DA’s OFFICE: Vegas Sheriff is FBI Puppet Covering Up Evidence of Second Shooter in Las Vegas Investigation

by Investigative Bureau
True Pundit

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo is not telling the truth about the facts uncovered since the mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 and wounded well over 500 people, according to a high-ranking insider from the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.

“Lombardo is a politician and that is all he is,” the DA insider said. “He’s doing and saying what the FBI is telling him and the majority of it makes no sense to anyone who has conducted criminal investigations for any length of time.

“You have to understand the FBI in Las Vegas only takes, they never give anything and this includes information. It is the same with the way they treat the DA’s office and Metro (Las Vegas Police).”

Las Vegas is the county seat of Clark County. Its court system and law enforcement investigations are normally separate from federal court and the FBI.

The DA insider said Aaron Rouse who heads the FBI in Las Vegas reports directly to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who is running point on the Las Vegas shooting probe. Rouse, who for years worked under McCabe in the Bureau’s Counterintelligence Division in D.C., was appointed to the Las Vegas post by ex-FBI director James Comey in 2016.

According to the Las Vegas source, Rouse’s FBI has discounted most of the intelligence and evidence found by investigators outside the bureau, including LVMPD as well as solid evidence pinpointed by investigators working with the county DA’s office.

Some of this evidence deals with forensic proof that a second shooter may have opened fire on the concert goers, the law enforcement source said.

When pressed for details on what specifically Lombardo and the FBI are covering up, the DA insider said local investigators, as well as retired law enforcement officers who have volunteered their expertise since the shootings, uncovered fairly impressive forensic evidence that an additional shooter was likely firing from a location closer to the concert crowd than shooter Stephen Paddock’s deadly perch at the Mandalay Bay.

Paddock, the DA insider said, was firing rounds from approximately 400 yards away from the concert from the 32nd floor on Mandalay Bay. The law enforcement source said investigators turned over proof to the FBI that a second shooter was firing from inside a perimeter of approximately 215 yards.

Not only was that intelligence never shared with the public, the investigative leads garnered by Vegas-linked personnel have not been pursued by over 100 FBI agents working the Las Vegas investigation.

The DA insider did not say there is definitively a second shooter but there is very strong evidence which points to that and it has been ignored by the FBI. Certain forensics, the source said, “don’t lie.”

“To my knowledge, the FBI never searched the perimeter for (shell) casings or examined video from the limited number of businesses in that 200 to 235 yard area they were provided on a silver platter,” the sources said. “What you’re seeing instead is very political. This city will change forever because of this and the sheriff is playing politics.

“He’ll probably run for Congress next.”

Lombardo did not return requests for comment.


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