Jared Lee Loughner: Was MK ULTRA Alter Used To Assassinate U.S. District Judge John Roll

RDR: MK ULTRA at work in Tucson attack?

By Andrew W. Griffin

Red Dirt Report, editor
Posted: January 9, 2011


OKLAHOMA CITY — There it was. The birthdate of the 9-year-old girl shot in the chest and killed yesterday by a robot-like assassin in Tucson, Arizona – September 11, 2001.

Christina Taylor Green was born on the very date that changed America for ever. She was among the children of hope – evidence that despite the death and destruction of a terror attack, the beauty of life still prevailed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Green family and those who knew and loved this innocent girl who had a love of ballet and student council. She was at U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ congressional town hall at a Tucson Safeway because Christina had shown an interest in government and a neighbor offered to take Christina along because, as the Arizona Republic reported, “She thought she would enjoy it.”

The birthdate really shook me up. Was there something more to it? Ever since 09/11/01, Christina’s birthday, people have increasingly noted numerological patterns in days and events. As a reporter on 9/11 and the days afterward at The (Alexandria, La.) Town Talk, my editors instructed me to research and write about the writings of Nostradamus in hopes of making sense of the 9/11 tragedy. Many, many people have read into the prophecies of Nostradamus. Some see things in his writings that others don’t see. Regardless, there seems to be a power to his writings that is difficult to ignore. And in these troubled times, people are looking for answers.

And here we are, as I write this, on the date that reads 01/09/11.

And this leads me back to the alleged assassin, Jared Lee Loughner, 22. Clearly a troubled young man, a quick visit to one of Loughner’s YouTube channels reveals a person not only obsessed with issues pertaining to mind control but also a person who has all the characteristics of someone under mind control. This, naturally, brings to mind previous mind-control (MK ULTRA) assassins who are loners and speak in confused, circuitous Jabberwocky-esque riddles and appear to be in a daze, from Lee Harvey Oswald to Mark David Chapman. These are just a few examples.

Check out this YouTube site – if you dare – titled “Introduction: Jared Loughner.” As one blogger noted, the eerie, text-only YouTube site “reeks of forcible programming.”

As author Dominic Streatfeild noted in his fascinating book Brainwash,  he notes the comments of an MK ULTRA subproject worker named Milton Kline. “In the 1970’s Kline commented that hypnosis could be used to create a Manchurian Candidate.” Said Kline, as noted by Streatfeild: “It cannot be done by everyone. It cannot be done consistently. But it can be done.” Adds author Streatfeild: “Perhaps he was right? Who’s to tell?”

In Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, they report that the pot-smoking Loughner was “smart, opinionated, but maybe a little troubled.” He was also rejected by the U.S. Army for reasons unknown. The interest in the military, and his seeming rejection would be a red flag. Perhaps Loughner was considered useful in other ways?

And while Loughner did not list The Catcher In The Rye as one of his favorite books, he did note the dystopian Brave New World, Ken Kesey’s insane-asylum classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, as well as The Odyssey, which I found a bit eerie, personally, only because in the days prior to the shooting, I had been playing Cream’s “Tales of Brave Ulysses” over and over, a song inspired by Homer’s “Odyssey.” But that’s a topic for another day.

Several books of the “things-are-not-as-they-seem” variety on Loughner’s list are Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. These classics of children’s literature, as well as Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, another Loughner favorite, are often cited when addressing issues of mind control and the occult. They seem odd choices for a modern man in his early 20’s.

And now we see in the latest news reports that the authorities in Arizona are saying “We’re not convinced he acted alone.” For students of conspiracy history, this should not come as a surprise. Simply research Sirhan Sirhan, the alleged assassin of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy back in June 1968. Sirhan Sirhan clearly had handlers, like Jerry “The Walking Bible” Owen.

Coincidentally (or not), we here at Red Dirt Report have written in recent months about well-known individuals who appear to be under the influence of mind control. From WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange to pop star and “Hannah Montana” avatar Miley Cyrus.

Usually such an event has a purpose. Political analyst Mark Penn was recently quoted as saying that President Obama needed an “Oklahoma City“-like event to help his sagging poll numbers and to reconnect with voters. In light of the heated Tea Party events in 2009 and recent bomb scares in Washington and elsewhere, the bunker mentality appears to be creeping across the country in the form of heightened security at airports, schools, malls and other public places.

At the time of this writing, Congresswoman Giffords is still under sedation following her being shot in the head. U.S. District Judge John Roll and five others are dead. We pray for all the victims and their families. One can only wonder what the true motivation was behind Saturday’s shooting. I suspect there will be a hue and cry from certain quarters seeking a clampdown and fewer opportunities for the public to meet with their representatives. We will be watching for updates.

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