BREAKING: Edward Snowden Just Re-emerged And Backed Wikileaks! What He Said Confirms EVERYTHING!

Image Source: Gage Skidmore

By Alexander Warren

Edward Snowden has fallen out of the limelight after his initial release of files that he stole from the NSA but now he has come out of the shadows and confirmed the authenticity of the massive WikiLeaks CIA file dump that happened yesterday.

Edward Snowden would definitely be able to verify the authenticity of the documents having seen so many of them for himself and that is exactly what he did.

Snowden is exactly right when he says that the bigger problem than the CIA hacking specific apps is that they hacked the devices themselves, giving them access to everything rather than just one app.

WikiLeaks has done it again. They are living up to their promise to expose the wrong doings of governments and it is thanks to them we know so much about John Podesta and Hillary Clinton’s corruption.

This is potentially the biggest breach of security of the American people in the history of the country.

The CIA can’t be allowed to continue to wiretap people without a warrant or without having to report to anyone but themselves.

They are acting as their own agency that serves only itself and there couldn’t be anything more dangerous.

Share this everywhere as a thank you to WikiLeaks!


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