Is the San Juan Mayor blocking hurricane relief or are logistics in Puerto Rico really impossible? (Video)

Puerto Rico Mayor Hoax (Hurricane Relief)

Barry Soetoro

In Puerto Rico, is the San Juan mayor really blocking hurricane relief?

Standing next to food supplies, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz attacks Trump — for failing to help Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Why isn’t she handing out supplies — and why is Mayor Cruz wearing a custom T-Shirt?

Yes, the hurricane was real — but is Mayor Cruz running a Hoax?

Puerto Rico got destroyed by Hurricane Maria. But Mayor Carmen Cruz is accused of BLOCKING supplies from dying locals — while she blames Trump.

Meanwhile, a “cop” in Puerto Rico telephones an NYC radio station crying about Communism and begging the US Military to take over Puerto Rico.

Is this a real humanitarian crisis, made worse by corrupt Puerto Rico policitians? Or is this a ruse to make Puerto Rico the 51st State?

After all, if Puerto Ricans are getting abused/starved by their own leaders, doesn’t the US Government need to take over “for the good of humanity?”

Every few years, the Regime tries to make Puerto Rico the 51st State. This would mean millions of new Democrat voters in US elections.

Is that the goal of this “no supplies” scam? American Statehood for Puerto Rico, as State number 51?

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