Ronald Kessler: New York Times Full of ‘Scam Artists’

By Jason Devaney

The New York Times is full of “scam artists” posing as journalists, author Ronald Kessler told Newsmax TV.

During a Monday appearance on “Newsmax Now,” host Bill Tucker asked Kessler about the Times’ report that suggested Donald Trump Jr. might have colluded with Russians during his father’s presidential campaign.

“There are plenty of indications that Donald Trump is not a puppet of Putin,” Kessler said. “For example, he sent missiles into Syria against Russian interests and all this took place during the campaign and has nothing to do with the White House. There are so many issues, as you say, that a lot of major improvements going on under the radar that the press doesn’t report on.”

Kessler, the author of “The First Family Detail,” then gave an example of one story the Times published during the campaign with which he found fault.

“The New York Times ran the story during the campaign saying that Trump met with this beauty pageant winner at Mar-A-Lago and asked her to change out of her clothes,” he said. “Well the whole thing was a complete distortion, a complete falsehood.

“This is basically scam artists. We’re talking about scam artists, not journalists. Scam artists who practice dishonest journalism every single day.”


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