Freedom Is Just Another Word For American Tyran

by Patrick J McShay

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.” – George Orwell Author “1984”

“Eventually even the sleepwalking masses who remain convinced that all of the bad things happening in the police state–the police shootings, the police beatings, the raids, the roadside strip searches, are happening to other people, will have to wake up. Sooner or later the things happening to other people, will start happening to us and our loved ones. When that painful reality sinks in, it will hit with the force of a SWAT Team crashing through your door, a Taser being aimed at your stomach, and a gun being pointed at your head. And there will be no channel to change, no reality to alter and no manufactured farce to hide behind.” – John Whitehead – Constitutional Attorney and Author of, “Battlefield America: The War On The American People

I think it’s about time this country start mourning the freedoms that we as Americans have lost, and continue to lose every year, and stop the phony 4th of July celebrations. And while meaningless displays of fireworks and parades are widely attended, unconstitutional and illegal no refusal, forced blood draw, roadblocks are set up in states from coast to coast, violating the rights of millions of non violent offenders. Those of us who know our rights as Americans understand that we are supposed to be free to travel without being stopped, searched or questioned in any way. These are the actions of a police state. Libertarian icon, Murray Rothbard has said that driving after drinking should not be a crime.

In 1980, the legal blood alcohol level to operate a motor vehicle was.15%. It was lowered twice since then to the current .08 %. The government now wants to lower the acceptable level to .05%. The National Transportation Safety Board won’t tell you this, but the majority of accidents are, and always have been, caused by drivers whose Blood alcohol level is at .15% or higher. Lowering the level will not necessarily lower the number of accidents. It will however, keep cops out of donut shops and help ruin the lives of millions of otherwise law-abiding, tax paying citizens.

In his article, “The Drunk Driving Question”, Jeffrey Tucker writes, “with laws against DUI, what’s being criminalized? Not reckless driving as such. Not aggression against anyone. What’s being criminalized is the chemical makeup of the blood in your body. That itself should be no crime. To make having a certain blood content illegal is essentially totalitarian. But you say that drinking is associated with bad driving. Well, enforce laws against reckless driving. Many more people drink and drive than drive recklessly. The law has no business criminalizing associated peaceful behaviors, rather than real crimes against person or property.” Most of our founding fathers grew hemp on their land and Americans could pay their taxes in Hemp until the Civil War. In today’s free America, growing Hemp on your land will get you life in prison in some states.

Donald Light, a medical and economic sociologist, and author of “Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals And The Myth of Safe And Effective Drugs,” says Every year in the United States approximately 130,000 people die from taking their FDA approved medication as prescribed. That’s five times the number that die from prescribed Opioid or Heroin overdoses. Adverse reactions to these FDA approved drugs are estimated to result in approximately 1.5 to 2.7 million hospitalizations per year. Are Doctors legal drug dealers? Well that’s not much of a stretch. Big Pharma paid out nearly $3 billion dollars to Doctors to push their drugs in 2016 alone.

One would think that in a free country, since we know that Cannabis Oil is curing Cancer, and doing wonders in treating people with seizures, COPD, Parkinson’s, Autism and many more conditions, that the government would immediately make Cannabis available to anyone that needs it. There have been no recorded deaths due to a Cannabis overdose. Ever.The FDA’s go to treatment for Cancer in America is Chemotherapy. Scientists now believe that Chemotherapy may actually spread Cancer and trigger more aggressive tumors. If true, this means that Chemotherapy hastened or insured the deaths of millions of people. Remember that the next time they are passing out pink ribbons. Meanwhile, a 57-year-old Amish farmer from Kentucky, named Samuel Girod, was just sentenced to 6 years in prison for manufacturing salves and herbal products that the FDA didn’t approve of. No one has died from using Mister Girods products either.

Andy Johnson is a Welder who lives on a small 8 acre farm with his wife Katie and their 3 young children. He and his wife worked hard constructing a stock pond on the property. They stocked it with 2 kinds of Trout and even brought in some Ducks and Geese. He filled it with crystal clear water and his horses drank and grazed near the pond. His children swam and played there as well. Fox News reported that Johnson followed the state rules for a stock pond and has a letter from the Wyoming State Engineer’s office to prove it. Enter the Federal Government. The EPA said that he violated the “Clean Water Act”, by not getting the proper permits from the Army Corp of engineers, and has threatened to fine him up to $75,000 per day. Johnson said a stock pond is exempt from the Clean air Act and has refused to pay a dime. Is this the kind of freedom we are celebrating?

