BREAKING: Monica Lewinski Comes Out Of NOWHERE With The Bombshell Scandal Of The Century

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She claims Bill Clinton Failed his financial responsibility to their now 28-year-old son…

The intern with the blue dress who showed the world that Bill Clinton had the ability to look America dead in the eye and lie through his teeth is back in the spotlight with a bombshell that will turn the Clintons’ world upside down. In a lawsuit filed in the 14th district court, Monica Lewinski is suing Bill Clinton for breach of contract for not fulfilling his fiscal obligations…to their now 28-year-old son!

If you remember, after the impeachment hearings, Monica Lewinski disappeared from public life for nearly five years. When she reappeared, it was on a very small scale and often she was depicted with her young nephew on family outings. Well, according to this new case, that child is actually the product of the affair between Lewinski and the former president, kept hidden with confidentiality agreements and a massive amount of cash.

The cash has, apparently, dried up as Monica’s son, David, who knows who his father is and is ready to face him down after a life without one, finished college and has moved into the private sector for employment. The suit alleges that the payments, under contract, would continue to Lewinski for her silence until 20 years after Bill Clinton’s death and that her son, as an adult, would be bound by the same gag order.

The suit says:

“David has never met his father nor does he want to. The plaintiffs would have been satisfied to have never told anyone had the Clintons maintained their fiduciary responsibilities under their legally binding contract.”

Lewinski and her son are seeking a lump sum of $40 million to cover the remainder of the contract’s earning potential. They have also honored their side of the deal and not said anything publicly, gone to the press or made any kind of comment. The court filing is the only mention. The liberal media is, of course, ignoring the story like it never happened.


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