by the Anonymous Patriots

Why is Senator John McCain, the most aggressive warhawk in Congress, viciously attacking President Trump as if he were in the opposition party? In the worst kind of political irony, McCain, the former leader of the Keating Five gang, who cost U.S. taxpayers over $1 trillion in the savings and loan debacle, is accusing Trump of improprieties and misdeeds. McCain, whose lurid sex affairs with a Washington telecom lobbyist during the 2008 presidential election where McCain was the Republican nominee, has the audacity to proffer an alleged Trump sex scandal, the “Russian Trump Dossier” as his October Surprise to try to discredit and vilify Trump.

McCain immediately gave a press conference on the dossier, claiming that he was given the report, a claim that the propaganda media ran without question. Yet, this is not true at all. McCain heard about the report and sent a courier to pick it up and bring it back to America, whereupon he promptly turned it into a non-stop full-frontal attack on Trump, without first taking the dossier through the intelligence channels that a document of this nature would need to go first and foremost, ethically and legally.

Have you noticed that McCain has been the loudest voice in Congress attacking Trump about the “Russian hacking of the DNC,” a claim that has again and again been proven to be a failed attempt at an October Surprise from the Democratic camp? During the election cycle Clinton and McCain were singing a duo that “Trump is a Russian spy.” AIM4Truth readers certainly noticed that Putin kept unusual bedfellows and it wasn’t Donald Trump. We saw who Putin was close to: Hillary Clinton, who sold Putin 20% of the remaining U.S. uranium, and McCain, who sent multiple letters to the Russian ambassador asking for campaign donations for his personal presidential campaign.


Or, is the rule of law a suggestion, rather than a mandate, for special people like John McCain and Hillary Clinton?

McCain is the head of the Senate Arms Services Committee and clamors a great deal about whatever he and the CIA are doing with black-ops throughout the world. He is the number one proponent of the Kissinger international policies that have created regime changes in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, USSR, and the other countries that George Soros and the CIA have targeted. McCain is the cheerleader for “no-fly zones,” which is a warmonger’s sneaky way to engage in war without U.S. congressional approval. McCain has been open about funding ISIS, or any rebels that he deems personally worthy of his support. Last May, he secretly flew into Turkey and went across the border into Syria to meet and support Syrian rebels, many of whom are affiliated with ISIS and have committed atrocious war-crimes.

McCain returned to Washington and began a news campaign demanding that America send planes to establish a no-fly zone against the duly elected president of Syria, who McCain says bluntly must be “taken out,” “deposed,” or “gotten rid of.” McCain then demanded more weapons and money for the rebels and Congress committed 75,000 troops to their cause. By his own actions, McCain does not abide by the laws of the United States, no less for international agreements and treaties.


Key Point: Rand Paul called for Obama to answer for war-crimes and crimes against humanity for the bombing of seven countries that Obama, Hillary, and most especially, John McCain, supported completely: War has been conducted without Congressional approval. If the media were honest, reporters would have been on this story, investigating and writing about it every day. If government and law enforcement officials were doing their jobs, we would be seeing arrest after arrest of senators, representatives, presidents, and politicians who voted for and promoted these illegal wars.


John McCain acts like he is the “commander and chief” of U.S. wars and seems to have an unrelenting quest to go to war with Russia. If McCain’s rebel no-fly zones were established in Syria, it would undoubtedly cause escalated warfare that could lead to limited nuclear warfare in Syria, Iraq and the Levant. Does anyone but Rand Paul have a conscience in the U.S. Congress?

Why does John McCain get a pass from the media and his congressional colleagues to lie, cheat, and promote non-stop war in so many countries throughout the world?

Why is McCain so blatantly and proudly a supporter of the international corporate war machine?

Why does McCain do everything in his power to heat up the cold war with Russia?



McCain was given the highest award a non-Ukrainian can receive for his actions to destabilize the Ukraine through George Soros’ Orange Revolution. McCain celebrated the illegal overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi after the Obama/Clinton/McCain no-fly zone and rebel insurrection, supported by Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, and threw Libya into a civil war that created twelve million refugees that have added to the European migrant invasion. Now, Russia is moving in to grab oil and resources of Libya after the CIA made off with Gaddafi’s personal $40 billion fortune. And, you can bet your bottom dollar that McCain knows exactly where the CIA is hiding the war booty.

