Alistair MacWillson: The Chief Spook Taking Black Ops In A Technical Direction


Toby Price sends:

Date: 3. Jun 2017 17:59
From: tobyprice
To: davidlhemond
Subject: Cambridge Analytica

Hello David,

I have recently discovered your Fleet Street blog and read the articles with huge interest, specifically in regards to Cambridge Analytica Exposed, Cadwallader and the Global Oligarchs, and Cadwallader of the Guardian Connect the Dots. Sorry, but I don’t think the dots have been connected very well!

Please let me explain. I am an Irishman, living in Boston, and have been researching a guy of long term interest to me, Alistair MacWillson, for a study on black ops and how they are going technical. He is the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, amongst other things, but not the CA that the Guardian has been looking at, as there are two companies with the same name with different leadership! However, I am convinced, they are connected.

MacWillson, as well as being CEO of CA, is a partner or special advisor in the Chertoff Group in Washington. The Chertoff company is stuffed with serious ex-spooks like Michael Chertoff, General [Michael] Hayden, Bill Marshall and Mike Walker. MacWillson is one of only three or four Brits on the team. So what’s the connection? Chertoff is run by Michael Chertoff and Chad Sweet (another ex-spook). During the presidential primaries, Sweet took time out to be the campaign manager for Ted Cruz. Sweet is also a good friend of Robert Mercer and, at that time, contracted with Alexander Nix CEO Cambridge Analytica (SCL bit) to carry out the data mining work on voter preferences. I don’t know if CA (MacW’s bit) was involved, but MacWillson was apparently previously an adviser to In-Q-Tel (not sure how non-US citizen to have such a role) and was involved in the Palantir investment there (according to an ex-Palantir exec). He also links with Nix and, of course, Palantir and Mercer are connected.

MacWillson’s Cambridge Analytica, by coincidence is a ‘cyber analytics’ and ‘cyber security’ firm and according to insider info, provides expert advice on highly technical security measures. Looking at what is in the public domain (mostly from statements given to US, UK or EU agencies) they (or MacWillson) have worked on projects for the World Bank, tracking missing $millions of aid from the Balkans war, worked on the ‘integrity’ of electronic voting machines used in several countries, worked with SWIFT on the security of interbank funds transfers (the SWIFT that was exposed as providing the NSA with a back door!) and is a crypto ‘expert’. I’m told by a reliable source, that MacWillson also does this stuff for Chertoff and, according to his CV on their site works with the US, UK and other governments on very sensitive stuff!

It doesn’t end there, my interest in MacWillson was from the Irish troubles and it is a coincidence that this interest has led to seeing the tentacles spread! MacWillson was (perhaps still is) with MI6 and is a long-term operational career guy. I know that, as a young guy, he was Michael Oakley’s (also MI6) right hand man in setting up the back channel contacts with the IRA during the 70s to 90s. He is often identifiable (always in the background) at various significant events, such as the Airey Neave car bombing, the Mull of Kintyre helicopter crash, the Baltic Exchange bombing and was apparently Richard Dearlove’s ‘fixer’. Destined to head up all operational activities, he worked with Major Arish Turl of the SAS, on setting up what is often described as ‘the increment’ or ‘Group 13, the paramilitary arm within Six. I believe he has also had connections with Control Risks in the 90s.

In the early 90s he took a year out, to write Hostage Taking Terrorism, which I assume was sanctioned by the government, but not sure. That period, when aircraft hijacking and hostage taking was a common feature of life, he was involved or instigated the US/UK Rapid Deployment Team, hence building relationships with the CIA and NSA and was seen (by BBC sources) in Libya, Lebanon, Cyprus and during the IRA Hit on Op Flavius in Gibratar back in 88.

I could go on! There are many more connections I can make, but not necessarily from such dependable sources. MacWillson may not fit the ‘oligarch’ definition, but as a guy with fingers in many dark threads, he!

Keep up the good work.



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