Babies Die of Vaccines & Parents Jailed for Child Abuse!

From Jim Stone:

Perfect example of the type of hack that this web site gets hit with: I know I did not misspell “adjuvants”.

All through the article, they let the spelling be correct. But the headline? NOPE. If any medical professional saw that misspelled in the headline, they would simply stop reading right there. PERFECT BACK STAB.

There is really good vaccine info on this page.

If you want a certified answer for autism it is here, my autism coverage is endorsed by a PhD in Pharmacology and understood as valid via interview with many different doctors.

Since the topic has been vaccines lately, I pulled a few old reports forward. They are every bit as valid now as they were when first written.

The recent 1 hour downing of this site was my fault.

It was not hackers. It was a stupid 1 character mistake. I don’t do that sort of thing often.

Anonymous sent:

Quote:”Anyway, if the ALL go to New Zealand, then we can just sacrifice that one little patch of earth and use it as a nuclear waste dump” Insensitive twit. Plenty of decent people living here


My response: Come on now, you can’t actually think I meant that! Have you ever heard of sarcasm, or an obvious overstatement to make a statement?
Just make sure they are all off in one corner somewhere then, so we can just use 1 nuke and not wreck the whole place. Less sarcasm.

WOW, here’s a GOOD ONE:

Anonymous sent a probably certifiable cure for autism:


Hi Jim. Wouldn’t a bone marrow transplant wipe out the immune system and completely reboot it upon the bone marrow transplant taking effect? I remember a coworker was diagnosed with leukemia and he had to be in isolation after having a bone marrow transplant because they said it completely wiped out his immune system and he would need to have all of his vaccines again. It wouldn’t reverse permanent gene mutation in the brain but may possibly reverse autism if it’s due to a continual attack by the immune system triggered by a vaccine. I’m not a medical professional but remembered my coworker while reading your article and thought I’d run it past you. The other problem is finding a Dr in any western nation that would perform a bone marrow transplant for an unapproved reason. Odds are, the medical governing agency in that country would revoke their medical license for performing the procedure so you’d need to go to a country that has an actual free market medical system and pay cash for it.
Again, Thanks for all you do, Ben from FEMA region 5

IMPORTANT: My vaccine/autism info is not just a spew. That really is backed up by 1 doctorate of pharmacology that I know who explained the science behind it all, and MANY doctors that I know, that have figured out that the vaccines are AWFUL. Surprisingly however, even though it is on the package inserts, I’d say that less than 25 percent of all doctors actually realize that the vaccines are now sourced from human tissue. NEVER have I seen one that thought that would NOT be a problem once they knew about it though. They all have the light go on and say “that’s not a good idea”, or “they had better get it all out”.

More than just immune response

Anonymous sent:


“A bone marrow transplant is not going to reduce the chemical toxicity load placed on the body in autism. It is not just immune related go read Stephanie Seneff and call me in the morning.. it’s also due to heavy-metal poisoning and an imbalanced gut microbiome.
My response: Heavy metals have nothing to do with it. The mercury in the thimerosal is bonded in a way that neutralizes it. It can’t possibly be good, but it also cannot possibly be the problem when thimerosal was in vaccines decades prior to the autism problem. That alone rules it out. I also specifically do not believe gut bacteria have anything at all to do with it. That is not what my own (extensive and educated research) says, or confirmed and certified medical professionals who are in my direct 1:1 circle say.
The most qualified of all says autism is caused on purpose, by purposefully tricking the immune system into attacking the brain. That’s what I will go with, because I simply don’t trust anyone at all to tell me the truth, other than those I know for certain will tell the truth. My autism reports are not even 1 percent fluff or guess, they might as well be Lancet or at least PubMed. My “tainted nightmare” report which outlined destructive vaccine adjuvants withstood peer review in PubMed, and subsequently went viral. It triggered policy changes in 3 different nations, and had a much greater ripple effect than just that. They took the report and used it verbatim. No other blogger ANYWHERE online ever accomplished that level of vaccine reporting. No “gut bacteria” or “thimerosal” report ever did that either.
When it comes to vaccine damage, this is one area where I will state with certainty I have it nailed.

Vegan diet curing autism?