McCain is the CIA’s man in the U.S. Congress who helps keep the Kissinger policies of “clash of nations” in place. Libya was destabilized by CIA supported rebels, then the Libyan wealth was stolen by the CIA while civil war tore the country into pieces. The left-over stinger missiles of the “U.S. supported rebels” are then sold to the rebels in Syria by the notorious arms dealer Hillary Clinton as Ambassador Stevens is murdered. Then, Obama and Clinton lie about Benghazi and the CIA moves its focus to Syria for the next round of regime change. Note that Russia wins in this deal also. If anyone is a Russian agent, it is the tres amigos Obama/Clinton/McCain who continue the “clash of civilizations” so that the “Cold War” will become a “Hot War” while Russia picks up the crumbs left over from the Syrian civil war.


Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain went to Kiev where Petro Poroshenko gave them both state medals, the Order of Ukraine. They were later pictured with a group of military men drawn from units engaged in the genocidal, anti-democratic war against the people of Donbass. Both Senators tried to bestow international legitimacy on a blatantly neo-fascist, genocidal, racist, and corrupt regime. McCain for years has posed for photos next to a wide array of violent extremists from ISIS leaders, various other radical Islamist terrorists, to the leaders of the Kiev coup of 2014. Senator Lindsey Graham, too, is known for his militarism and stands with McCain as a brother for illegal wars. The two senators think that the Obama/Clinton policies of constant regime change “don’t go far enough.”

Without an honest media or law-abiding Congress willing to report, sanction, and prosecute these criminals, Kissinger’s clash of civilization agenda, led by immoral and corrupt politicians like McCain, Graham, Clinton, and Obama, will continue without limit. And to be honest, the verdict is still out on what President Trump will do.



To continue their unchecked war mongering, McCain, Graham, and the Washington neocons, must remove Trump. This is where the assaults against Trump for being a puppet of Putin come in to play. There is a media-delivered propaganda war against Trump’s alleged “Russian associations.” It isn’t that McCain and Graham have defected to the Democrat side of the aisle as much as the neocons that are running our country are being exposed for who they are. These neocons slither and slink in both parties, but now that we are in open information warfare with them, they are showing who they are.

Key Point: McCain, Graham, and those in Congress that vote along with them for illegal wars and refuse to tell Americans the truth about the Russian hacking false flag are neocons first. These wolves hide behind labels of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to keep Americans from knowing what the neocon (globalist, transnational) agenda is: Keep a war economy going to enrich the military industrial complex. And the dishonest media is the opposition because it gives these criminals cover for their illegal and treasonous actions.

Be alert, patriots. Where ever you see anti-Russian hysteria, you will find the neocons—whether Democrats or Republicans. How convenient that McCain and Graham have called for a thorough investigation of alleged Russian influence in the U.S. election. You can bet that there will be plenty of neocons on the committees to cover their comrades’ treasonous actions.  Know how to spot a neocon.


Neocons and their ilk love to keep Americans confused. Patriots call it lying. Neocons, un-American by nature, think nothing of it. In fact, they count on our stupidity and lack of attention to keep their spin going and our confusion mounting. Here is an example of McCain telling two different stories about the Russians.

No evidence of Russian interference in the election: McCain told Jake Tapper that “I have seen no evidence that the election outcome would have changed. I have seen no evidence that the voting machines were tampered with. I have seen no evidence that the election would have been different, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Russians and others – the Chinese, to a lesser degree – have been able to interfere with our electoral process. If they are able to harm the electoral process, then they destroy democracy.”

Evidence of Russian interference in the election: McCain writes in an op-ed piece for USA Today, “On Putin’s order, Russian security services try to destabilize NATO allies the U.S. has sworn to defend. They interfered in our presidential election and are conducting cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns to support Putin allies in European elections and destroy the European Union. Putin’s Russia is our adversary and moral opposite. It is committed to the destruction of the post-war, rule-based, world order built on American leadership and the primacy of our political and economic values.”

