AIM4Truth Introduces the Anonymous Patriots and Explains the Revolutionary American Intelligence Media

The Second American Revolution Has Begun!

By the Anonymous Patriots

The American Intelligence Media is a grassroots citizen-activated free association of citizen journalists and investigators that promotes the disclosure of truth-based intelligence to the public. News intelligence reporters, or investigators and journalists, use public-source evidence to construct in-depth analysis of critical geopolitical machinations that undermine America, the U. S. Constitution, and a peaceful world.

Our movement emerged from the American grassroots impulse to overthrow the globalist/transnational agenda by educating our fellow citizens at a time in history when the legacy media fails to inform its citizenry of truth. We welcome truth seekers from around the world to join our efforts as an open source think tank for citizen intelligence and news. Truth has no geographical, political, or religious boundary.

AIM analysts are patriots who have risen to answer the same call that brought Nigel Farage and Donald Trump onto the political stage and sovereign state movement. AIM exposes the foreign and domestic traitors within the U. S. that are actively carrying out the globalist/transnational takeover of America through the United Nations, the Council of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Reserve System, all factions of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, Soros-funded subversive activist organizations, the international central banking system including the International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlements, and the World Bank, among others.

KEY POINT: Research done by AIM patriots is transparent, substantiated, and based upon internet searchable documents and other evidence that often “follows the money” back to the original sources.

AIM analysts have not forgotten history, as the legacy media has, and our citizen-developed articles, videos, and books are a library of research that can be used to convict the culprits who have perpetrated crimes against humanity. We salute the enormous efforts of groups like 4Chan, Voat, and Reddit that have exposed the sordid details of pedophilia and human trafficking. We encourage other citizen journalists, videographers, artists, and contributors to continue to build their research database so that when law enforcement agencies and courts are able to do their jobs again, they will have plenty of indictable material from citizen research.

Let us be very clear here. We represent a citizens’ movement. We are not supported by outside funding sources. We do not have to answer to corporate financial influence that would require us to distort, deceive, and thwart the disclosure of truth. AIM journalists and analysts seek to educate readers and viewers about the real state of the nation so that the citizens around the world can begin a path of transparency and truth as a part of a worldwide peace movement.


The America Intelligence Media uses a variety of techniques to seek out the most important geopolitical topics of our time. We use intuition and wisdom to unravel the historical roots that have led us to the current state of affairs. We then do the deep research work needed to elucidate our hunches and suspicions. We do not use the spear of Odin to strike our target until we have vetted our sources and verified our information and can find the threads that have been combined to create the current picture.

Intelligence is the new form of warfare and the common person is being overwhelmed by conflicting stories that are hard to vet as well as being overpowered by the government sponsored propaganda pushed by the main stream media. New sources of legitimate news must now be created by people who are not controlled by the six major media corporations who control news and turn it into propaganda and disinformation through political spin and subversive narrative networks. Subliminal messaging accompanies most advertising and newscasts. Brainwashing and perception management have now become the norm.

It is time again for American “minutemen” to rise up and join the battle for the American mind. Global forces of dominance wish to end American and replace it with a New World Order – a Global government controlled by the United Nations and its many agencies. True American patriots are called on to engage in the war of media propaganda and to win the day through media guerrilla warfare using superior forms of intelligence gathering.

The general on the field of battle is only as good as his intelligence. It is our duty to gather that intelligence and arm our leaders with the truth that the American Intelligence Media can provide. The time is at hand. Will you answer the clarion call to duty?  The spirit of America awaits your response.

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