One reader said that’s how it is done, and it takes a few years. My response: Anything can happen in a few years, shots wear off. No vegan diet is going to have any impact at all, unless it leads to such malnutrition the immune system stops functioning, and therefore stops attacking the brain. Bone marrow transplant sounds a LOT better. I have a gut feeling a bone marrow transplant would probably work.

Not just autism

Anonymous sent:


Another aspect of vaccines that are harmful are the proteins used in vaccine development and in the vaccines themselves. Although a lot of focus is on autism, many of us have kids damaged in other ways. My son has multiple food allergies. I knew of this when I was nursing him – he started reacting to dairy protein via breastmilk at 3 weeks old. I was so ignorant about vaccines then. As he reacted to more and more foods (and I cut them out), I was frantically researching and waking up to the issues with our food, medicines, and of course, vaccines.
He had other symptoms beyond the food allergies (gastro issues, respiratory issues, sleep issues, seizing after vaccines, – esp dtap – that lead us to believe that if we kept vaccinating, he would have become autistic). We stopped when he was 9 months old. Anyway, back to the food allergies – these have skyrocketed in recent years and there is evidence that various proteins that are coincidentally in the top 8 food allergies are used in vaccine production – peanut oil, egg protein, gluten, soy, casein, to start. My son is allergic to all of these. (BTW, thanks to natural medical treatments, primarily homeopathy in his case, his is now able to consume baked egg and has no respiratory issues at all – we have hope for continued progress)”
My response: The proteins used in vaccine development and in the vaccines themselves are the adjuvants I speak about in my Tainted Nightmare report.
Unrelated to that report: After being well into adulthood with no allergies I got a tetanus shot and was suddenly allergic to dogs and cats for 20 years. I was stunned – how could I suddenly be allergic to a dog? The shot since wore off, and I am no longer allergic to either. So they can take their tetanus shot and stuff it, I’ll instead opt for super strong antibiotics and take my chances. Obviously these vaccines trigger all kinds of money making CRAP. Do no harm? With today’s medicine, you receive ONLY THE SNAKE.


You cannot use thimerosal as an arguing point against vaccines because the pro vaccination crowd is well prepared for it.

The pro-vaccine people pushing vaccines on everyone are going to argue that thimerosal was in vaccines for decades before autism became a problem, and then use that as an excuse to say vaccines do not cause autism.


They are going to point out that thimerosal is not in wide use anymore, and that when it is it is always in the large multi shot containers of vaccines, and not in individual vaccines that come pre loaded in a syringe. They will then point to the fact that autism is just as prevalent in vaccined children who were vaccined via a pre loaded syringe, and then say that proves it is not the thimerosal, and that vaccines do not cause autism.

Animal vs human cell cultures

What they will NEVER SAY: Before the explosion in autism rates, vaccines were made from animal cultures or yeast cultures that had no genetically modified cells and were completely natural and not human based. Nowadays, virtually all vaccines are made in human based cultures, and GMO yeast cultures that contain human DNA and therefore human materials.


Additionally, in the past, vaccines were made the expensive way – where the immune response was triggered by a large dose of pathogen. Nowadays they are using very small amounts of pathogen, and enhancing them with materials that are designed to enhance immune response. These materials are called adjuvants.

PROBLEM: It seems the only adjuvants they can seem to think of using are based on materials that form basic building blocks for the body – key oils and proteins that are used by the nervous system. One of these – an early one they tried – is called squalene.


If you use squalene – which is a basic nervous system building block – as an adjuvant in a vaccine, the immune system will associate squalene with the pathogen and then create antibodies against squalene also. The result is greatly reduced quality of life (as your immune system works hard to eliminate from your body one of the key components it needs) and seriously reduced intelligence and fertility. Similar is true for other “aduvants” they have started using, and I beg to question WHY. You know they know what they are doing, so why did they ever use squalene to begin with? This proves open malice.
They are playing so filthy with vaccines it is obvious they are trying to destroy anyone who receives them, and they are doing it at a level that most people cannot comprehend. People can point at thimerosal, say it is mercury, and grasp that. What they can’t grasp is “this vaccine was grown in human tissue, and because of that it will cause autoimmune disorders, including against the brain” or “this vaccine contains an adjuvant based on a material your body needs, and therefore it will destroy you when it tricks your immune system into reacting against that material”. They can’t grasp that because they don’t even know what a cell culture is, or an adjuvant is, or how an immune response is triggered.
Sure, I would not want a shot of thimerosal. But it is, in reality, the least of our vaccine worries.