McCain goes on to detail Putin’s many attempts to subvert world order and global peace. He writes of his efforts to “abet the war crimes of the Assad regime” in Syria instead of fighting ISIS. McCain warns that “there is no placating Putin. There is no transforming him from a gangster to a responsible statesman. Previous administrations have tried and failed not because they didn’t try hard enough, but because Putin wants no part of it. He rejects our values and our vision of a free, stable, peaceful, prosperous international order.”

Doublespeak from Clinton: Hillary Clinton, in audio obtained by The New York Times, partly blamed her loss on “the unprecedented Russian plot to swing this election.” Later she said, “And this is something every American should be worried about. You know, we have to recognize that, as the latest reports made clear, Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber-attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me.”

The narrative that McCain, Hillary, Graham, Obama and the other “Friends of Putin” used were the talking points that were supposed to defeat Trump’s presidential bid. They were actually one poorly executed false flag after another, narratives with varied incidents, but all with the same protagonist—the Russians.

McCain will not stop yelling that the “Russian did it” until a nuclear bomb incident leads America into an outright war with Russia. Remember, war is the objective for the neocon who needs to keep business going for the global military industrial complex. Russia is completely complicit in the Kissinger/Obama/Clinton foreign policy of maintaining a “lukewarm war” with America. It is a joke that America and Russia are enemies now or during the Cold War; war is good business for both the Kremlin and the warmongers of Washington D. C.  The lie/myth/policy that Russia is our sworn enemy is the mechanism to continue the enslavement of the world by warlord bankers and corporate oligarchs who make money from both sides of war. Russia has become associated through BRICS with their greatest enemy, China, and, yet, we are led to believe Russia hates America and particularly hates Hillary Clinton. Let’s look at that logic for a moment.


Let’s believe the propaganda media narrative for a moment: Putin hates Hillary and loves Trump. The supposed proof of this idea is promoted through the “false flag October Surprises narrative of the Clinton camp:

1) Russians hacked the DNC to throw the election to Trump,

2) Russians have a blackmail “dossier” on Trump proving his allegiance to Putin,

3) Trump has a server in Trump Towers that is moving money back and forth between two Russian banks,

4) Trump’s team is working with the Russians,

5) Trump is leaking intelligence to Russia.

McCain and the neocons have touted this narrative as though it were their own. But a quick run through of the events show that the Obama/Clinton/McCain accusations are simply not true. Instead, what emerges are a series of false flags. Each one is slightly different, but every one involves the Russian bogeyman.


The Russians did not hack the DNC, Guccifer 2.0 did, and he made the leaks available online. The Anonymous Patriots gave their readers this background in early January in an article entitled: Russian DNC Hackers Found. Not one U.S. Intelligence agency claimed to have investigated these baseless accusations. The sole report from CrowdStrike was provided by Obama’s favorite Russian spy Dmitri Alperovitch, who was the only person who examined the DNC server. Dmitri stated on national television interviews that he personally “made up” the story that Putin was involved. Dimitri Alperovitch, who had previously been arrested by the FBI as a Russian hacker, was Obama’s most called-on and trusted cyberwarfare expert.

Clinton knew full well that no Russians hacked the DNC because Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was suspiciously murdered, was more than likely the one who provided the leaks to WikiLeaks. Any discerning thinker will see that Hillary’s October Surprise false flag was supported by FBI Director James Clapper who made the statement that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agree the Russians hacked the DNC to harm Clinton’s campaign. Yet, no where can we find that a U.S. intelligence agency even opened an investigation to examine the claim. Doublespeak: All intelligence agencies agree that Russians hacked the DNC, but no intelligence agency has investigated the claims.


The “Trump Russian Dossier” was John McCain’s attempt at a false flag to discredit Trump prior to the November elections. His blatant actions to interfere with the presidential election in this manner must be outed as criminal. But we won’t hear about the incident anymore because the propaganda media knows that lies impress people more than truth and tend to linger in the memory longer.

