Krauthammer Revises Again: Sessions ‘Dead Man Walking’

By Greg Richter | NEWSMAX

After yet another day of President Donald Trump hammering Attorney General Jeff Sessions, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday revised his previous revision Sessions’ fate, calling him a “dead man walking.”

Krauthammer told Fox News’ “Special Report” that Sessions was a “wounded man walking.” But when Trump referred to the attorney general as “beleaguered” in a tweet, Krauthammer decided it was time for revision.

“I think he’s an extremely, dangerously wounded man walking,” he told Monday’s “Special Report.”

Sessions has insisted he does not want to resign from his dream job, but if he does not, it looks like he might lose it just six months in, Krauthammer told Tuesday’s “The Story With Martha McCallum.”

Now, “He is a dead man walking,” Krauthammer said. “There is no way that a president can humiliate a Cabinet member, a strong supporter from the beginning, in the way that Trump has done, just piling it on, and expect that this relationship is going to last.”

But with Sessions an important member of Trump’s conservative base, it will be “a terrible mistake,” to fire him, Krauthammer said.

Further, he said, Sessions’ career will essentially be over if he loses the job, since he resigned from the Senate to take take it, and, at age 70, likely has no future political options.

For that reason, Sessions is likely to “dig in his heels,” Krauthammer said, adding “in the end, you cannot sustain a position in the Cabinet when the president is humiliating you daily.”


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