Former Democrat Insider Goes Rogue—Exposes Plot To Falsely Blame Russia

Submitted by TrojanHorse (a former Democratic operative):

DEMs are desperate—really desperate!

Clinton was supposed to win.

Podesta got blindsided.  He didn’t see the bigger picture.

Even the DNC didn’t know the larger agenda.

Deep State set them all up.

Everyone is only told what they need to know.

The agents work together in small cells like a CIA black op.

No one wins US election unless DS allows it.

Clinton proved herself unfit to be POTUS.

The more she talked, the worse her odds got.

It got to the point where she couldn’t even be propped up with daily transfusions.

DS always had a revolution on the drawing board.  Some call it “Purple”.

Regardless of who won election, pitting one side against the other was always the plan

After the DEMs lost, Clinton, Podesta & Company went ballistic as they were told to.

The DEMs were already set up with the fake Russia story.  It was all planned by DS.

It was the DEMs who were really in bed with the Russians, not Trump.

The DEMs, esp. the guilty ones, will always blame their own crimes on their opponents just as the REPs do.

Podesta needed an excuse for the loss; so did Hillary.

Russia became the convenient whipping boy.

DS is facing an angry America.

Internet has leveled the playing field.  Social media has put power in hands of people.

This trend cannot be stopped.  DS needs to do something desperate.

Revolution is how they do it every where else on the planet. USA will be no different.

By fomenting the divisions between the 2 political parties, DS does “divide and rule”.

By inflaming tensions with Russia, DS keeps the people engaged with a foreign adversary as well.

The liberal media will never let this go.  They are in it too deep.  So are the Dems.
So are the REPs.  So is Silicon Valley.  So is Hollywood.  So are other stakeholders.

Now, why Russia?

Because DS needs a major war, if not a world war.

The economics are a mess everywhere. The financials are in worse shape–everywhere.

The FED is really responsible but that will never come out. So is the US government and you know how politicians are.

When government and banks make common cause, there’s no stopping it.

It’s war they want; war they need; and war they will start unless thwarted by the people.

Not just because of the broken economy; corruption at the highest levels has been revealed across the Internet.  Everyone can see what’s in the closets like never before.

The daily disclosure of serious crimes is getting worse.  Everyone at the top is involved.

The child sex crimes are very disturbing to many.  This could cause a real revolt against the oligarchy.

War has a way of making everyone forget the seedy past.  It also makes the bankers a lot of money.

So there is a momentum building.  Both sides are lining up their ducks.

Trump came along at the perfect time or else it would have been finished.  The American people would have been enslaved like never before.

However, DS thought they could control Trump. They assumed he would follow orders once he entered office.  Every president does.

Trump went rogue on them—completely left the reservation.  Even more than JFK. Much more!

That’s because Trump knows he’s got the military on his side.  Same with law enforcement.  The militias, gun owners and NRA are all Trumpsters.

Now DS is on a mission to take him over.  Take him down.  Take him out.  Whatever it takes to get him out of the Oval Office.

Trump really is a bull in the china shop.  No one like him—EVER!  There will never be another Trump.

Which is why it all comes down to now. And here.  And to the American people.

That’s just one reason why the Russia card is being played over and over and over again.

So Podesta, Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Waters will be screaming “R U S S I A !” for a long time.  At least until Trump is gone.  You can bet on that.

And maybe even until the whole house of cards falls down.

Every incompetent and corrupt government needs a scapegoat.  They always have down through history.

The most innocent are usually scapegoated.

When a scapegoat shines like Putin’s Russia, the guilty go on witch hunts like the one DS is on today.

The light of Russia makes them all look bad—real bad!  So the witch hunt will continue until the witches are burned at the stake (WW3).

Not only does DS have a real witch in Hillary; they have a real warlock in Podesta.

With that said, Halloween in October of 2017 will be very interesting.

That’s because of what is stacking up for the USA this August and September.

Trump is also facing a very challenging time during the same period.

If ever there was a time to put the hands together and get on the knees….

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