A few simple internet searches show that McCain’s accusations are ludicrous. He was quite aware of the “Republicans donor” who, in 2015, hired the DC based disinformation group called Fusion GPS to create a dossier on any dirt they could find or manufacture on Trump. This yellow journalism propaganda group of Fusion GPS is composed of ex-Wall Street journalists who are hired guns chosen for their skills in creating political spin. Fusion hired a dubious British corporate intelligence agency, Orbis Business Intelligence, which is well-known for working with the CIA, to investigate Trump in the Spring of 2016. Christopher Steele, the ex-MI6 agent “accused” of writing the dossier does not admit that Orbis produced the report.  For those interested in reading the original 35-page report printed by Buzzfeed, it can be found at:

The dossier does not mention the company, person, entity, or state actor that commissioned the July 2016 report. Once Orbis Business Intelligence prepared the report, it was sent to Fusion GPS, where it was passed on to the propaganda media that started speaking about the “Russian file on Trump” long before Buzzfeed made them even more public.

These reports were already known to McCain long before he sent a courier to Christopher Steele to get a complete copy of the dossier. When the Republican donor (probably a neocon) stopped paying Orbis, the Democrat neocons started paying to get new report “updates.” After the Democrats stopped paying Orbis, the story died on the vine and the propaganda media had to start walking back the story. However, unbelievable as it may seem, James Comey ordered the FBI to continue paying Orbis for “updates”, even though Comey had already said publicly that the reports were spurious. The propaganda media still gurgles with its death rattles that Russia has “a file” on Trump, spinning a false flag narrative that Trump is in bed with Putin.

More confusion: Do you recall that the FBI did an investigation into Trump and his father for any Russian affiliations and found none? They released their investigative report on their site before the election. Trump has ZERO associations with Russia and yet the “Trump Russian Dossier” claims that Putin and Trump have been very close since Trump conducted the Miss Universe Pageant in Russia in 2013. The false flag narrative says that Trump went to Russia and was secretly “radicalized.”

Yet, the dossier indicates that Putin tried for 5 years to tempt Trump with real estate deals and Trump would have no part of it. The writer of the dossier speaks as if he were inside of Putin’s mind and knows every top-secret activity of Putin for the last 5 years. The “updates” to the dossier even tell the blow-by-blow response of Putin to everything happening in the U.S. presidential election. There is even “pillow-talk” that Christopher Steele and his two-man corporate intelligence agency provide in the dossier. So, who is this Christopher Steele and his itsy-bitsy intelligence agency that knows what Putin is thinking?

The grotesque errors of the dossier are over-the-top and read like a poorly-written novel. Did you know that the dossier was also “for sale” on the open market for some time before it was made public to news agencies? Only one British rag published parts of the dossier because it lacked even a hint of credibility. Buzzfeed, a fake news site working with the propaganda media, printed the dossier and was threatened by the Russian business mentioned in the dossier. Buzzfeed immediately printed an apology to this Russian businessman, but not to Trump – the target of the outrageous fake news.

By the way, another Russian mentioned in the dossier was recently murdered in the back seat of his car. Some attribute this death to the dossier’s release.

Trump and Obama were given a two-page summary of the dossier (not the whole thing) by Comey. Trump pointed out that the whole dossier’s veracity hinged on Trump’s “Russian spy contact” who was reported to be Trump’s lawyer who met with the Russian’s in Prague. Trump demonstrated that his lawyer had never been to Prague and showed his passport to prove it. The entire idea of Russian associations with Trump is proven to be grotesque lies, but James Comey, McCain, and Obama have still not cleared Trump of the false flag accusations because that would interfere with their plans for a “regime change” right here in America.

But folks, let’s just call this out the way it is. These actions are treasonous and Comey/Obama/McCain should be investigated for their false flag attempt to interfere with an election as well as sedition and illegal activities too numerous to list. But since the main stream media is run by the CIA and the DoD’s Board of Broadcasting Governors which is, in turn working for neocons and globalists like Kissinger and the Council on Foreign Relations, average citizens will never know the truth that the military industrial complex has no intentions of letting their war business die.

If you read the dossier yourself, you will understand why Christopher Steele and Orbis Business Intelligence is “neither admitting or denying” any association with the dossier.  It is this worst journalistic attempt to smear a presidential candidate that America has ever seen. Nothing about the report even appears to be real and there are no facts or any evidence to substantiate the ridiculous slander of Trump. Both Fusion and Orbis should be investigated by simply finding out exactly who paid them for this “yellow journalism” propaganda. Then, Comey should be fired and prosecuted for his continuing treasonous crimes against America. Buzzfeed should be investigated and closed and its owners personally indicted for actively disrupting a presidential election and continuing to breed insurrection.


