Did Deep State Order Fox News to Fire Judge Napolitano for Exposing GCHQ Spying on Trump?

Fox News Fires Judge Napolitano After He Proved Obama Treason Live On The Air

by Sam Di Gangi
Conservative Daily Post


Fox News has fired Judge Andrew Napolitano (pictured) for exposing UK spy agencies working with Obama, according to his report.

One of the most popular faces on news-based TV, Judge Andrew Napolitano, is being let go by Fox News. This is happening “after disavowing his on-air claim that British intelligence officials had helped former President Barack Obama spy on Donald Trump,” according to Yahoo News. A person with knowledge of the situation who chose not to be named has said that the Judge will not be with the network any longer nor will he be in any Fox segments.

It all started last week on “Fox and Friends.” He said he had three different sources showing that Obama traveled “outside the chain of command” to spy and watch President Donald Trump. The United Kingdom called the accusation “nonsense” following White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer making a reference to the report during a briefing. This all goes back to Trump uncovering that he was spied on by Barack Obama before (and perhaps after) he was elected to office.


Judge Napolitano was at the White House advising about Judge Gorsuch and was rumored to be on a short list for the Supreme Court.

In what seems to be a rather common theme in James Comey’s left leaning F.B.I, it was declared by the agency that there is no proof that Trump was spied upon or wiretapped by Obama. This is the same director that when Wikileaks exposed all of the proof about Clinton, and didn’t need much research to move ahead with her prosecution, claimed that more time was needed. Now for something that DOES need to be researched in depth, it seems that Comey can reach a conclusion in no time at all.

The President has flirted with the wise idea of appointing Napolitano to the Supreme Court before. However, he has said regarding the matter, “all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. I didn’t make an opinion on it. You shouldn’t be talking to me. You should be talking to Fox.” This does not mean that “America’s Judge” is forbidden from being appointed to the highest court in the land. Clearly, he is free from other contractual obligations now. The problem is that he may be seen as tarnished, and might face huge opposition to his nomination if it were to happen. Now that he has been fired from Fox, those that oppose him on the left will call this matter in to question as a way to say that he is not honest.


“America’s Judge” has been on the side of the true meaning of the Constitution for a very long time.

Shepard Smith at Fox News all but fell over himself trying to run from the comments. He said, “Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way.” This is the kind of statement by both Fox and Smith that could really come back to haunt them should the Judge’s words prove true. Napolitano is not a man who has a reputation for being wrong nor dishonest in any way. For this reason, if he was right, many viewers will see Fox just as they do CNN, which is fake news. They also will not easily forgive the besmirching of Napolitano or Trump, if vindicated.

This is more than likely to happen too, considering that he had served on the New Jersey Superior Court from 1987 to 1995, and has more than a bit of experience gathered from the post to know facts when he hears them. It is not very probable that Napolitano made up the three sources, either. One source could be any crackpot, two sources would be common, but three? For him to pick three as his number, he must have really had the sources. Unfortunately for “America’s Judge,” unless the three prove brave enough to stand up for him, he could be in real trouble trying to prove this. It can not be imagined that he would ask them to out themselves.


While Judge Gorsuch will likely fill the Scalia vacancy, Napolitano was on a short list to replace Ginsburg or any of the elder Supreme Court members in the future.

He has been with Fox as a senior judicial analyst since 1998, so it is odd that the network would not have a bit more faith and trust placed in him by now. There is simply no feasible way that he would openly sacrifice his career and quite possibly his future on the American Supreme Court just to flirt with a lie. His motive could be to secure a place of security in Trump’s future plans for the Supreme Court, but he has already been consulted for Judge Gorsuch. His name is ALREADY on the short list for any openings. As such, he has no motive whatsoever to have stretched the truth in this report.

It is far more likely that the Judge has stood by his morals and his ethics. He was most likely fired for refusing to expose who told him. He could do that, but then he would have to look into the mirror when done. Considering that so many people are murdered for bravely telling the truth, Napolitano could, in theory, be signing someone’s death sentence with such a disclosure. Beyond that, if they worked for a UK spying agency as said, these three heroes could lose their jobs, pensions and perhaps even be sent to prison for treason. If England uses the firing squad, that too could be an option since we are talking about spying agencies at the very top.


President Trump has grown irate over hacking and wiretapping that he says is coming from the left.

Rather than send these sources to a life of exile as Snowden’s Russian neighbor, Napolitano can be expected to simply take the blow no matter how damaging. If he never gets to wear the black robe as he sits on the Supreme Court because of his report, he will accept it. If his future shot at that is lost then it was lost for the truth (at least the truth as he believed it to be when he said it). That is something a just judge can live with.

Such a man is not driven by power or greed, so he would be (and still is) a remarkable choice for such a post. That will depend on two things, however. First, it depends on how much time passes before his name comes up when a justice retires or dies, and secondly, if Trump would still appoint him. If so, the president will see many political arrows from the Obama left flying for his head if, or when, he does.

We do know that in all of these years of loyal judicial and analytical service, Judge Andrew Napolitano has been nothing but consistently correct. That means that either he suddenly decided to soil his reputation by lying about three sources in a spy story that otherwise would have passed the news cycle, or he was telling the truth. Where there is smoke, one often finds a fire. Hopefully, that burning smell is the aroma of the Judge happily torching his contract and looking onward.




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