Why did Judge Royal Furgeson unlawfully strip defendant of due process rights?



Court says, “Appeals are prohibited.”

court scales of justice trialBy John Griffing

DALLAS, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – After Dallas citizen Jeff Baron was “sentenced” to an unprecedented civil lockdown to enable lawyers to loot his Juvenile Diabetes Research Trust, the 5th Circuit Court has now upheld the judicially authorized theft (in the amount of $160 million dollars), according to the latest information available on the case. On January 19, 2015, Texas Insider carried an exclusive storyentitled “Human Being Put Into ‘Receivership’ by Federal Judge in Dallas, Texas,” detailing a massive “judicial corruption racket.”  

The story noted that the corruption was “so pervasive,” Dallas entrepreneur and now medically disabled Dallas citizen, Jeff Baron, “had all (or most) of his constitutional rights unlawfully stripped.”

Now Baron is being told he has no right to due process and to stop bothering courts.

Background: In an otherwise typical civil lawsuit, Baron had his home, bank accounts, phone, car and the remainder of his worldly possessions illegally seized at an undisclosed meeting among court officers, without a hearing, trial or attorney, and he was threatened with death by the judge assigned to his case if he resisted or attempted to hire a lawyer (as seen in the court transcripts).

Furgeson, Judge RoyalHis offense? Baron was accused of causing a delay in a settled lawsuit and not paying his lawyers enough money—charges that were later proven to be completely fabricated. After he received press coverage, Baron and his family and friends were repeatedly “visited” by Homeland Security and the U.S. Marshals despite having not been accused of any crime.

Judge Royal Furgeson (right,) was the federal judge who initially placed Baron into receivership and seized all of his possessions and documents and forbid Baron indefinitely from keeping any money that he earned. Furgeson has been succeeded by Judge Sam Lindsay, who granted immunity to all of the attorneys and others involved in the theft of Baron’s property. Judge Lindsay also released a statement in March 2015 condemning the press coverage of Baron’s case.

Now, Baron has been sternly reminded that he is not entitled to due process, having his rights to court appeal denied and banned indefinitely. Baron is one of the first martyrs of Orwellian tyranny in the United States, according to notable observers. New York attorney, David Relkin, who has been following the case, stated, “The only accurate analogy to Baron’s situation is that he became an inmate at Guantanamo Bay.”

When approached for his analysis, Civil rights leader and Republican Party Engagement Director R.W. Bray said the following of Jeff Baron’s persecution,

“Civil rights should be just that, ‘civil’. In other words, if we are to have justice, if, ‘We the People’ are to have a pious return from the social, political and judicial investments we make in our society, then officers of the Courts and State must abide by the same law it enforces. 

“Affable relationships, regardless of skin color or charge, save that of which would take one’s humanity, should be a practice, not a privilege. Truth be told, all lives matter.”

Dion Brown, African-American commentator on civil rights from North Charleston, South Carolina agreed with Bray, stating:

constitution“I have lived a long time, and seen things change for the better, only to witness this new form of slavery in this century. If we let lawyers and judges get away with what they’re doing to Jeff Baron, who is next? 

“This is an attack on all. The civil rights movement was about more than integration or equality; it was about humanity. 

“What has happened to Jeff is unacceptable.”

Moreover, Baron’s documents, which reveal the location of the illegally seized funds and possibly prove criminality in distributing his assets, continue to be sequestered by the court, and Baron has been instructed that he is prohibited from even viewing them. This is flatly unconstitutional. The 5th Circuit also rejected appeals for Baron to see the documents (Order Denying Baron’s Motion to View Sealed Documents issued on September 23, 2015).

On August 31, 2015, the Court destroyed many of the sealed records. The official court entry on August 31, 2015 states: “Appeal Record Returned consisting of 22 boxes containing the sealed records on appeal and 3 folders of exhibits. Sealed electronic record destroyed. Exhibits to be retained until all appeals are adjudicated.”

Recourse still eludes Baron, while journalists struggle to expose this shadow tyranny to the public.

From the original article:

“Judge Royal Furgeson, a federal judge in Dallas, Texas, made history before retiring – for the first time since 1865 – by putting a human being into ‘receivership’… Furgeson ‘retired’ in 2013, in the middle of this case, to become dean of the University of North Texas Law School. He is now collecting a generous pension which he will receive for the duration of his life.”

Judge Furgeson was also denounced by former House Majority Leader Tom Delay, who called for Furgeson’s impeachment:

Tom DeLay in Halls of Congress“I am not a lawyer, but it is obvious to me as a student of the Constitution that these rulings are totally unconstitutional; they violate the 1st, 4th, 5th & 6th Amendments, and therefore, if this judge were still on the bench, he ought to be impeached.”

Baron’s most notable achievement is his establishment of a medical research trust, which he funded with his earnings to find a cure for juvenile onset diabetes, a potentially fatal disease that afflicts infants and small children. The judges and lawyers looted this trust too, which had a value of over $160 million.

Recently, instead of returning what remained of this trust to Baron, Judge Lindsay handed it over to yet another lawyer against Baron’s will. Accordingly, this lawyer has essentially resurrected the receivership over Baron and hijacked the remaining assets of the research trust, looting them and vexatiously filing harassing lawsuits against Baron across the nation to ensure that he never recovers his property.

The coup de grace occurred this week, when the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals told Baron in a “final order” that he is not entitled to due process or any appeal on any of these matters and “closed the book” on the Baron case.

To date, the lawyers responsible for this immoral bloodsport have been paid over $9 million from assets belonging to Baron and the children’s research trust, while the alleged creditors have not been paid even a penny.

Texas Insider has also learned of recent copy-cat cases, where Texas lawyers and judges colluded to perpetrate acts of theft against clients and went to jail or paid massive fines as punishment:

Texas Attorneys David and Mikal Watts have been indicted for corrupting the federal justice system to make money for themselves and their investors. Watts claimed to represent a class-action on behalf of 44,000 seafood workers to recover money from formaldehyde-tainted Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers which damaged their health, where he fraudulently collected in excess of $10 million.

Of the 44,000 claims, including one on behalf of a dog, only 4 were deemed eligible for payment.

Attorney Peter Elliotwas sentenced to 10 years of prison and also faces separate bank robbery charges for diverting $3.6 million of client funds from a trust account and using it for personal purposes over the course of 12 years. First Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory J. Haanstad on Thursday called it a “massive financial fraud.” **Note, this is not a Texas lawyer**

Abraham Fisch: attorney Abrahamn Fisch was sentenced to 15 years in prison and ordered to forfeit $1.15 million. Fisch was found guilty of one charge of conspiracy, four counts of obstruction of justice, seven counts of money laundering, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and five counts of failure to file tax returns.

The previously detailed examples demonstrate that justice is possible where attorney malfeasance is concerned, but justice has certainly not been served in the Baron case.


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