Trump, no one is above the RULE OF LAW

…not you, not the Neocons, not the Zionists!

After 16 years of Bush warmongering and Obama lawlessness,
We the People have no tolerance for another war criminal.

State of the Nation

Never have the American people experienced such a profound and outright betrayal by a recently elected POTUS.

Never in American history has a U.S. president suffered such a quick and complete loss of faith from his political base.

Never has a single presidential action precipitated the swift and sure abandonment of, and by, a core political constituency.

Rule of Law

What makes the U.S. missile attack on Syria so offensive to Trumpsters everywhere is that it overturned so many of Candidate Trump’s most important campaign promises.

The most important of these was the restoration of the rule of law in the USA, as well as throughout the world-at-large.

With this single projection of raw military power, the Trump administration made the indefensible point that “Might makes right”.  That, once again, the rule of the jungle would prevail while the United States serves as the self-appointed global policeman.


The same misguided missile strikes also overturned the promise to “Make America Great Again”.  Instead, President Trump’s unprovoked act of naked military aggression has served to “Make America Ashamed Again”.

How, pray tell, could the unlawful bombing of a totally destroyed country still overrun by terrorists and mercenaries ever MAGA?

Well under 3 months in office and the POTUS has now confirmed that MAGA was but another graphic example of cynical campaign sloganeering.

MAGA = Rule of Law

Surely the prez knows that the only way to MAGA is to adhere to the rule of law both at home and abroad.  This equation has always worked, as long as the laws were fair and equitable.

Therefore, the most important work that can be done is to re-establish the rule of law, especially in the good ole USA.  Without a level playing field for all Americans, only anarchy will reign.  Eight years of Obama rule-making and law-breaking proved that.  So did the previous eight years of Bush warmongering and war-profiteering overseas.

If Trump & Company intend to do ‘nation-building’ in Syria, only chaos will ensue. Disaster capitalism has never helped to restore order; on the contrary.  Hence, the recent declaration that yet another U.S. military strike could take place only contributes to the erosion of the law of the land.


Trump’s missile attack on Syria will go down in history as the biggest blunder ever committed in the first 100 days of a sitting POTUS.

What the nation witnessed was the greatest loss of confidence in a leader ever seen because of one very, VERY grave mistake.  The breath-taking loss of support was both spontaneous and overwhelming.  Everyone knew instantly that everything had changed, and irreversibly so.

The extremely serious question now remains as to why President Trump really did it.  Why would he recklessly squander the vast reservoir of political capital that was accumulated over the roughest campaign season in American history?

State of the Nation
April 11, 2017

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