Something VERY ODD About The Las Vegas Shooter’s Weapons

from SilverDoctors:

A Silver Doctors’ ex-military contact (Iraq War Combat Veteran) brings up some discrepancies with the weapons used by Stephen Pollock in the Las Vegas shooting. Hmmm….

First, there’s this:

From our Weapons Insider (Ex-military Iraq War Combat Veteran)

First of all, that’s 5.56 (.223) (as in AR-15/M-4) not 7.62 (AK-47) with a huge scope. That’s important. and on the scope, there is a reason that snipers use one shot with a scope, and a reason why light machine gunners don’t. When rounds are flying out of a rifle like in Las Vegas, a person is not using the scope. It is impossible. How can he see that far to just “spray and pray” from the hip at some 1000 yards away? I don’t think so.

There’s plenty of footage circling about the “4th floor”. We had our contact go over this clip:

Here’s what our insider says:

The sound from the rifle does not sound like the pops of 5.56 but the lower, more bass sounding, deeper firing (but not as low or as slow as a 50-cal, plus you’d just have body parts left and nothing much else). That sounds like 7.62 fire, like an AK, or, a 240B (think Rambo).

The footage above sounds a lot like an AK-47/7.62, which has a more destructive bullet anyway, and a lower rate of fire. A 5.56 has a faster fire rate than that. Also, that is way more than a 50 round magazine in that video, which makes me believe it was a belt fed 7.62 rifle, but obviously they did not use a belt linked with tracer fire (too much of a US military/false flag give-away).

If it was not belt fed, how does a sixty year old weakling man-handle a 10 pound AK with a 100 round magazine underneath? He’s not going to, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

So Rambo is shooting from the shoulder (unlikely with scope, even with the “bi-pod”,) or he’s shooting from the hip, but that brings out another problem: If it was a “butt stock bumper” (or whatever they call it) producing the automatic fire rate, you mean to tell me he was rockin’ the rifle and controlling such a massive amount of recoil in what is obviously not just a 50 round magazine?

This does not add up at all.


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