In many states it is unlawful to live off the grid. People are losing their homes because they refuse to pay for certain utilities. Owning your home and property means nothing in America unless you play by the new rules, which are changing every year. Ignore the new laws and regulations at your own risk. In a number of states it is unlawful to have a garden in your front yard. It’s illegal in many states to gather rainwater on your own property. Mr Obama’s EPA has banned the use of most wood burning stoves and new buildings can no longer have wood burning fireplaces. All part of the UN’s Agenda 21 plan for the US. Independence and freedom are not something the budding American police state cares a great deal about.

Jay Nygard is a green energy entrepreneur in Minnesota, who owns Go Green Energy. He sells wind turbines, and decided to install one on his property to harvest clean wind energy. Susan Du from City Guard reported that, City officials had a problem with the wind turbine and said Mr Nygard didn’t get the proper permits for the project, and that he was violating so-called zoning laws, and ordered that he remove the 29 foot turbine. Nygard got an Attorney to fight the order and in the meantime the city passed a new law banning wind turbines. After a year-long battle Nygard was ordered to take down the Turbine, which he did. He was also ordered to take out the concrete base as well. When that didn’t happen quick enough for the city, this law-abiding tax paying citizen was arrested and eventually sentenced to 6 months in jail for contempt of court. I wonder if the Nygards are celebrating their freedom and independence this year?

So here we are, 6 months into Trump’s disastrous presidency that set out to make America great again. While people were planning cookouts, Trump’s war party was planning World War 3. The Cabinet he bragged about are an embarrassment to anyone paying attention. Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley have bungled, blustered and threatened Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria and China. They have threatened to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council, because the Council asked Israel to stop beating, torturing, imprisoning and murdering Palestinians on a daily basis. The Counsel wants Israeli snipers to stop shooting Palestinian children.(see YouTube video’s) David Ovadia, an Israeli sniper, bragged on social media that he killed 13 Palestinian children in one day, It is pretty obvious who Tillerson and Haley serve, and it is not the American public nor their interests. Mattis is also a tool for Israel and their agenda to take out Assad, arm Ukraine and get the war with Iran going if possible. For now Bibi will settle for Syria being broken up and Assad buried. Trump has betrayed his supporters. Who are these morons that still cheer for this President.

The media continues to serve as press agents for the Pentagon and work hard covering up Israeli atrocities. Can’t have millions of Christian donar’s finding out the truth about the chosen people. They serve as lying spinmeisters for the Globalists, on such issues as Syria gassing their own people, Russia invading Crimea and Russian election tampering, The American Media has lost all credibility with the American people and consequently much of their audience Cable news liars laughably continue to bash independent internet news sites and foreign news outlets like RT and Press TV, who report more real news in a day than Fox, CNN or MSNBC report in a month. RT’s Crosstalk is the best news show out there. Check it out on YouTube.

Our Government is an ugly tyrant, parading around wrapped in the flag. Have these people not heard of diplomacy? Trump is in Poland scolding Russia for their “destabilizing activities in Ukraine. Does he not know that the US was the destabilizing party in Ukraine? And he admonished Putin for his support of hostile regimes like Syria and Iran. He can’t be that out of touch, can he? Iran hasn’t invaded another country in over 200 years and Syria Is fighting terrorists that the US and her allies, including Israel, are arming, training and sending monthly paychecks. Israel is bombing Syria and constantly threatening and engaging the Lebanese. They make life hell for the Palestinians and push every President to fight their battles for them. Sadly we have no say.

War drums on the Arabian Peninsula are a sign that the petrodollar is choking on crypto-currencies, and is about to be shoved aside for a replacement. Maybe a digital blockchain currency from China. The lower the price of Oil goes, the lower our dollars value will go. Where will that leave American investors? Retirees? We need diplomacy from this administration, not threats. This President is going to do something really dumb sooner than later, and there is nothing any of us can do about that either.

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