FBI’s McCabe Under Serious Scrutiny As He Should Be, Lawsuits Flying


Group seeks info on Comey’s replacement, wife’s ties to Democrats


Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe

The FBI, of course, is the federal agency that carries out some of the nation’s most important investigations.

But of late, there have been raised questions about the agency’s chiefs. After all, fired director James Comey was the lead player in the FBI’s announcement not to prosecute Hillary Clinton, even though he explained her national security-related actions exhibited extremely poor judgment.

Then there has been the ongoing investigation into claims that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential race, a rumor-filled nest that has yet to produce anything more than some decisions political insiders would describe as unwise.

And of course after Comey was fired, he released government documents to a friend to give to the media in his desire to manipulate the Washington bureaucracy to trigger an outside counsel’s investigation of “Russia,” which he got.

Now questions are being raised about his close friend, Andrew McCabe, who became acting FBI chief when Comey was removed.

They come in the form of three lawsuits filed by officials with Judicial Watch seeking information about McCabe’s activities.

“There are numerous questions about the ethics and judgment of the FBI’s top leadership, particularly acting FBI director Andrew McCabe,” said Tom Fitton, the Judicial Watch chief.

“These new lawsuits will help Americans ‘watch the watchers’ at the powerful FBI.”

The actions, under the federal Freedom of Information Act, address McCabe’s “political activities, travel vouchers, and employment status.”

The first two address his wife’s failed campaign for political office, and interactions with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Judicial Watch explained.

The first requests records of communications between McCabe and others in the FBI or the Department of Justice on the topic of his involvement in political campaigns, or his wife’s involvement.

President Trump raised some related questions in just the last few days.

He was on social media to say, “Problem is that the acting head of the FBI & the person in charge of the Hillary investigation, Andrew McCabe, got $700,000 from H for wife!”

He continued, “Why didn’t A.G. Sessions replace Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a Comey friend who was in charge of Clinton investigation but got big dollars ($700,000) for his wife’s political run from Hillary Clinton and her representatives. Drain the Swamp!”

The facts are that Common Good VA, McAuliffe’s PAC, gave almost $468,000 to McCabe’s wife’s campaign. Then the Virginia Democrat Party gave almost another $208,000.

Judicial Watch said its first FOIA action seeks “records of communication between FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and other FBI or Department of Justice (‘DOJ’) officials regarding, concerning or relating to ethical issues concerning the involvement of Andrew McCabe and/or his wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, in political campaigns” and “records related to ethical guidance concerning political activities provided to Deputy Director McCabe by FBI and/or DOJ officials or elements.”

The second related case seeks records of communications between McCabe and any official in the Virginia governor’s office, anyone in the DNC, or the Democratic Party of Virginia.

“In 2015, a political action committee run by McAuliffe, a close friend and political supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, donated nearly $500,000 to Jill McCabe, wife of McCabe, who was then running for the Virginia State Senate,” Judicial Watch confirmed. “Also, the Virginia Democratic Party, over which McAuliffe had significant influence, donated an additional $207,788 to the Jill McCabe campaign. In July 2015, Andrew McCabe was in charge of the FBI’s Washington, D.C., field office, which provided personnel resources to the Clinton email probe. The Hatch Act prohibits FBI employees from engaging ‘in political activity in concert with a political party, a candidate for partisan political office, or a partisan political group.’”

The third case seeks travel voucher and other information from McCabe.

McCabe’s elevation to the acting director’s post earlier earned the ire of Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who said McCabe’s own political baggage was too much.

“He’s got political problems, because of [Virginia Gov. Terry] McAuliffe helping his wife, and I don’t think he’s the person that should be taking over,” Grassley told reporters at that time.


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