The “Trump server” at Trump Towers was registered to an advertisement agency in Florida that used the server for Trump Hotel promotions online. The server had not been used by the Trump company since 2009. Mysteriously a left-wing crazy journalist working for a newsblog called Slate somehow hired cyberhackers to search the internet for “any strange doings” for either Hillary or Trump. Somehow, the hired hacker found the “Trump server” and proceeded to examine the traffic on this server.

Subsequently, the hacker and Slate author Franklin Foer discover that the “Trump server” had traffic with three emails, two in Russia and one in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The hacker created a chart, that has been widely disseminated through the internet, which is supposed to demonstrate that Trump’s server has communicated with two Russian banks at key moments during the presidential campaign. The concocted story alleges that Alpha Bank and its affiliate gave Trump money or “something” as payments – or perhaps Trump is paying them. This Russia bank is owned by the second richest man in Russia and is a known intelligence operative and an Israeli national. The second set of email advertisements went to a Turkish national in Michigan who runs a drug rehabilitation program but is also a well-known drug smuggler. It certainly appears that whoever contrived this “traffic graphic” was trying to associate Trump with known criminals. Please see our article Propaganda Media is Source of Trump/Russian False Flag for a drill-down on this situation.

Franklin Foer is the journalist from Slate who started this smear campaign in the Spring of 2016 and kept it up until he openly released his October Surprise article on October 31, 2016. James Comey responded immediately in a public statement saying that the “wiretapping” leaks could be attributed to a spam email bouncing back and forth between the three “criminal” sites the “Trump server” was “in communication with.” Comey had already known about the Franklin Foer (Slate) October Surprise because Franklin took his manufactured “traffic chart” and other “evidence” supposedly taken from the Trump server and made it public by putting his findings on Reddit and asking nine different computer experts to examine the case. These experts supposedly had “high level” experience in the field, both corporate and military and half of them agreed that something very suspicious was going on between Trump and the Russians.

Again, just like the DNC Russian hack accusations supposedly connected to Trump and Putin, the Trump server’s Russian bank email pings were known about long before they were used as a false flag October Surprise. These continuing accusations about the Trump server, even though never investigated by the FBI, were openly talked about on propaganda news by Comey, Clapper, McCain, Clinton, Obama and the other people who are the ones in bed with Putin – a very big bed, that Trump is not in. 

Wake-up call: Propaganda media spins lies and deceives the American people.

Again, the negative spin of propaganda media allegations against Trump are stamped approved by James Clapper and supported and publicized by Comey, McCain, Hillary, Obama and the other “friends of Putin.” This type of disinformation is the standard operating procedure for CIA constructed narratives. The damage is done when the narrative is piped into an echo chamber that never ends on propaganda media channels and news outlets. McCain’s crimes, Obama’s crimes, Hillary crimes, Comey’s crimes are all swept under the rug while the alarm is sounded that Trump is a Russian spy and traitor. The exact opposite is true – this is the doublespeak of the CIA and corporate intelligence agencies.

But the story still needs the other pieces to see the real reasons the friends of Putin- McCain/Obama/Clinton/Comey/Clapper – are so outrageous with their baseless, poorly planned and executed attempts to sway Trump’s followers to believe that he has “gone to the dark side” and has sold out to Putin and the evil Russians.


The Trump team did not have suspicious contacts with the Russians. Any interaction he or his team had with Russian diplomats and leaders were no different from those that the Clinton’s team made. Yet, it is Trump, not Clinton, being called out as a Russian spy.  Democrats have had many contacts with Russians.

What are we to make of McCain’s Wikileaked letters asking the Russia ambassador to contribute to his presidential campaign, then shortly later that very same ambassador dies suspiciously? Now here is a Russian scandal to get your teeth into, but the propaganda media dismisses it as “nothing here, move along.” McCain has had more contact with Russians than anyone in the Senate, but no one accuse him of being a Russian spy or agent.


