PETITION: Instruct DOJ to Investigate George Soros

Instruct Attorney General Sessions to investigate George Soros for instigating and funding acts of Domestic Terrorism

Created by R.S. on August 31, 2017

George Soros has spent millions promoting a Globalist agenda aimed at creating divisiveness and hatred amongst American while working against the interests of the United States. Soros’ role propagating and funding groups like “Anitifa” and “Black Lives Matter” deliberately created riots and staged political events that have resulted in the loss of life, property damage, and endangered law enforcement. The Charlottesville riot of August 12, Soros birthday, was a staged political event by politicians and activists funded by Soros using paid “actors” as both “Antifa” and fake uniformed Hate groups for the political purpose of damaging President Trump during a staged event that resulted in three deaths. We call for an investigation into the role of Soros and others who committed such crimes.

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