Despite That Handshake, The Real Agenda Remains War!

Lynden, WA
July 12, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Those of us who are tired of America’s endless wars have little to be optimistic
about despite the Trump/Putin handshake in Hamburg last week.

Trump remains under constant assault by the Deep State / Mainstream Media
Complex that wants the public to view him as an illegitimate president who
conspired with the ruthless Russians to steal the election. They will not stop
until he is gone:

Part of the strategy requires escalating global tensions as a way to insure
that funds keep flowing to the military-industrial complex rather than as a
peace dividend to address domestic needs.

If your business model is based on war, you must find a way to keep feeding
the Beast. So while the two world leaders are making nice in Germany, back
home the Brass at the Pentagon are planning for something quite different:

The peace movement remains feeble with the Democrats now embracing
Russophobia as a way to keep the pressure on the wounded Chief Executive.
They have visions of Nixon and Watergate with a resignation in the offing as a
reward if they just keep chipping away at Trump’s credibility.

Even with research showing that Clinton lost the election because she was
perceived as a hawk, those in control are bent on keeping the National Security
State operating at full throttle: Boston University: Hillary’s Bloodlust Cost Her The Election

This approach is also designed to narrow Trump’s options and force him to do
the Deep State’s bidding by confronting Russia and China through proxy wars
in Korea, Syria, Ukraine and anywhere else they assert their interests rather
than Kowtow to Western hegemony.

The situation remains quite perilous. A funny-money economy based on fiat
currency with an inflated stock market and shrinking middle class discretionary
income accounts for much of the clamor against our erstwhile enemies. We
need to keep the folks back home edgy and distracted by the crazy kid in North
Korea, those aggressive Chinese in the South China Sea and the ever available
Russian Menace. Otherwise they may notice the bad roads, dysfunctional
schools, bankrupt state governments, wasteful wars and other indications of a
collapsing society.

Rather than pulling out of Syria or reducing its footprint, the US has apparently
expanded one of its illegal airbases in the northern part of the country.

Rather than joining the growing chorus to promote nuclear disarmament, the US
boycotted the meeting that negotiated a new treaty to outlaw nukes. Ironically
we were joined by North Korea, Israel and the other countries with such weapons.

Lest you think the Democrats are better on this topic than the Republicans, please
recall that it was Obama—the Nobel PEACE Prize winner—who set in motion US
plans to spend $1 Trillion to modernize these so-called deterrents to war.

Whether we can continue to play this cat and mouse game of posturing towards
conflict or whether push actually comes to shove with “bombs bursting in air” to
commence WWIII remains to be seen.

What is clear is that, despite that handshake, the real agenda remains preparing
to fight and ultimately…….more war!

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