The ‘Murder’ of Seth Rich: Everything we thought we knew is wrong!

A Major PsyOp Conducted by Israel

Seth Rich’s family holding a press conference near the D.C. crime scene. Purple shirts and purple microphones all point to the ongoing Purple Revolution.[1]

SOTN Editor’s Note:
There’s no question that there were many major stakeholders who were deeply concerned about the final outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.  This is exactly why there are those parties who are still trying — mightily — to overturn the Trump victory.

Because of the late date that humanity has with destiny, it’s absolutely true that the Modern State of Israel played a HUGE part in determining the election outcome.  Israel would simply not let the U.S. presidency be occupied by an unfriendly party (remember Obama), particularly during these critical times in the Middle East.  What is happening throughout the entire Mideast is simply far too consequential not to have the right POTUS in the Oval Office.*  Herein lies the hidden back story to the “alleged murder” and “supposed death” of Seth Rich.

*“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

SOTN fully admits that we got drawn into the whole drama.  Who did not want to see Hillary Clinton lose–BIG TIME?!  And the ‘murder’ of Seth Rich may very well have played a crucial part in her historic loss.  Therefore, the true purpose behind the ‘killing’ of Seth Rich must be explored and correctly understood if the nation is to comprehend where it’s now going.

SOTN recently received an email containing a YAHOO search that was quite telling in this regard. As follows:

Shortly afterwards, an anonymous submission was made to the SOTN editor which dovetailed perfectly with the above Google result.  ANON Whistleblower has delineated the purposeful conspiracy which was undertaken to make the U.S. electorate believe that Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the DNC were directly behind the killing of Seth Rich. What follows under the broken line is the perceptive explanation presented by ANON Whistleblower.


You guys at SOTN really got conned.
Btw so did the rest of the alternative media.

Seth Rich was a MOSSAD operative.
Whether his family is certified Sayanim
or whether he was a card-carrying agent
is not really important.  He spent plenty
of time in Israel, even training under the
command of the IDF.  Not only was he born
into a Jewish family, but they encouraged
him to spend some serious time in Israel,
which he did.  Here, post this vid on your
site as penance for your getting scammed.
Seth Rich’s Israeli Military Experience (Video)

The reason why he was ‘killed’ at 4:20 AM
is the same reason they carry out so many
false flags at night.  No one’s around—duh!

The MOSSAD controllers of this black op had
the whole street locked down since Seth left
the bar at 1:30 in the morning.  None of the
crime scene facts could be proven, except by
the people planted around before and after
who have spoken publicly.  That includes
your medical resident at Washington Hospital
Center who you quoted here:
Firsthand testimony from medical resident who
attended to Seth Rich at Washington Hospital
Center just before he died

Do you now see how this whole psyop was set
up. It’s a total joke…on the Clintons, of course.
And the DNC.  And the Democratic Party. Talk
about a skunk at their garden party right in D.C.
The MOSSAD infiltrated their campaign with a
Sayanim contractor — Seth Rich — who’s now
probably living on a kibbutz somewhere in the
Negev desert—at a locked-down oasis community
after having LOTs of plastic surgery.

Look it, this op took Hillary right out of the race.
The Alt Right swallowed it–hook, line and sinker–
and did just that—they sunk her.  One more
murder was all they really needed on her rap sheet
to motivate the borderline Trumpsters to get out
and vote.  The concerned Israeli think tanks knew
the electoral calculus right down to the voting
precinct level, so they knew every single vote for
Trump mattered.

SOTN usually get’s these psyops and false flags and
black ops down before anyone else and yet you fell
for this obviously fake testimony.
“Seth Rich didn’t even know he was shot, no pain!”—
Eyewitness (Then how did he really die in the hospital?)

Here’s a LiveLeak video from someone who’s done his
homework.  Why don’t you guys do some more penance
and post it so the Internet knows the truth.
Seth Rich Murder Hoax (Video)

Now the real question here is: Why did Israel sabotage
Hillary?  And, why did Netanyahu guarantee a win for
Trump?  When you can answer those two I’ll come back
to SOTN.

—  ANON Whistleblower



Sometimes the most obvious clues are given by the many photos which are provided by the Google search of an individual’s name.  As follows: Was Seth Rich really a Conservative Republican in Patriot’s clothing?

Key Point: Numerous articles published by the MSM – as if in unison — placed particular emphasis on the same preliminary police report which framed the “murder’ as an armed robbery.  A ‘botched’ armed robbery whereby all valuables and cyber-technology remained untouched by the killers.  This allegation, whether it was true or false, lead the entire Al Media to reflexively speculate that murder was the motive; not robbery.  Why would the Clinton-controlled MSM go along with such a contrived narrative unless it was told to? And who is it that controls the MSM?

State of the Nation
June 21, 2017

Editor’s Note

From the very beginning the single most important question about the alleged murder was: Why would the Clinton Crime Family order a hit on Seth Rich four months before the most important election in U.S. history?  In view of the notorious Clinton execution list, wouldn’t such a misguided move put Hillary’s campaign in serious jeopardy?  Which is exactly what happened, so why wouldn’t the DNC have handled the leak to WikiLeaks in a different manner?


[1] BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America


SAYANIM: Israeli Operatives in the U.S.


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