The Awangate Scandal

Burlington, WA
August 3, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The following article is an excellent summary of the many breaking accounts of the
Awangate scandal.

An important addition to that list needs to be further scrutinized:

Hersh is an enigma. He does great work but says things that make no sense: that it
was a botched robbery even though Rich was the leaker!

Anyway, this is huge and not going away since it impacts the future of the Democratic
Party among many other things. I also think it involves the continuing cover-up of 9/11
(can you say ISI!?!) and the botched raid in Yemen at the start of Trump’s Administration
in which the defenders seemed to have advanced warning.

Scandal on top of scandal with the corrupt investigating the corrupt:

Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp are hampered by his poor Cabinet choices and by
his own deeply troubling background that VT and others have documented.

As was discussed during the campaign, Trump the Great Wrecking Ball continues to keep
things churning even after being elected. That will continue at least until 2020 if he can last
that long, something that looks increasingly doubtful… least without martial law.

Yup, this is beyond MESSY! As bad as he is, it’s only partially his fault. He’s got lots
of help in the endless morass of corruption that is the District of Criminals!

Stay tuned: more chaos on the way!

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