Hong Kong Protest: Another CIA-Coordinated ‘Revolution’ In The Making

Already Labeled The ‘Umbrella Revolution’ To Falsely Portray As A Populist Movement

“There’s not a single major protest or coup d’état, revolution or civil war that doesn’t have the CIA’s fingerprints all over it.”
— Veteran Intelligence Analyst

Of course, whenever a reference is made to the CIA in this or similar contexts, it is always understood that British MI6 and Israeli MOSSAD are usually right there next to them like they were in downtown Kiev during the Ukrainian coup d’état.  Hong Kong is no different, as the stakes have never been higher.


All three of these intelligence agencies constitute the backbone of the real “Axis of Evil” that literally coordinates and controls all the manmade disruptive events in the world today. They leave nothing up to chance for their masters.

They care not about democracy … nor freedom from oppression … nor gaining independence from tyranny. They are about one thing, and one thing only — taking complete control of the destinies of nations wherever they desire  geopolitical advantage, natural resources, existing industrial base, or a valuable tract of land.

CIA: A Change Agent Without Peer

In essence The Company, as the CIA is universally known in intelligence circles, is the largest corporation in the world. How so? Because the CIA’s multitude of personnel and myriad assets are intertwined with many of the major corporations within the Anglo-American Axis. In some cases these personnel entanglements and joint missions are known by both parties involved; in many cases, however, they are not.

The two most obvious and well known instances of CIA utilization of corporate assets outside of its own organizational structure — both people and plant — are the mainstream media and nonprofits operating in foreign lands. Charities, in particular, have been used as bases of operation by the CIA in South America, Africa and Asia, because of their perceived benevolent and benign work.

As a Latin American leader once sagely observed, “The reason that there are never coups in America is that there is no US Embassy there”.*

*US Embassies function as the local base for the CIA in every nation they’re located.

World Vision International is a perfect example of how one philanthropic relief charity has been used to carry out all types of uncharitable work across the planet. For example, during the Salvadoran refugee crisis in 1980, Honduran became the site of behavior normally executed by lawless agencies like the CIA.  Hence, World Vision International is regarded as a CIA front organization all over Central and South America to this very day.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 6.39.08 PM[1]

A Short History Lesson Sheds Light on the 2014 ‘Democracy Protests‘ in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island was a British Crown Colony from 1842 to 1941.

“It was not until 29 August 1842 that Hong Kong Island was formally ceded in perpetuity to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland under the Treaty of Nanking (1842). The British officially established a Crown colony and founded the City of Victoria in the following year.” (Wikipedia — Hong Kong)

Then, from 1942 until 1997 Hong Kong was a British Protectorate during the Post World War II era. All taken together, that represents 155 years of British rule; certainly enough time for the Anglo-American Axis to mold the island into its own image. Of course, many a British journalists are well known to be full-time agents of the CROWN, as most of the media organizations covering Hong Kong news and business are embedded with them.

Whoever controls the media controls the minds of the people” and there is no other country on Earth who mastered this strategy like the British. Masters of the English language that they are, it doesn’t take much for them to mobilize a few thousand, or hundred thousand, rebellious college students and jobless young adults to the public square. By deftly utilizing social networking websites, which the CIA themselves created such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others, they can galvanize young cyber-groupies in a Hong Kong flash.

What’s the point?  Hong Kong has been hardwired by it British masters over many decades, particularly the banking and commercial sectors, news media and government.  Officially known as “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China”, it is populated by a Cantonese-speaking majority from neighbouring Guangdong province.  They originally  “fled to escape the wars and communist rule in mainland China from the 1930s to 1960s”.

In light of this significant history, it’s easy to understand how foreign agents, particularly Anglo-American intelligence agencies, can stoke the fires of rebellion among a liberated group of Chinese people already predisposed to Western-style ‘democratic’ capitalism.  The only surprise in this evolving protest is that the West didn’t attempt a mini-coup a lot sooner.  As this very dynamic scenario unfolds, the true strategic purposes will reveal themselves as they always do.  Divide and rule, however, is ultimately the goal of any CIA/MI6 black operation of this nature.

NATORingofFire-1024x723— Click on map to enlarge

China And Russia Are Both In The Anglo-American Crosshairs Like Never Before

This War of the Titans does not get any bigger. It’s outcome will determine the destiny of the planetary civilization, as well as the fate of the planet itself. Which is precisely why the US-UK Juggernaut is so transparent about its outright meddling in the affairs of other nations, wherever and whenever they so choose.

Those who sit at the pinnacle of power in the West cling to the notion that they must maintain a unitary superpower status AT ALL COST.  Their intention to continue their military, economic and political supremacy in global affairs will not be thwarted. And, Hong Kong is a critical part of their strategy on the current worldwide geopolitical chessboard.

Truly, their is no other parcel of land in the Asian Rim as important as Hong Kong. Not only had British control of the island province always been a HUGE thorn in China’s side, it has also provided a perfect platform from which to launch their intrigues and schemes to undermine Chinese plans for economic ascendancy.

When Richard Nixon, and then George H. Bush, took up the cause of normalizing relations with China, it was really a strategy of “keeping your enemies closer”.  Such diplomatic initiatives have permitted the USA to make inroads throughout the Chinese ‘countryside’ which would have never been possible. Of course, such rapprochement always cuts both ways as was seen in the transfers of nuclear technology(ies) to China under President Clinton.

