Pizzagate Core Evidence in 5 Minutes

Pizzagate Core Evidence in 5 Minutes; David Seaman & the Demonstration Demanding Investigation March 25 in Washington DC [videos]

Like him or not, David Seaman has rallied after the character assassinations to bring the core facts to light—concise but comprehensive, in this 5 minute video.

I particularly enjoyed the little bomb he dropped at the 34 minute mark—from the Podesta leaked emails, of course.

“I think Obama spent about 65,000 of the tax-payers’ money flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago…”

You get the drift. It’s right there in black and white and John Podesta’s Gmail account was verified.

Is it any wonder Assange and Swann went underground; that Wikileaks is being slandered as an unreliable source; that Seaman is touted a plant, a distraction; that lawsuit threats are bandied about and Google-slaps attempt to prevent the truth from getting out?

But is it working?

We will not stop until the masses understand what their “government” et al have been up to and still are today, and the perps are dealt with accordingly. It will literally take down Washington, but it has to happen. They’re nearly all implicated—and that’s the stumbling block.

How do you take down an entire government without upsetting the natives? I can’t wait to find out. I believe the stand-ins wait in the wings. Places, everyone!

Thanks for the heads up, Richard. Here’s Dr. Presser’s update on Seaman’s video.

Pizzagate Demonstration in Washington, DC March 25th

AND—I find it gratifying that some folks are awake enough to call for a #Pizzagate demonstration in Washington DC at 11 am on March 25th. Their slogan?

“Pizzagate is Pedogate. Investigate!” 

Finally, we’re getting somewhere. The issue should be crystal clear by now, but perhaps not all see it yet. I wonder if any NYPD members will attend, since some of them openly wept when they learned what has been happening, particularly to babies and children. They went after Comey, but this thing is so big that it has to be handled with kid gloves. It’s astonishing that the perps are still walking around—house arrest or no.

That’s a catchy tune in the video below, I must say. Source  Thomas Williams should add this one to his music mix.

If you are not yet understanding the depth and breadth of the pedophilia network on our planet or would like to expand your knowledge, see this article.  ~ BP


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