Obama’s Russian sanctions and the unprecedented expelling of Russian businessmen and diplomatic staff was an attempt to provoke Putin and, for the first time in eight years, demonstrate that Obama would stand up to Putin. What a joke. Obama was disgraced in Syria by Putin as Obama silently stopped support for ISIS, ISIL, and the other two “rebel” factions Obama supported in the war. Putin bombed ISIS and the other three Obama-backed rebel groups went into retreat within weeks.

Do they think that discerning Americans buy this cockamamie story that Obama “got tough” with Putin in the last few months of his eight-year term?

What we have here, folks, is a multi-false flag operation that is being hoisted on the American people so that the neocons in Washington can overthrow, dismantle, and destroy the Trump administration. Our savvy AIM4Truth readers know how to spot false flags since the days of Sandy Hook and San Bernardino. But what many new readers may not understand is that false flags can appear in different ways. They don’t always have to be events that include paid actors and poorly staged settings. Indeed, the Russian false flags were misinformation traps that were set to confuse average Americans. Instead of having an objective of a gun grab (Sandy Hook) or mastering the human domain (San Bernardino and Orlando), the objective of the Trump-Russian false flags is regime change.

But why so many different false flags? Perhaps because alert Americans were not buying the narrative of the lying media and started vetting truth for themselves. Once the first false flag of the DNC hacker was debunked, the neocons had to come up with another, then another, then another false flag….as each one kept being debunked, a new narrative had to be deployed.

But false flags have consequences that linger on and must be addressed. One of the consequences of the DNC hacker false flag is that Obama put sanctions on Russia, yet did not lift them even he himself said repeatedly that “hacking of the DNC to affect the presidential election had no effect whatsoever upon the election” and that there “were no Russian hacks during the election.” But Obama still left the sanctions and expulsions in place for Trump to deal with.

Here is the Catch 22: If Trump lifts the sanctions, then it looks like Trump is working with Putin. If he doesn’t, he is harming the Ukrainian people. The sanctions effect the oil reserves of Ukraine, where McCain (friend of both George Soros and Putin) has worked feverishly to destabilize the Ukraine so that Russia might intervene and get the oil reserves for Putin and Russia. McCain is working for a civil war in Ukraine so that Exxon (America) doesn’t get the oil, but Putin does when he is asked by the Ukrainian people to step into the country and stop the civil war that Soros, McCain, and the CIA are conducting and have conducted in so many other countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, etc.

McCain’s receipt of a $1 million donation from the Saudis to the John McCain Foundation is all we need know about McCain and his allegiances. Saudi Arabian donations are the tip of the iceberg with McCain. McCain is the ‘step and fetch it’ boy for Henry Kissinger and the elements of the rogue CIA that are tied to corporate intelligence agencies and central bankers. McCain has diplomatic immunity and always shows up on “secret” missions that go into the “rebel” camp, yet he never gets compromised or attacked, and is treated like a hero – a hero for the side of ISIS, ISIL, and many other CIA-rebels.

It seems obvious that McCain is the “bag-man” for the CIA and White House criminals who delivers the support the rebels need to continue creating civil wars in countries with viable natural resources that can be plundered and fleeced. McCain is a “warhawk for sale” who promotes global military escalations that feed the corporate war machine. This is why you see him on one side one minute, and on the other side the next. He is a neocon first. A Republican second.

McCain and Graham attack both parties, the president, and anyone who gets in their way just as Kissinger, Bush Sr., and the corporate CIA have done since the Nixon administration.  Oh…yeah, that’s right. They are all NEOCONS masking themselves as Democrats, Republicans, and Americans!

McCain is ensconced in political espionage and is loyal to no one except himself and his neocon masters. If asked about any of the details of his machinations, McCain simply goes crazy and refuses to answer questions or accuses Rand Paul and Trump of being Russian spies. We think it is evident that the real Russian spy is none other than John McCain.


The accusation that the Trump team is leaking intelligence to the Russians is another ludicrous lie that is meant to distract the public from the real leaks in the U.S. intelligence community. It is obvious that there is a “war” going on between the NSA and the CIA. Snowden, a CIA employee, supposedly leaked intel about the NSA surveillance program that James Clapper lied about in his congress hearing where he testified that the NSA does not surveil any America.

