‘We now live in a lawless America. Government’s no longer accountable.’

Mark Meckler: ‘We Live Now in a Lawless America’



Mark Meckler, president ofCitizens for Self-Governance, told Stephen K. Bannon in a Breitbart News Daily Sirius XM interview, “We live now in a lawless America. Government’s no longer accountable. They don’t follow the same rules that we’re required to follow, and, in fact, the laws and the rules are actually used against us.”

“I think we’re at a turning point in American history, a fork in the road,” added Meckler. He sees three possible directions for America: “anarchy,” “revolution,” or an effort based upon “Article 5, a Convention of States.”

More information on Citizens for Self-Governance, which claims 1.5 million members, may be found here:

Our nation was created by people who, in Thomas Jefferson’s words, were “free and who mean to remain so.” They weren’t about to give up their liberties to an overbearing government. After all, they revolted against a king to earn the right to live free. The government was necessary only to protect the citizens’ natural rights to life, liberty and property and was to act only in areas where the people intentionally granted authority.

In other words, America was designed to be a self-governing society, where decisions are made as close to home as possible.

Things have changed since Jefferson put down his quill. The government has encroached into every area of life, so infiltrating our culture that we endlessly debate the policies our so-called leaders have decided for us.

However, “who decides” is a much more important question than “what’s decided.”

We’re taking back the power the centralized government has unlawfully taken and restoring it to the citizens.

Who decides?

According to the founders and the [C]onstitution, we do.

Let’s start acting like it.

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