deceive them.
How so?

By not voting. For in the refusal to cast a vote one exercises their right to vote.
Message sent by a no vote: All candidates are rejected!

Unfortunately, because a sufficient number people are thoroughly addicted to this form of deception, the rest of us who have broken free are forced to sit in the stink of so many skunks who have shown up at this year’s election cycle picnic.

However, nothing can deflate a process quicker than non-participation. It is the tremendous energy infused into the American election charade by the electorate that keeps this showboat afloat.

Could there be anything more effective than not showing up at the polls in November? Is there a stronger message than this from voter to candidate?

Clearly such an act of outright rejection would break the spell which has caused so many to be addicted to deception.

There is just one problem with this scenario. While it is true that the ongoing election fraud being perpetrated on the American public for decades by those who control both corporate political parties, this may not be the year to not show up.


Because we have a candidate who really needs to be unceremoniously relieved of his current duties.

There is one thing that this year’s campaign season has done. It has laid bare the workings of the Democratic side of this counterfeit coin known as the two-party system. W. Bush completely pulled back the curtain on the Republican side of this multi-decade election scam. Now Obama and the Democrats have sunk to the same level of prevarication and equivocation, dissimulation and deception, duplicity and chicanery. Simply put, the Dems have been guilty of so much outright deceit that they really do deserve to lose. Likewise, the Obamabots* need to wake up the morning after (day after Election day) with one less addiction to nurture.

*“An Obamabot is an entity who will vote for their man no matter what he says or does. Although Obama has posted a fraudulent birth certificate at an official White House website, an Obamabot does not care. That a sitting President has submitted a forged document as supporting documentation for his fitness to run for President seems to make no difference to them. Obamabots are clearly the product of one of the most sophisticated and deliberate mind control programs in American political history. You really have to feel sorry for one who is so hopelessly ADDICTED TO DECEPTION!”
Source: Electoral Calculus Guarantees An Obama Defeat In November

There have been so many instances of in-your-face deceptions perpetrated by the Obama re-election juggernaut working in tandem with the Mainstream Media (MSM) that it just boggles your mind.

Were we to catalogue them incident by incident during this 4 year campaign season, we could fill countless mainframes. Yes, it’s been that flagrant and over the top.

So, given this reality (illusory) of the whole election cycle process, it is easy to see why so many succumb to the deception. It’s coming at us non-stop, as in 24/7. Only the truly detached and dispassionate can successfully deflect the overwhelming amount of intrusive, fabricated propaganda produced by this year’s liberal version of the MSM. As never before, the MSM has demonstrated how they have finally perfected their various “Weapons of Mass Deception”.

Remember, we have a president who has posted a forged and fraudulent birth certificate on an official White House website, and the MSM gives him the space to joke about it. All the while, Obama is calling for the release of his opponent’s tax returns. Can you imagine prancing around the world from fund-raiser to fund-raiser, golf game to golf game knowing that your birth certificate is a fake document? Somehow we think that joking about your own crime, as in a mega-serious felony which may eventually precipitate an unprecedented constitutional crisis, in the middle of the “Presidential Campaign Season of the Millennium” really takes the cake!


When all is said and done, the historians will quite emphatically write about this time as one when virtually all were hopelessly Addicted to Deception.

State of the Nation 2012
September 18, 2012

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