After the Snowden leaks, Clapper admitted the NSA surveils all American phone calls, internet exchanges, and essentially “wiretaps” every America. Then, the CIA set up the NSA with a sting operation that showed NSA agents installing back doors into every Cisco Systems router. The news that Cisco was in bed with the NSA practically destroyed the “Golden Child of DARPA” (Cisco) as they lost $80 billion.

Additionally, the Vault 7 Wikileaks showed that the CIA also conducts complete surveillance on the entire world, including America, and they use many nasty cyberwarfare techniques to conduct this illegal spying. The CIA retaliated against the NSA for revealing their surveillance of CIA banks and bankers. The NSA data on the CIA operations in Switzerland with HSBC (where Comey previously worked) and other Swiss banks cost the CIA-backed banks billions of dollars in fines from the Department of Justice. This war in the U.S. intelligence community is obvious and the results are easy to see. Trump didn’t start the war, but General Flynn’s plan to close it all down got Flynn set-up by the intelligence community and subsequently fired for false accusations about Flynn being a Russian supporter.

Since Bush Senior was Vice-President, the corporate arm of the U.S. intelligence community has grown like a cancer until there are basically no secrets anymore – everyone knows everything. The corporate intelligence agents outnumber the military intelligence agents and they want total control of all global intelligence. This battle between the corporate and military intelligence agencies continues unrelentingly until a traitor like James Clapper can lie to Congress with impunity.

The U.S. intelligence community is the largest in the world and yet for the important concerns of the False Flag #1 the DNC hacking, False Flag #2 the Trump dossier, False Flag #3 the Trump server, False Flag #4 Trump talks to Russians, and False Flag #5 Russian sanctions, and False Flag #6 Trump leaks intelligence to Russia, were all handled by corporate intelligence agencies using foreign agents (CrowdStrike, Orbis, Awan brothers, etc.). Even U.S. military and corporate encryption codes are in the hands of a Russian spy, Michael Alperovitch. Please see our article Propaganda Media is Source of Trump/Russian False Flag

The battle raging between the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies is a sell-out of American interests to international corporations that serve both sides of all wars. This is why we continue to hear the war drums beat. WAR is BIG BUSINESS, here in the U.S. as well as in Russia. Cold war or hot war—doesn’t matter what kind of war it is as long as the military industrial complex can keep selling ammunition, tanks, planes, telecommunications, bullets, bombs, etc. Arms dealers and warlord bankers profit and pay off the politicians and rogue CIA who helped bring about the military conflict and ensuing chaos that usually ushers in a new “Rothschild style” central bank.

Every bomb that is dropped or missile fired puts money into the pockets of the military industrial complex and the warlord bankers who own them and their propaganda network called the CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, New York Times, Washington Post. We have exposed propaganda media in our article entitled Yellow Journalism Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception and the military industrial complex in several articles located at

In the meantime, the false flag that Trump leaks intelligence to Russia is preposterous considering the secrets that cannot be kept among the corporate and military intelligence companies and agencies.

The only winner in the hostile corporate take-over of the U.S. intelligence community is the company who gets the contract; the loser is the American citizen who continues to lose more and more constitutional freedoms and liberty. We are propagandized to believe that it is Trump’s team that is leaking intelligence to the propaganda media. This is an absurd accusation. The real leaks are throughout the entire U.S. intelligence community itself that are coming from Obama loyalist who want Clinton in power and Trump overthrown.

These actions constitute insurrection and an illegal attempt to overthrow a duly elected president by agents who have signed security agreements that bind them to obey the law.

Clinton violated those tenets when she set up her private server outside of security protocols. Comey said himself that outside actors certainly had access to Clinton’s Secretary of State secrets through her personal server. No one knows how many actors hacked Clinton, both on her private server and the unsecured DNC server. It looks as though Clinton wanted foreign agents to have her top-secret information as soon as she had it. Perhaps that was part of the deal when 120 foreign countries donated to the Clinton Foundation illegally during her term as Secretary of State—open source access to all U.S. top secrets in real time. 


Trump ordered the congressional committees on intelligence to add his accusations of Obama wiretapping to the investigation of Russian hacking. He did this because it is the job of these committees to make sure that intelligence leaks do not happen and, if they do, to find the leakers and prosecute them. This is the law of our country.

