The Bizarre Press Conference of Sheriff Joe Lombardo

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

by Scott Creighton

Last night at around 8pm eastern time, Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo gave a press conference that one could only describe bizarrely tense (full video at the end of this post)

Lombardo looked a bit frazzled when he took the podium to begin the presser which is understandable considering the gravity of the subject matter he was about to discuss. Also, he’s probably not sleep very much in the last 72 hours, so that certain contributed to his condition.

That said, he is still expected to be professional and convey a sense of control as he is the primary figure associated with the ongoing investigation into exactly what happened this past Sunday at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas.

Sheriff Lombardo appeared extremely uncomfortable during the entire conference and one reason for this might have been FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse (former head of Counterintelligence division) positioning himself during the press conference directly to Lombardo’s left so he could read the sheriff’s notes on the podium and give the man glances from time to time which appeared to make him very uncomfortable.

If you know anything about reading body language you can tell Rouse’s presence is making the sheriff uneasy and when you hear Rouse speak later, you understand why. He comes across as a slick, processed thug, much like most DHS agents… or most politicians from places like New Jersey.

Leaving Lombardo’s demeanor aside for a few minutes, there were some rather interesting comments he made last night that are worthy of noting.

“What we know is Stephen Paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life. Much of which will never be fully understood”

When asked to elaborate on this later, all the sheriff could say about that statement was that Stephen had no internet footprint to speak of and that, according to the investigators, is suspicious in and of itself. Hence his “secret life”

That’s not suspicious folks. Many people keep a very low profile on the internet. That doesn’t mean they have nefarious plans. Not everyone wants to be an internet superstar with selfies and endless videos about their mundane, pointless, meaningless minutia-centered lives plastered all over Youtube and Instagram. Some people, believe it or not, are happy living in the real world…

… especially people 64-years-old and especially 64-year-old multi-millionaires who seem to prefer keeping their names and faces off of the gossip pages of the local Vegas tabloids.

So there is nothing nefarious about that at all and yet Lombardo tosses it out there as if it’s some kind of clue. Might remind some of you of the statements made back after the illegal invasion of Iraq when we were supposedly looking for the WMDs and finding none and a bunch of neocons would come out and tell the complicit media “not finding the weapons is a clue itself isn’t it?” as if that proved Saddam had hidden the weapons and therefore he was guilty as charged.

We are truly in trouble when the lack of corroborating evidence becomes corroborating evidence itself.

Also of note in that statement is the notion that we may never “fully understand” what happened here. That’s a meme that’s already been landed upon by several complicit media outlets this morning. We are already being primed for the inevitable conclusion that officially, there will never be a motive assigned to this event.

The MSM is also already parroting the BS about his prescription medication, as was evidenced last night by Tucker Carlson when he tried to suggest that might have had something to do with this event. We have seen that bit of disinfo being pushed by various cognitive infiltrators in the past during investigations into previous American Gladio events.

Lombardo released yet another timeline last night. This one slightly different than the one this website reported on yesterday.

It is in the sheriff’s discussion of this new timeline that I found one of the most enlightening statements released by the authorities to date.

First of all, they set the first shot now at 10:05pm Sunday night, moving it back from 10:08pm. Three minutes might not seem like a big change, but in fact it is.

We are supposed to assume it took a total of 3 minutes for the first 9/11 call to be received by authorities in Las Vegas. That’s a long time.

Stop reading. Set your timer on your cell phone. Push start. And wait three minutes before continuing. It’s a long time folks.

Plus, think about this. The shots supposedly came from the hotel and you can clearly hear in the cabbie video that some of them certainly did come from that location… somewhere. Ask yourself why the Mandalay Bay hotel’s security didn’t immediately notify local police when they heard shot fired from their hotel. You would think that would be the first thing they would do. But according to the new police story, a full three minutes passed before the first 9/11 call came in. And that seems very odd by itself but that’s not what I am getting at here.

Another discrepancy in the timeline involves just how many officers met up with hotel security members and went to the 32nd floor.

In the first version the official report FROM LOMBARDO HIMSELF was that 6 officers met up with the security team and went to the 32nd floor. Now, it seems, only two were there.

Yesterday’s version

10:14pm – “Some officers took it upon themselves to immediately go to the Mandalay Bay,” Lombardo said. “There was a team of six officers that approached security. They went up the elevators after discussing the situation with security and obtaining intelligence. They checked each floor, until they located were where they believed to be the room. Subsequently they approached the room, received gunfire, they backed off and SWAT responded.”

New Version

10:17pm – “The first two officers arrive on the 32nd floor

This might not seem like a big difference but it is. How can you not know 48 hours into an investigation how many officers made first contact with the suspect of a mass shooting event? If the story had gone from 6 to 5 maybe I can understand the “fog of war” concept… but from 6 to 2?

Also of note, pay attention to this change:

Yesterday’s version

10:24 p.m. Up on the 32nd floor, police and security officers are closing in on room 135. An officer calls for a SWAT team after the gunman shot through his door and wounded a hotel security guard who accompanied the officers. “We have a security officer shot in the leg on 32 floor,” an officer says. “He shot down the hallway and hit a security guard.”

New version

10:18pm Security officer tells the LVMPD officers he was shot and gives them the exact location of the suspect’s room

In yesterday’s version, 6 officers were with the security officer when he was shot as THEY were making their way to the door. Today the security man TOLD the 2 officers he had been shot when they got up there.

That’s a big difference folks.

