Whtat’s really going on with the crisis in natural gas-rich Qatar?

Submitted by John DiNardo

The reason for this concocted hostility among Qatar, SaudiArabia, Iran, etc. is to
make plentiful natural gas scarce in order to hike up the price.

The ruling elite have done this often in the past: Israel’s 1980 invasion of Lebanon,
for example. Remember those long lines at the gas pumps which justified
exorbitant gas price hikes.

Consider this suspected plot by the ruling elite: the coming natural gas and oil price hikes will skyrocket prices on everything because fuel cost drives inflation. Therefore, by creating this geopolitical crisis, the ruling elite are finally allowing inflation to rule, and thus the dollar to collapse, war to commence — all while the world’s shadow rulers
descend into their underground cities at Cheyenne Mountain and at Mount


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