‘Full-scale assault on Trump, Putin, and Assange’ planned by CIA and MSM

Our Latest Terrifying Contact With CNN Insider

Victurus Libertas

Our CNN insider has been giving us some great information regarding the #VeryFakeNews of CNN and it’s agenda for President Trump and for the population of the United States and even the world.  We have learned some concerning things from our source, but this latest contact we had with that insider was so compelling and of such concern, I wanted to show you verbatim what was said to us.  I hope you can feel the fear our insider was feeling as this was being sent to us.

This is the correspondence verbatim:

“Hello.  I have some new details, that I have overheard in meetings. They are adamantly pushing for a full-scale assault on Trump, Putin, and Assange.  I hope you remember reading about the first two Red Scares, because this is to be the third. It is currently in the finalizing process. This is an agenda hell-bent on destroying Trump, Putin, and Assange, and on pushing the CIA as a protective force of the people, from these men.  They are also planning on using psychological conditioning to validate severe forms of pedophilia and liberal extremism and to make anyone, who dares question it, labeled as a  conservative, alt-right, or neo-nazi.  This is so extreme, that I do not care if I lose my job.  This is so sick, I can’t look away. Please, Victurus, stay vigilant. Even with knowledge of it upfront, their psychological conditioning can make you side with them.  This might be my last word with you.  If it is, keep reporting the truth, that is all I ask for.”

This sounds very serious to me.  We must get this word out.  Even though people are getting to know what CNN stands for and even though a lot of people do not trust CNN at this time, I believe their agenda is possibly bigger than just that station.  Let us ALL stay vigilant!


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