Vegas Hotel Security Guard “Disappears” As World Tensions Escalate!

Novato, CA
October 13, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Reports from a variety of sources appear to indicate that Jesus Campos, the security guard who was allegedly wounded by purported mass assassin, Steven Paddock in Vegas last week, has disappeared just prior to him giving a series of TV interviews.



This dramatic event adds to the mystery and confusion surrounding the tragedy in which the official narrative continues
to implode due to the vigorous efforts of independent researchers and citizen journalists disgusted with “fake news!”

While David Booth’s work must always be taken with at least a modest grain of salt, it usually contains valuable information and provocative leads embedded in the “story” he weaves to challenge the Main Stream account!

The advent of the internet has combined with the immense distrust by the public of government narratives after years of it pushing implausible explanations of events like the JFK assassination, 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook, TWA 800, the Gulf of Tonkin and now the 10/10 Las Vegas massacre that now leads to the rapid exposure of official lies!

The Deep State is showing signs of coming undone and the American Empire is suffering from Imperial over-reach. Today’s expected announcement by President Trump regarding Iran only escalates the situation and is likely to accelerate the end of
Pax Americana as the world rallies to resist efforts to undermine international law.

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