The Sean Hannity back story is much more radioactive than the Seth Rich assassination! video drops a number of bombs in just one hour

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REPORTER NOTES:  (rough transcript; go to link for accuracy)

HOST:  There is big news breaking this coming Tuesday… Infowars is revealing it….

Alex Jones VIDEO transcript as follows: 

VIDEO:  11.57 minutes

ALEX:  One of our reporters has said that the Democrats wanted the Public to know they killed Seth Rich… They are going to make their move against Trump very soon. 

We understand why:  They were on the Chinese payroll.  They knew Trump was planning to go after them for it.  They knew the intelligence agencies were very upset about it and how “sold out” we have become. 

Trump has discovered why the Deep State is so desperate to stop him, because the crimes are 50 times bigger than anything Trump could have imagined.  Total lawless abandon evil… The CIA Director said to Trump, “You watch your mouth”… 2 days before he is inaugurated.

That is the point we have reached… with a bunch of crazies who know they have committed incredible crimes… and they KNOW that Trump is really trying to drain the swamp… and if he drains that sucker, they know they are all going to prison.

A bunch of them are child molesters.

A bunch of them are child killers.

A bunch of them are sold out to foreign governments.

A bunch are Muslims with the Catholic Church at the top…

This is a group of “SELL-OUT TRASH”.

They were hell-bent to bankrupt the country and dumb us down… in order to protect themselves from all of the crimes they have committed.

And now, Trump KNOWS why they want to take him out.

Trump knows what is at the bottom of the swamp.

(2.54 minutes)

Last week, Dr. Jerome Corsi began to write reports for

About a strategy for the White House to create a War Room and a Battle Strategy to counter the lies and disinformation that claims Donald Trump is controlled and manipulated by the Russians.

The White House came out today with that plan….

The DC Bureau Chief, with White House passes, contacted me this morning…to say… “if he gets killed any time before now and next Tuesday” that he has been authorized to release information on THIS BROADCAST… that I am to contact a certain U.S. Representative in the Capitol.  ( I leave it there.) 

HEADLINE:  (May 23, 2017) Infowars White House Press Credentials cause MSM Meltdown…”Irrational Leftists threw tantrum because Infowars attended White House press briefing”…

(4.05 minutes)

These are real conversations.  I am in a real “spy movie” here… and SO ARE YOU.

This country is in a civil war and a deep crisis.

(4.11 minutes) 

So the sky is the limit with these people… and he has MAJOR CONFIRMED INTEL on Seth Rich. 

This is HIGH LEVEL:  Not just out of the White House… FBI… Congress… or local police… I mean he has got it.

…that is why you see Sean Hannity being attacked and losing sponsors…they want to kill Fox News…

(5.06 minutes)

There is a civil war.  We did NOT win when Trump got in… we just bought time to have an Emergency Beach Head.

(6.16 minutes) 


Nobody is perfect, but Sean Hannity… Rush Limbaugh…Alex Jones… Matt Drudge… Donald Trump… we are not out to get the country.  We believe in a free market…second amendment rights… religious freedom… true liberalism….

WE ARE UNDER ATTACK…because we are Americans…we are loyal… because we are good. 

At least the military who have been prepared for this phase actually said, “No”, to Hillary… and helped get the intel to the American people. 

I am trying to give you the BIG NEWS that I am allowed to give to you. 

It has already been CONFIRMED that Trump has TOTAL PROOF … and it has national security information… he is the president and he is allowed to declassify it…

He has proof that the Democratic Party gave thousands of individuals and multiple large companies COMPLETE ACCESS to the internet grid… to spy on HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of AMERICANS… 

And, the FOREIGN NATIONALS were allowed access and were allowed to penetrate to put in HUBS… that is CONTROL HUBS into Congress… and into the SYSTEMS bypassing the firewalls…. And then they TRANSFERRED THE DATA OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

You talk about TREASON. 

(6.57 minutes)

The Office of Personnel hack was part of the deliberate operation to SELL US OUT TO THE GLOBALISTS.

The Chinese people fighting communism noticed that their government seemed to know everything they were doing.  It did. Their data was given to them. 

America has been BLOWN WIDE OPEN…we are sinking and in an emergency situation.

Why do you think this is happening? 

The Communist Chinese have totally taken over the Democratic Party, and this “Trump and Russian” thing was a red herring.

Russia is only organized to defend itself and has no offensive capability politically.

The claims by Kerry that Russia is taking over and we need to learn Russian is ridiculous…. 

…influencing our news:  Communist Chinese… the EU… the Pope… the Saudis

Trump is trying to get the Saudis out of that alliance right now.

This country is in deep trouble.

So let me give you the big news: 

Trump has all the proof that Obama committed MASSIVE CRIMES…directly, politically, and not just against him, but also against Congress, Libertarians, patriots, Libertarian lobbying groups, gun groups, churches, etc. 

The Democrats were so arrogant because masses of them had access to EVERYTHING. 

Now… this was a CRIMINAL TAKEOVER.

It was like the Brown Shirts licking their chops… knowing that Hitler is about to get into office… by hook or by crook.

(8.51 minutes)

Secondarily… Seth Rich was absolutely murdered for political reasons. 

Corsi has talked to multiple high-level sources… and has the proof… they KNOW who did it. 

HEADLINE:  (WND Exclusive) May 24, 2017 … Bombshell:  Donna Brazile warned off Private Eye on Seth Rich Murder, “Ex-DNC chairwoman reportedly asked cops why investigator is ‘snooping’ into mysterious case”

I am going to wait until Corsi is ready to drop it.

Other media organizations are ready to simultaneously publish it, if anything happens to us.

(9.49 minutes)

Comey has absolutely been a sworn informant on the Payroll the whole time.  He was intended to build some kind of  ‘fake case’ against Trump. 

That information about Comey, and the big things he did working for international Banks and the Democrats, is being prepared to be dropped.

That is why he has canceled his testimony for now….while “more information is given to Mueller”.

So there is a huge backpedaling going on with that front. 

(10.29 minutes) 

A great Global Battle for the future of our species is being fought RIGHT NOW.

…. Please share the link to our videos… If I am going to do this with my life, then I will be doing it to win. 


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