MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS ON CLINTON CRIME SPREE: Radioactive Truths About Uranium Deal Reported By MSM

Trump’s Storm Tracker, Week 2: Intensification (Sticky Article, Check Frequently)

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For new readers, this is the link for Week 1. Click this link for a full background on my sting operation theory.

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Fusion GPS Founders Refuse to Testify, Plead Fifth Amendment Privilege

When in doubt, lawyer up heavily and assert your Constitutional right not to testify and hope that Congress is bluffing.

Here is some more about this merry band of “strategic intelligence” folks, mostly former reporters with the Wall Street Journal. Fox News has an eye-opening article about Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, and some of their tactics.

Remember, these are the people behind the phony Pissgate/Christopher Steel documents used to smear President Trump.

The self-described “strategic intelligence” firm Fusion GPS that was behind the controversial anti-Trump dossier has a track record of intimidation and smear tactics, according to congressional testimony and the firsthand account of a London-based Venezuelan journalist who said he was labeled a “pedophile,” “extortionist” and “drug trafficker” after criticizing one of Fusion’s clients.

“I believe that Fusion GPS’s business is to do basically whatever the paymasters tell them to do,” Alek Boyd, the Venezuelan journalist, told Fox News in his first American TV interview. “They are particularly good at spreading misinformation, disinformation and smears.”

Boyd says he was targeted after his 2012 reporting on Derwick Associates, a power company with close ties to the Venezuelan government. The company allegedly skimmed nearly a billion dollars from rigged contracts with the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

“It is my understanding that [Fusion GPS] were hired basically to smear Derwick opponents and to dispel any possible doubts that regular media may have had at the time,” he said.

British police records show Boyd reported a break-in, with two laptops stolen from his London apartment in November 2014. Asked by Fox News what was on the computers, Boyd said, “A lot of information and a lot of evidence about corruption and scandals in Venezuela that I’ve been compiling throughout the years.”

After the break-in, Boyd said his sources were attacked. “People that were believed to be collaborating and sending me information from Venezuela were assaulted in Venezuela by the intelligence police of Mr. Chavez,” he said.

Asked if Fusion GPS was tasked with coming after him, Boyd said, “I believe that they were involved in the defamation campaign — smearing campaign — shortly after my apartment was broken into.”

Boyd says he was labeled a pedophile, drug addict and thief on the web. “They published this information through a number of social media and websites anonymously. They created fake Twitter accounts with my name, impersonating myself. … They started publishing photos of me walking around London with my daughters. They produced a huge amount of information — fake information — about me, accusing me from being a pedophile to being an extortionist to a drug trafficker to a car thief.”

Boyd says he believes three suspects, seen in security camera video released by British police, left pictures of his children inside his coat pocket as a warning. “The message, I believe at the time — we know where you are and we know where your children are, so take that as a threatening message.”

Further reading on Fusion GPS scummy past:

Bill Browder’s testimony to Congress about Fusion’s ties to the Magnitsky Act, Vladimir Putin, and Natalia Vesilnitskaya, the woman who met with Trump Jr. in that whole attempted setup.


Enormity of the Uranium One-Clinton Foundation Scandal

If you took Watergate and pumped it up on steroids, it would only amount to a boil on the ass of the Colossus of Corruption that is the Clinton machine.

While the Clinton’s ties to Uranium One have been suspected for some time, John Solomon and Sara Carter have filled in many heretofore unknown details and added some crucial interviews and documents.

Read these articles from Circa News and The Hill.

Then watch this video of the reporters on Hannity earlier tonight:

When you have time, check out Schweizer and Steve Bannon’s Clinton Cash for background. The Uranium One scandal is discussed starting at the 49:10 mark onwards:

My take: The Clintons, simply put, sold out a vital national interest of the United States – uranium, which can be used for the creation of nuclear weapons – to the Russians in exchange for bribes.

To the tune of $145MM dollars, which were then funneled to the Clinton Foundation. [Wait until we find out what that money was subsequently used for. That will be the ultimate disclosure.]

The Obama Administration and portions of the FBI and DOJ looked the other way for years. Adding insult, these same players went on to concoct the infamous Russian Narrative against Donald Trump which I said earlier was straight out of Rules for Radicals.

At varying degrees of severity, this implicates not only the Clintons, but Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Timothy Geithner, Andrew McCabe, Robert Mueller (wonder how this ties in?), James Comey, and Rod Rosenstein, just for starters.

I don’t buy for a second that the members of CFIUS had no knowledge of the FBI investigation into the trucking company and the Russian firms. One does not simply rubberstamp selling 20% of the nation’s uranium capacity without having ALL details and double-checking every possible angle.

These actors better have some good answers ready for the Congressional inquests that are coming. To that purpose, John Solomon revealed that Chuck Grassley, who has shown interest in this scandal in the past, has opened an investigation to see if the Obama CFIUS members were given the FBI information before approving the Uranium One sale.

Abuse of the public trust – and the public trough – in ancient times used to bring the penalty of the sack. It may just be time to bring that back into vogue.

One question that has not been asked nearly enough is why did Barack Obama hire Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State in the first place? (I don’t have the answer but I’ll spare you from any of the nonsense political conventions, like balancing the cabinet or healing party rifts, in my conjecture.)

She went after Obama viciously in the 2008 Democratic Primary campaign. She was the first to bring up the (likely true) Birther issue. Obama surely was aware of her legendary avarice and lust for power. So why bring aboard a woman personally despised on a bipartisan level for two decades and who was a known liability?

My best guesses:

To serve the interests of the Deep State.

For personal enrichment of all involved.

Or Hillary blackmailed Barry.

Perhaps some combination of all of the above.

Regardless, no one in the Obama Administration ever said no to Hillary despite her manifold crimes. They will rue their association with her very soon.

The Trump Storm is going to shake every institution in Washington before it’s over. We haven’t even gotten the WikiLeaks dump yet.

If we all see that it is necessary for a better tomorrow and keep our heads as a people, we can work through any shocks until we return to an age of sanity. Until then, brace yourselves.


George Soros Moving Bulk of Wealth to Open Society Foundation

Nobody ever said they would go down without a fight. Just in time to fund an American Color Revolution? Propaganda and agitating the useful idiots in the States is a lot more expensive than in Ukraine.


The Hill: Russian Kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation Exposed

My, my, my. The implications of this article by The Hill are truly titanic. There’s no way to give you a tl;dr synopsis on this one. It’s too dense and complicated for that. Read it and digest. I know I need to.

For now, I’ll just say Alinskyites gotta Alinsky. You see it now with the leftist Clinton-Obama cabal with Russia: always accuse others what you yourself are doing. Rules for Radicals 101.

Hillary’s cancellation of her public appearances overseas make sense now? I guess she needed some time for crisis meetings and a new batch of lies. The noose is tightening.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for Sara Carter’s Twitter feed today and watch her and John Solomon’s appearance on Hannity tonight. Solomon wrote The Hill article linked above and was a former teammate of Carter at Circa News. They have broken many important stories in the past, so this is to be watched closely.


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