Take a look at this Dtap vaccine insert

The Dtap vaccine insert says in plain text that it causes autism, sudden infant death, apnea, seizures up to gran mal, neuropathy AND MORE. Interesting it is that the standard vaccine side effects – triggering allergies and other normal stuff is not even listed and in their own words “what they listed was prioritized for frequency and severity”. So it causes Autism and other horrible brain damage so much that the normal stuff vaccines used to be known for is not even listed.


Yep, but it is glyphosate causing autism, LOOK AWAY FROM THE VACCINES, yes, we have it, IT IS GLYPHOSATE, LOOK THE OTHER WAY PLEASE!


“To protect their profits, the vaccine makers created a mythical condition called “shaken baby syndrome” on which to blame the deaths of babies after receiving this vaccine. Parents, already traumatized from losing their child, were then imprisoned for the false charge of murdering their own baby.” – Michael Rivero This web site had this covered years ago, and now they are putting the truth in the vaccine insert. HOWEVER, I think Mike missed the fact that this is intentional eugenics, and not profit motivated. HERE IS WHAT WAS POSTED HERE LONG AGO:

Root of “Shaken Baby” Scam Revealed

An Australian police officer speaks up

“I was in the Queensland Police Service for 20 years and I saw first hand how the vaccines caused death and the police would investigate, and while supported by the medical system would prosecute the parents for the injuries and death caused by the vaccines.”


Chris Savage, Queensland Police officer
Jim Stone, Editor
I joined the Queensland Police Service in Queensland Australia in 1989 at the age of 27. In my work as a State Police officer I would be called to sudden deaths to investigate the circumstances. This included babies and young children.
I attended several where the baby was found dead by one of the parents in the morning, in Australia the term “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” is used to describe this outcome. Notice how the “syndrome” is frequently used – I believe this serves the purpose of mystifying the problem and therefore the cause. Another is “gulf war syndrome” which is clearly caused by the Anthrax vaccine.
I began to dig deeper whenever I had the opportunity to conduct investigations into the infant deaths. In 1993 I was the first response to a 6 month old baby death. I went to the hospital because the baby had been taken there by ambulance, and at the hospital I obtained the testimony of the mother. In her statement she told me that her baby was eating and sleeping normally but when the baby was vaccinated at the age of 2 months (which was the vaccine policy in Australia) the baby then would not sleep and would not eat properly and suffered frequent convulsions
She went to several doctors trying to find an answer. They gave her a common drug called “Panadol” which did not do anything. The convulsions continued so she went to another doctor who gave her another drug which also did not work. The baby continued to convulse and vomit frequently. The little girl would not sleep and the mother was sleep deprived also.
Because the situation was so desperate, the mother went doctor shopping. The other doctors simply gave her more drugs. At the age of about 5 months the baby died. The QPS then charged the mother for causing the death by using a forensic report which showed slightly elevated drug levels. Fortunately in this particular case the Director of Public Prosecutions did not want to proceed with a murder charge because the mother provided a statement which outlined normal sleep and eating prior to the vaccine.
Another incident occurred when I saw a father come through the Ipswitch District Watchhouse Q1D on the charges of Manslaughter (similar to 2nd degree murder) of a 5 year old that had suffered a severe reaction to the initial vaccines and was brain damaged. The QPS relied on the false medical premise titled “shaken baby syndrome” – there is that “Syndrome” word again.
The child succombed to the injuries from the vaccines and the QPS opted to blame the father on the basis of “Shaken Baby Syndrome” but there was no evidence other than the vaccine for the cause of the injuries when the “shaken baby” accusation was applied.
I have seen grieving parents charged with causing the deaths of their babies,
The highest risk period for death by vaccine was at two months when the babies are given all the vaccines;
When the detectives investigate the death of a baby they interview each parent separately. If there are any conflicting versions of the story they use the differences to attack the parents credibility and rely on the flawed “shaken baby syndrome” medical evidence. If there is no conflict, even a minor one in the parent testimony, the police then turn it over to a “medical doctor” who has “experience” with “shaken baby syndrome” and attempt to prosecute from that angle.