To the point, the West has been at war with the East practically forever … and the Ukraine and Hong Kong are the current battlefields in this ongoing epic conflict — the Ukraine being largely military and geopolitical, whereas Hong Kong is very much economic and financial in nature. Where the Ukraine theatre of war has been an extremely messy affair for the Anglo-American Axis, Hong Kong is now the site of a much less violent “Umbrella Revolution”.

Just like the several Color Revolutions that have come before, the current ‘spontaneous’ mass protest in Hong Kong has been fastidiously planned and staged by the CIA et al. to accomplish many purposes. The most important of these goals is to sufficiently sow the seeds of chaos so that a new [world] order can be established in Hong Kong which can then be more easily exported to the Chinese mainland.

The Anglo-American Axis Is Currently In A Full Scale War With The Russian-Chinese Alliance Of Putin and Jinping

Both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping know exactly what time it is in their respective domains.  Just as Putin has checkmated his Western counterparts in every game played out in the Ukraine, Jinping has anticipated every move the British-American checker players are attempting in his backyard.

Neither of these two leaders are ignorant of history; in fact, they are grimly aware of the interference that the Anglo-American Axis has run in their nations.  While the CIA/MI6 tag team foments a revolutionary fervor throughout Hong Kong via yet another Twitter protest and Facebook rebellion, the leaders in Beijing watch and respond very, VERY carefully.

The Chinese are well known for their Tai Chi which reflects their Yin orientation toward life.   The Anglo-Americans are quite the opposite, projecting their Yang energy anywhere and everywhere.  However, their serial projection of power — military and economic, political and social —  has now reached it limits.  In Hong Kong the severe limitations of Western power will be seen as never before.


Nevertheless, the economic/financial battlefield that is now Hong Kong will take its turns for better and for worse, the Chinese always knowing when to take one step forward or three steps backward.  This display of Sun Tzu’s Art of War on the streets of Hong Kong will be  as unspectacular as it is subtle and secretly executed.  The Chinese know well what their adversaries do not; they also know what they lack.

In the end China will outsmart those same economic terrorists who foisted the Opium Wars upon their lands.  They will not be fooled or tricked by Western duplicity this time around; Hong Kong is simply to integral to the ongoing Chinese economic evolution to be used as a pawn by the Anglo-American Axis.

Opium Wars Have Morphed Into An Economic/Financial Cyber War 

Where the Opium Wars were about the British foisting the opium trade on China (aka naked capitalism at its worst) , the current war is about the very existence of predatory, corporate capitalism.  For the uninitiated,  the current form of capitalism that predominates across the planet is quite corrupt and predatory in nature.

The largest corporate entities on Earth — the vast majority of which originated within the Anglo-American Axis — now exert their dominance by brute force and military aggression.  As both China and Russia distance themselves from this obsolete and ineffective ruling paradigm, the West rightfully perceives existential threats … to their economic systems and financial institutions.

Consequently, as the snake of predatory capitalism continues to eat itself, those who are represented by the head have entered a state of extreme desperation.  They fail to understand that their banks may be shuddered at any time; their countless casinos closed in a Shanghai moment.  Betting on vital food commodities was never a very good idea anyway, since foodstuffs can be purposefully destroyed in order to drive up prices, as they sometimes are.  A very bad idea indeed.


Both Hong Kong and the Ukraine represent the new Eastern and Western fronts respectively of an epochal war between the East and the West.  Hong Kong has become the new epicenter for this war on a economic/financial battlefield, the outcome of which will have far-reaching ramifications.

The penetration of the internet throughout every sphere of life in Eastern societies will ensure that those peoples are not so easily duped into working for those who do not have their best interests at heart.  The Anglo-American Juggernaut is both wily and relentless as seen in the heart of Hong Kong.  However, once the social networks get wind of exposés like this one, the winds of rebellion will appropriately blow back on those who incited them.

The once Almighty Dollar has been dethroned.  As the world’s reserve currency, it has already seen its demise.  Likewise, its standing as the once universal petrodollar is in serious jeopardy.

The Anglo-American Axis has profited the most from the unfair advantage conferred upon the US petrodollar.  Unfortunately, it became a ubiquitous tool of economic domination and financial aggression. Hence, the fate of the petrodollar hangs in the balance as the BRICS Alliance led by Russia and China are forced to disengage from it once and for all.

Both Hong Kong and the Ukraine are but the latest initiatives designed to forestall the inevitable collapse of the once Almighty Dollar.

Michael Thomas
October 2, 2014

Author’s Note

The author fully acknowledges that there is genuine discontent among the citizens of Hong Kong with their form of government.  Is there any nation on Earth whose people are happy with their government — truly satisfied?

The confidence in federal government everywhere had never been so low.  Approval ratings of both individual leaders and their administrations are at rock bottom.  Therefore, it does not take much to light the fuse of rebellion in any nation within the most disenchanted groups.

Particularly in the midst of the pervasive pain and suffering caused by the ongoing global economic depression, are populations everywhere angry and frustrated.  In such a volatile climate, it takes very little to stampede the younger generations toward those centers of power which are blamed for the deteriorating conditions … and unrelenting bad news.

Intelligence agencies like the CIA and MI6 have their finger on the pulse in every country that matters.  They know where the trigger points are; they know which nerve endings are exposed.  It’s simply a matter of execution for The Company to herd the unsuspecting citizenry, whose intentions may be sincere, into their manufactured pens of protest.



[1] Spiritual Warfare: The Politics of the Christian Right – Sara Diamond

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