“Diamond and Silk” Slam EMINEM for Fake Racist Jabs Against Trump

Diamond and Silk Drop Pro-Trump Clapback at Eminem

By Cathy Burke | NEWSMAX

President Donald Trump supporters Diamond and Silk rolled out their clapback to Eminem for his anti-Trump rap at last Tuesday’s BET Hip Hop Awards ceremony — telling songwriter, “Trump’s yo’ president, so get over it.”

The pair from Fayetteville, N.C. — who deliver their unvarnished political commentary, sometimes with glass of wine in hand, on a Facebook pagewith more than 1 million followers — posted their response to the rapper the following day.

With a freeze-frame of the rapper in the background, the pair repeat the line “Trump’s yo’ president. He’s your president,” before inserting their freestyle diss.

“Trump’s yo’ president, so get over it. Stop crying and whining like a little b–h!” Diamond rapped.

“You mad, you mad that Hillary lost. Diamond and Silk tried to tell y’all that Trump is the boss,” Silk chimed in.

They also heartily endorsed the building of a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, which Eminem blasted in his acapella BET performance.

“Build that wall. Build it tall. Protect us all. Before this country fall,” the women chanted.

Reviews on social media were mixed, with some giving it a thumbs down.

Others hailed it as a dropped-mic moment.


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