If the parents tell the investigator they picked up the lifeless baby and shook it to wake it, the police will prosecute even though the baby was already dead. Since “shaken baby syndrome” has no hard evidence, such as bruising or other injury, it’s the perfect way to blame parents for damage caused by vaccines.

In October of 2009, a baby died shortly after being vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine, and to everyone’s surprise the state coroner ruled that there was no link to the vaccine.
In my view, the QPS officers are sufficiently brainwashed to not realize the vaccines are causing the injuries and deaths; and when they investigate and prosecute they rely heavily on “medical evidence” which is significantly influenced by big Pharma, and appear to wish to divest responsibility.
Now they give the vaccinations at birth and I speculate that this is so that any damage can be blamed as having the problems since birth.
After giving a parent an article by Dr. Vera Schreibner, which outlined vaccine damage, the hierarchy of the QPS pursued me so I left on medical grounds. Upon my exit they tried to get me to take SSRI’s but I threw them all in the trash; they would have caused severe problems as you already know.

Chris Savage
Former Sergeant of Police, Queensland Police Service
Registered number 4007505
Amoor Qld 4570

How to choose a (safer) vaccine

This will not help you avoid vaccine problems completely, but will at least help you choose one that is the least damaging option if you are forced to.


The vaccines listed in red are the most dangerous vaccines. These are vaccines that can trigger auto immune disorders against the body itself, because they are derived from human cells that had their origins in abortion. Even if the origin was not abortion, creating vaccines in human cell cultures would be just as dangerous.
Massive problems with autism occurred after vaccines that were grown in human cell cultures were created, the link is so obvious that it amounts to proof that it was done on purpose to damage any child that received them, with the worst damage showing it as autism.

The most important information is below this table, this is a lengthy article.

The excuse they used to get human cell cultures into the vaccine production process was that “it avoided all chance of having animal DNA cause problems”. Such problems showed themselves as allergies to pets, (if you get a vaccine that is based on cat or dog cell cultures, you are likely to become allergic to cats or dogs) and this is because there is no way to completely remove the host cells from the pathogens they were used to grow. Since these cell fragments are in the presence of the disease they were used to grow, both are identified by the immune system as an enemy of the body, so when a cat or dog is around after getting the shot, an immune response is triggered toward the cat or dog, which manifests itself as an allergy. So the lie was created, that if human cells were used, allergies and other side effects would be avoided.
The problem with this is, they can’t get the human cell fragments out of the vaccines completely either. And they know it. When a vaccine created in a human cell culture is injected into a human, those cell fragments, proteins, and DNA fragments are identified by the immune system as an enemy of the body also, just like a dog or cat cell fragment would be. Since the “enemy” is seen by the immune system as the body itself, it causes the immune system to turn the allergy inward, against the body itself, and the immune system then proceeds to attack the body from the inside. The results are devastating, and have been labeled “auto immune disorders”. When the “auto immune disorder” triggers an attack on the brain, it results in reduced intelligence and the worst affected exhibit this as autism.
There is no conceivable way the vaccine manufacturers, FDA, and all other medical professionals do not know this. If your doctor denies this, your doctor is either totally incompetent, totally ignorant, or an outright scammer. Maybe your doctor trusts the system and walks the world with a brain that is turned off. But more and more, doctors are at least aknowledging that many of the vaccines are awful, though it seems they never cared to figure out why.

Truthful researchers know EXACTLY WHY:

Autism Link to Foetal Tissue in Vaccines


A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed 1988 as a “change point” in the rise of Autism Disorder rates in the U.S. – a date that pro-life leaders say correlates with the introduction of fetal cells for use in vaccines.
While the EPA study does not speculate into the cause of the jump in autism rates, and makes no mention of aborted fetal cells, the researchers point out that it “is important to determine whether a preventable exposure to an environmental factor may be associated with the increase.”
According to the pro-life group Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI), which specializes in vaccine research, that “environmental factor” may well be the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines.
The group pointed out in its most recent newsletter that 1988 is the same year the U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices began recommending a second dose of the MMR vaccine, which included cells derived from the tissue of aborted babies.
Analyses of autism rate data published by SCPI identify 3 clear change points in U.S. autism disorder trends: 1981, 1988 and 1995, all of which the groups claims roughly correlate with the use of vaccines (Meruvax, MMRII, and Chickenpox) that were cultivated with the use of tissue from aborted children. The group says that it has been unable to identify any other factor that might correlate to the change in autism rates.

