Robert S. Mueller, FBI Director (2001-2013)

FIG. 1 – ROBERT S. MUELLER. The mainstream media portrays Mueller as a man of “impeccable integrity.” This could not be more false. Mueller—along with Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Chandler, James Comey and Rod Rosenstein—turned his back on the Republic and the Rule of Law during his 12 years as FBI Director.
Photo: Jason Reed / Reuters (2011 Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing) / AFI Graphic.

(JUN. 16, 2017)—Here are 12 reasons why Robert Mueller must be immediately relieved of his duties as Special Counsel in the Russia probe.

With the collapse of the “Russians-did-it” fake news narrative, the radical left of Soros-funded Clintonistas are now morphing Mueller’s investigation to focus on President Trump’s alleged obstruction of the non-existent Russian story. He was never hired for that, so how is that possible? Who is really running Washington, D.C.?

Trump clearly stated his support of investigation of Russian interference. Comey even stated that the President wanted the investigation to be thorough and to include even his “satellite” associates.

The level of mental illness among the Clintonistas has become dangerous. The baseball field shooting of Republican members of Congress illustrates this.

In law, Comey’s contradictory statements on Trump’s alleged obstruction must be thrown out as false statements since one or the other of his statements is a lie, and therefore, Comey is not a credible witness.

Here are 12 reasons why Mueller is profoundly unqualified to be Special Counsel. It is evident that Mueller’s real task is to take down his Deep State political enemy: President Donald J. Trump.

  1. Mueller became FBI Director on Sep. 04, 2001, just seven days before 9/11. Do you think this is a “coincidence?” 9/11 was a false flag “inside job” according to numerous NSA/C.I.A./FBI whistleblowers like Susan LindauerWilliam BinneyTed GundersonKevin ShiffJames BamfordThomas DrakeJ. Kirk WiebeColleen Rowley and Robert Steele. (See TIMELINE for the string of Deep State personnel “coincidences” before and after 9/11.)
  2. Mueller promoted the Deep State’s abuses of privacy under The Patriot Act; the Deep State used 9/11 as a “false flag” to scareCongress into passing the most massive give away of American constitutional privacy rights in history—this paved the way for the NSA/C.I.A. warrantless surveillance program first exposed by NSA leaker/patriot Edward Snowden
  3. Mueller abused the secret, unaccountable FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Court and Project Stellar Wind to obtain dictatorial warrants on Americans at will. His powers to abuse privacy dwarf any such powers that former FBI J. Edgar Hoover used.
  4. Protected the Deep State takeover of the Internet. On Sep. 11, 2007, Microsoft started turning over user data to the NSA. On Jun. 03, 2009, Facebook did as well . . . See Timeline from Edward Snowden’s release.
  5. Exploited NSA blackmail data to retain power—just like his predecessor FBI director J. Edgar Hoover
  6. Mueller held exclusive Cayman Island offshore personal investments
  7. Wrote a recommendation letter for Pres. Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland back in 1995 when Bill Clinton nominated him to be DC circuit judge—Mueller is clearly a Deep State Democrat operative. Here’s is Mueller’s Nov. 30, 1995 Garland letter.
  8. Failed to bring forward any prosecutions in:
    1. Fast & Furious
    2. 2008 Banking “bailout” (Wall Street tax dollar feeding frenzy); See 2008 TIMELINE
    3. Energy stimulus boondoggles
    4. IRS targeting of Tea Party
    5. The Clinton Foundation’s enrichment in the Khazak, UrAsia / Russian Uraniaum One deal giving away 20% of America’s uranium reserves to Russia
    6. Bureau of Land Management land redistributions (to give the Chinese more mining rights)
    7. America Invents Act (AIA) corruption that allowed deep-pocket globalist companies to file for “patent reexaminations” as many times as they wished, thus tying up real inventors in endless litigation while the globalist companies exploit the inventions with impunity. See AFI. (Nov. 26, 2014). How Judges Grow Rich On The Backs Of American Inventors.
    8. Theft of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies’ social networking invention. Failed to investigate Mark Zuckerberg’s perjuries on the [IBM Eclipse Foundation] origins of Facebook. This is the motivating underlying subject line that triggered the creation of the AFI TIMELINE that discovered the Deep State shadow government’s treachery.
    9. NSA / C.I.A. warrantless surveillance; see 2001 Project “Stellar Wind” setupexecution
    10. Judicial mutual fund bribery rules changes (See AFI. (Nov. 26, 2014How Judges Grow Rich On The Backs Of American Inventors for an analysis of this scandal.
    11. 9/11 C.I.A. inside job
    12. Offshore money laundering
    13. Obamacare conflicts of interest fiasco
    14. Allowed Bilderberg Group sedition
    15. Allowed Davos World Economic Forum sedition
    16. Allowed Trilateral Commission sedition
    17. Allowed U.N. Commission sedition
    18. Allowed George Soros Open Society Foundations (Soros) sedition. See also AFI. (Aug. 21, 2016). George Soros: The epic global meddler. Americans for Innovation.
    19. Allowed The Clinton Foundation sedition
    20. Allowed Federal Reserve sedition
  9. Mueller’s Net Worth increased from $1.8M (2001) to up to $7.0M (2011) on an FBI director salary! This period includes the disastrous 2008-2009 crisis and drop in the stock markets.
  10. His former Harvard professor Benjamin M. Friedman is director of one of his super exclusive Cayman Island offshore investments Mellon Optima L/S (long/short) Strategy Fund LLC, N-CSR
  11. Mueller has more than 20 years of conflicts of interest with Rod J. Rosenstein, James B. Comey and Clintons. See numerous previous posts, search “Comey” “Mueller” and “Rosenstein”.
  12. Failed to prosecute rampant rogue C.I.A.-run  global pedophilia blackmail rings.

Since our elected leaders in Washington, D.C. seem incapable of draining the swamp of people like Mueller, We the People are going to have to do it. Washington’s impotence was affirmed this morning by Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who said he is leaving Congress because neither Republicans nor Democrats want to change anything.

It is now evident that the Washington, D.C. “Establishment” is compromised by sex and drugs, just as former FBI superstar Special Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson said. It appears that former FBI Director Mueller was directingthe C.I.A. pedophilia blackmail rings instead of prosecuting them.

We will be linking the 12 points above to the AFI TIMELINE this weekend, but wanted to get these points into the national dialog without delay. Here is the latest version of the AFI DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT POSTER.

Here our previous post on Robert S. Mueller and James B. Comey:



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