Later in the press conference, Sheriff Lombardo was asked how many rounds the LVMPD fired back at the suspect as he supposedly shot at them down the hallway of the 32nd floor. Lombardo said “none”

No fire fight. So it appears all the shooting down the hall took place before LVMPD got up there.

Lombardo goes through the trouble of explaining how it took a minute for the TWO officers to meet the security guard and be told he had ALREADY BEEN SHOT. But of course, in the first version, they were on that floor for quite sometime before reporting the security guard had been hit.

Another thing brought up in this new timeline was the fact the last shots fired by the suspect(s?) in the room was at 10:15pm. Now we get back to the important starting time of this attack. Three minutes, again, is a long time folks. Especially when you are counting rounds fired. If the shooting started at 10:05 and ended at 10:15, that’s 10 minutes at so many rounds per minute. But if it started at 10:08pm, well, that’s only 7 minutes which ups the rounds per minute count considerably.

Now look at this:

Yesterday’s version

New version

They have shaved 31 full minutes from when they claim the first report of the shooter being down came over the radio.

How the hell does that happen? 31 minutes?

Also notice yesterday’s version doesn’t include the time of the first breach of the hotel room door.

They also claim in the new version, in an effort to shave even more time off between first shots and when they made entry, they breached the door at 11:20 but nobody called in “suspect down” until 11:27pm.

Also of note… later in the press conference, a reporter asked Lombardo what time the shooter killed himself and the sheriff said they didn’t know because apparently there is no recording of him taking his own life in terms of police body cam audio recordings. The whole time he had stopped shooting, there were no gunshots heard in the room and the last thing you hear is an automatic weapon firing down on the people in the square below at 10:15pm. So how did he kill himself?

And why? Lombardo was asked that question as well and he thinks that the suspect stopped shooting because he wanted to deal with the cops outside in the hallway and make ready his escape (which Lombardo says Paddock was planning for) but in the end he took his own life AT THE EXACT MOMENT THE CHARGE WENT OFF BREACHING THE DOOR because he knew he was doomed.

That’s ridiculous. But it is an attempt to explain away the fact that the suspect is lying dead on the floor and they never heard the gunshot that did it.

Now, all of that said… believe it or not… that is NOT the reason I did this article nor is it why I wrote this article.

This is:

“There are following extenuating circumstances as to why there were uh.. why it MAY APPEAR there were some delay or undue delay in reaching the suspects…”

Yes, he said “suspects” as in plural as in MORE THAN ONE SHOOTER.

Now he’s going to go into the new justification as to why it took so long to get into that hotel room door after 58 people were just slaughtered out in the square below. Now that they have shaved some time off their timeline.

I would like you go to the video at the 9:37 mark of the video below. I want you to watch his demeanor change dramatically while talking about this from what it was when he was going over the new revised timeline. He always seems uncomfortable, but now, his head drops and he’s almost apologetic in terms of his body language. Just watch it.

At this point he starts off by saying the main body of police on the 32nd floor are busy clearing other rooms while a SECOND group of officers goes up the stairwell RIGHT BESIDE the shooter’s location, tries to make entry into the room THEMSELVES and then, when they see a camera, they decide to go back down and wait for SWAT.

What’s interesting is the fact that Lombardo specifically talks about what they were carrying:

“While the first team did this (cleared rooms) the second team made up of two k9 personnel, a SWAT officer and a patrol officer navigated numerous stairs wearing heavy tactical gear carrying a large bag of tactical equipment and holding rifles in order to have a closer position to the suspects room…”

Why would Lombardo mention WHAT THEY WERE CARRYING and the fact that they were “HOLDING RIFLES”? He didn’t mention what any other officer was carrying or holding. Why just these guys? And why did he drop his head when talking about this ‘second team” and then look up from reading this version of the truth specifically when he started talking about WHAT THEY WERE CARRYING?

My guess is Sheriff Lombardo isn’t very good at poker.

Lombardo then made it clear to the folks at home that none of the cameras they made a big deal about were recording. That’s the one in the peep-hole, the one on the food service cart outside and the one inside the family area of the hotel room where this all took place.

Why would Paddock have a camera in there of himself shooting… if he wasn’t recording it? I can understand someone wanting to know what’s going on in the hallway after their 7 minute shooting spree. And I could also understand if someone inside the room wanted to know when to open the door so the other rifles from the other shooting locations were ready to be dropped off in the room for processing. But a “baby monitor” camera inside the room where the shooting took place? And it wasn’t recording?

You know the thing about baby monitors is… they BROADCAST.

Makes you wonder if someone on some other floor or in some other room had an interest in how things were going in that room.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

In all, the presser from last night was truly bizarre in my opinion. Kinda like the one the coroner gave at Sandy Hook.

One thing is clear… authorities are getting tired of folks asking the wrong questions in Vegas these days. Or maybe they are just getting sick of them asking any questions.

We are constantly being told we want to know the motive for this event because we want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s bullshit. That’s folks like Mika B. thinking they get paid to tell us what we think.

We want to know what his supposed motive was because WE WANT TO KNOW THE PERSON OR PEOPLE WHO DID IT ARE EITHER DEAD OR IN CUSTODY.

And when we are treated to a press conference like this one, one that changes the official story again, changes the timeline to suit their needs and seems to want to tell us more than anything else that we should stop using our critical analysis skills to evaluate the bullshit stories they are coming up with… then that makes a few of us out here concerned that maybe, just maybe, some folks in charge don’t seem to share our primary concern with this mass casualty event.

You know what I mean?

Watch the conference and tell me what you think about his demeanor. Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark folks.


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