My comment: The correlation is so obvious that denial is beyond criminal. The power structure knows exactly what is going on with this. There is an overt attempt underway to divide mankind into two groups – the masses who have been destroyed by vaccine triggered auto immune responses, and the elite, who know how to avoid their own weapon and are therefore never hit by it.

I am now going to go off into side details, first of all, this is one of my major topics which I usually research entirely myself, however:

The chart above came from Sound and I can clearly state they are under attack and are in the censor bot big time. Google will not pull them up until you type their name directly in which proves censorship, because it is Google’s job to help you find web sites, and if you already have the name, you already found it, and it will be obvious if Google stops you at that point.


SECOND THING WITH THAT WEB SITE: The web filters lie and call it an attack site, especially the actual chart, if you decide to try to download it from the original source. Click this. It is the original source for the chart above. You will probably get a warning screen. If it comes in, the slander bots were programmed to quickly respond to what I posted and you won’t realize just how much this is getting attacked. If you see a warning screen, have fun trying to download it and witness the censorship first hand. There is a reason why I ripped it to GIF and posted it as an image that comes in automatically, and that is because there are five separate warning screens telling you it is a virus, and the last step will say “file does not exist” and only when you hit “try again” will it come in. The elite do not want that chart out in the general public, and this proves it.

In addition to the chart, I quoted text from

OK, now on to other side issues:

WARNING: Do not accept a vaccine that has it’s culture origins grown in yeast. This is because the yeast has been genetically programmed to produce human proteins, which can trigger autoimmune disorders and autism. This protein is produced under the brand name Recombumin and referred to as “recombinant human albumin” in the package insert. If you see this, AVOID.


It seems like many web sites focus only on the ethical issues of vaccines derived from fetal cell cultures, while they ignore the science behind why it should not be done. The threat remains fully in place even if the human protein is GMO based and grown in yeast.
This issue can tell you what the current Pope is made of – Up until recently, the Vatican was completely opposed to vaccines derived from human fetal cell lines, but in 2015 the Vatican reversed it’s position and said “the fetal cell lines are now in their third generation so it is perfectly ok for vaccines to be derived from them”. Thank you Pope Francis. Yep, he is definitely an elitist who wants an underclass to rule over and he wants it so badly that he will forget all about the ethics by which the stupefying of the greater population is being accomplished. No real Pope could ever stand for the injection of anything derived from an abortion into another child, no matter how old the cell line is and at his level, he should be responsible enough to understand the consequences.

Another issue is:

The claim has been made that vaccines derived from human cell lines are safe, because all of the cell tissue is filtered out. But this is a bold faced lie, because DNA alone, not even the proteins which amount to far more volume, exists at levels of 2 micrograms per milliliter, and there is growing evidence that the DNA alone is crossing the blood/brain barrier, getting into the brain cells, and causing genetic mutations which themselves trigger symptoms of autism, even without activation of the immune system against the brain.

Another issue: I doubt there is a cure

There are a number of people out there who claim to be able to cure autism. There is only one rational conclusion: You cannot de-program the immune system to stop doing damage after it has been tricked into doing so, and you can never un-do a vaccine. Additionally, if the DNA from the human cells really is able to cross the blood/brain barrier and cause cells to mutate, absolutely no one, and I mean no one is ever going to be able to fix that.


There are other information scammers that are trying to divert attention away from the vaccines by saying it is roundup, gut bacteria, or pink elephants causing Autism. All are diversions, there is ONE common link with a truthful scientific explanation, and it is the introduction of human tissue derived vaccines and the obvious science of why you should not inject pathogens that have been grown in such tissue.
And there are other implications to all of this, such as forcing people to be complicit in abortion by making it mandatory for them to accept being injected with a substance that has its roots in abortion and is not one bit genetically different from what it was on day one, years ago. The passing of time means nothing, it is all still precisely the same as it was on day one.
The elite are becoming adamant about forcing vaccines. There are still a few that are derived from ethical sources. Read your package inserts, and use the chart above. The actual fetal cell lines used will be in the package inserts, as will the vaccines derived from yeast that has been genetically programmed to produce human proteins. Following the list will not protect you from pet allergies or other allergies that can be caused by vaccines, but it will help a lot with avoiding the worst possible outcome.


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