Trump also did this to call out the congressional committees that they are ultimately the source of the leaks. Both the Senate and House intelligence committees were under the supervision of four Pakistani nationals who have been charged with stealing the former head of the DNC’s computer that had her access codes inside them. They also stole other laptops of congressional leaders and had complete top secret access to everything the members of these committees had access to. They also set up a proxy server at a remote location so they could monitor the email traffic to over 80 members of Congress.

Dmitri Alperovitch was also given full access to Congressional computers with his proprietary software program called Falcon after he “investigated” the DNC hack. There is little that these foreign agents don’t have access to, and it was Congressman Devin Nunes, the head of the House Committee on Select Intelligence who lobbied, along with one of two Muslims on the committee, that the Awan brothers should have top secret access to the committee’s data. This unheard-of demand for IT personnel to have top secret clearance went on for over a year until the congressional traitors got permission for Pakistani criminals to have unprecedented access to U.S. intelligence.

It is no surprise that Nunes announced recently, even before the investigation is over, that Trump’s accusations about Obama wiretapping him is incorrect – though we know that every phone in America is wiretapped and Comey himself said the Trump server had also been wiretapped. Notice that Nunes didn’t say anything about the “Russian hacking of the election” …..yet.

The intelligence leaks are not truly leaks – they are standard operating procedure in the war between U.S. intelligence agencies and their corporate counterparts. No agency trusts any other agency at this point; therefore, they go outside of the huge U.S. intelligence community to hire dubious foreign nationals to handle our most sensitive intelligence even after they get caught lying, cheating, stealing, and participating in the overthrow of the U.S. government.

The enemy has been found, and, yes, they were elected by us, they are paid by us, and they use the propaganda media to keep the truth from us. Citizens, do you understand that we are permitting these congressional traitors to compromise and overthrow our government? We have given you specific neocon actors to watch, but most important is that from this day forward we call out these criminals and demand that the Department of Justice start prosecuting them. We are sure we can find plenty of capable, but unemployed attorneys, to join the special prosecution teams that Jeff Sessions will need to put together for the enormous task at hand.


We  like ending our articles with action items that citizens can take themselves or demand from their elected officials. Here are some of ours, but we welcome you to add your own thoughtful comments below. 

Benedict Arnold McCainJohn McCain should be investigated along with James Comey and Barack Obama for their involvement with the false flag “Trump Russian Dossier” and its promulgation in the news. This action disrupted our presidential elections. This is an illegal activity, if not treason.

John McCain’s involvement with “regime changes” in foreign countries should be investigated and his ties with George Soros and the rogue CIA should be ended by his arrest and public trial.

John McCain’s secret meetings with CIA supported rebels in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and other countries should be investigated to find out how much money, weapons, and supplies have been given in aid to overthrow political leaders of foreign nations.

James Comey should be fired for lying to Donald Trump about the “Russian dossier” since he was aware of it long before he (Comey) went public with his information. The same applies for Comey’s involvement with the false flag “Trump server” which Comey allowed to be used as an October surprise with the intention to sway the election.

James Clapper should be tried for his continuing lies before Congress and the American people and for conducting illegal surveillance of Americans and the president.

Franklin Foer, the CIA media asset who supposedly funded and created the “Trump server” smear campaign as an October surprise should be charged with liable and tried for espionage and subversion of a U.S. presidential election.

James Clapper’s previous position, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, should be terminated.

The Department of Homeland Security should be terminated and all intelligence revert to the Congressionally approved intelligence agencies that existed before 1970.

The CIA should be terminated due to its continuous black-ops programs that breed war throughout the world and work against US Constitutional rights. It is beyond doubt that the CIA is no longer in the business of protecting Americans.

The CIA’s many fake corporations and banks should be confiscated by the U.S. Treasury, including Barrack Gold, the Zurich gold vault, the CIA war-gold stored in central banks, and the control of the Exchange Stabilization Fund. We the People need to reclaim these assets to back our new silver/gold backed currency.

Trump should be exonerated and the true culprits of these very crimes brought to justice Clapper, Comey, Hillary, Obama, McCain and the other “friends of Putin.”


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