Hollyweird Liberals Join Neocon Warmongers To Declare War On Russia

Hollywood Liberal Reiner Declares ‘War’ on Russia

By Cathy Burke   |   NEWSMAX

Director, actor, and producer Rob Reiner on Thursday night defended his video calling out Russia for its cyber attacks aimed at America’s democracy and declaring, “We are at war.”

In a fiery debate on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Reiner, who has formed the “Committee to Investigate Russia” and filmed a video with actor Morgan Freeman, asserts “we’ve been invaded in a certain way.”

“When does the bombing start, exactly,” Carlson chided.

“When we say we are at war, we are talking about a cyber war,” Reiner responded, adding: “If you watch the entire video, it talks about cyber warfare, it talks about how [Russia] was able to use the Internet and cyber tools to attack the democracy . . .”

“We’re not advocating going to war . . . or a traditional war with Russia,” Reiner said.

But Carlson pushed back, calling “a lot of this . . . disingenuous.”

“You say nothing until Hillary Clinton loses, and then we’re at war,” Carlson said, noting the video makes no mention of China’s cyber assaults.

“The Chinese didn’t try to affect an election,” Reiner countered.

“We’re not giving China a free pass here,” he said. “We know the capacity for cyber warfare. It’s not just hacking into computers and stealing information. It’s about using that information and weaponizing it in some way . . .”

“China has not insinuated themselves directly into our democratic process, into our elections,” Reiner said. “They didn’t utilize that material to try to affect an election in some way.”


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