Why has the U.S. Secret Service fallen down on the job since Trump’s election?



Exclusive: Barbara Simpson calls for investigation, termination of negligent agents


What’s going on with the Secret Service? Have things been watered down to the point that not only is our security vulnerable but the lives of the first family are at stake?

Given the recent events, I’m convinced there are serious internal problems.

Remember, during the Obama administration, someone got over the White House fence, into the building and into the East Room before he was caught by security. He had a knife on him. In his nearby car, he had a machete, two hatchets and more than 800 rounds of ammunition.

The incident made headlines but was quickly forgotten by media even though it illustrated a major security breach and a danger for the first family.

It’s happened again, on March 11, but this time, the man didn’t get in the building – although he actually rattled a doorknob at the south portico in his effort. It’s been revealed the man was actually on the White House grounds, having jumped several fences and gates, and was around the building for at least 17 minutes before he was apprehended.

Apparently he actually triggered several alarms, but the fact he got away with his attempt for as long as he did indicates just how careless things have gotten concerning security for the first family.

According to comments by Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, House Oversight Committee chairman, since the intruder actually was able to “rattle the door handle” of the White House before he was arrested, it shows security was a total failure. Since his committee oversees the Secret Service, I hope he does something about it.

Even worse, on March 18, it happened again! Another man got over the fence and onto White House grounds. He was apprehended, and there was a full lockdown.

Chaffetz is furious and scheduled a full briefing for March 20. As for the Secret Service, he told CNN, “I don’t know what in the world they’re doing, but it’s a total and complete embarrassment.”

Considering that we spend billions annually for security, these failures must be addressed. Perhaps it’s a lack of training, but I suspect it’s more likely a lowering of standards in hiring and training.

Remember, these are the people who are responsible for the safety and security of the first family and other government officials.

How does someone get over the fences, get to the front door and remain at loose around the White House for 17 minutes before he’s picked up, even though he is visible on cameras and set off a number of alarms?

More importantly, why?

I know. Carelessness. People who don’t take their jobs seriously. There simply aren’t enough Secret Service agents who are competent and trained to maintain top security for the people and places they’re charged to protect.

I suspect we once had them, but for a variety of reasons, too many today simply can’t handle it.

They’re at fault, and so are those in charge.

In my opinion, they all need to be fired and a new, effective system set up.

All this is made worse because we had a contentious election and are left with people who proclaim to hate Donald Trump and his family.

There are people in government who hate him but also people in the entertainment world and the general public who feel free to declare that they want the president dead.

This isn’t freedom of speech – this is incitement to violence. They may not do it themselves, but they’re giving implicit permission to people like the two White House intruders to do what they did and perhaps even worse.

That these people aren’t under investigation over their blatant presidential threats is beyond me.

But that’s just one part of it.

The other is the fact that two men breached White House security and almost no one is raising Cain about it.

Again, why?

Then again, knowing the media bias against the Trump administration, perhaps they think such security breaches are OK.

Shame on them.

But the laxity of security practices by agents should also be investigated.

How about that imbecile Secret Service agent, Marie Argentieri from New York? She had a laptop filled with security information as well as a backpack with her radio, security pins and more – including the floor plans to the Trump Tower and details of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation.

That she had such material isn’t shocking but it’s what she did with it that is!

She lives in Brooklyn, and she left all that material in her car, which was parked outside of her house.

No surprise. The car was broken into and everything stolen. Security cameras recorded the theft. The culprit is still at large.

In what is probably the understatement of the year, a police source was quoted by the New York Daily News as saying, “It’s a very big deal!”

No kidding.

What’s the matter with these people – in her car? In her driveway?!

Fire that woman, and arrest her for terminal stupidity, among other things.

Apparently such stupidity isn’t unique.

Remember the shooting death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco? She was shot and killed by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal alien from Mexico who’d been deported five times and was in San Francisco, protected by the sanctuary law.

The killer used a handgun that belonged to a Secret Service agent who left it in his parked car. It was stolen, and Steinle’s killer used it against her.

I never saw any publicity about the agent who left his gun in his car in a city like San Francisco, which has its own crime problem.

Identify him, shame him, fire him and prosecute him – along with Agent Marie Argentieri from Brooklyn.

How many others there are? Washington covers up such infractions. It doesn’t look good, “don’cha know.”

I think we need to start from scratch. Fire them all. Change the hiring and training standards. Get in some people who are serious about their jobs and their responsibilities.

Remember, these people are supposed to be ready to take a bullet for the president, no matter who he is.

You may think that the death of Kate Steinle doesn’t matter.

Tell that to her family.

Did you care about the security for Barack Obama?

Do you care about the life and safety of Donald Trump or his family?

Speaking of the Trump family, there’s an investigation now of two agents who were responsible for one of Donald Trump’s grandsons. The child was sleeping in a vehicle, and the agents took selfies of the child with them! All fun and games until the child woke up and complained, and his father found out about it and everything hit the fan.

I hope those two agents see the inside of a jail cell for a long, long time – along with that scum who got to the White House and the agents who allowed him the freedom to roam the around the White House for more than 17 minutes before stopping him.

The White House needs to clean house!


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