Demonizing Russia and Putin

Mira Mesa, CA
February 23, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The demonization of President Putin and Russia continues unabated:

The unending stream of criticism and charges of Russian aggression may soon
reach the point where “push comes to shove!”

At that moment, we may very well pass the tipping point from verbal abuse and
accusations of interference in our political affairs to overt war where bullets and
bombs replace nasty words.

When a cold war goes hot—especially in the era of nuclear weapons—everyone
is at risk of losing.

President Trump’s impressive campaign rhetoric of getting along with Putin and
the Russians has given way to a starker reality of troop movements in Europe,
threats to end a nuclear weapons reduction treaty, potential boots on the ground
in Syria with “safe zones” and ridiculous negotiating terms regarding Ukraine.

With the sore-loser Democrats perpetuating the chorus of charges of election
interference while McCain and Graham articulate the need “to kick Russia’s ass”
the level of insanity passing for foreign policy in Washington has reached a new low.

Thank God for Putin and his very capable Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who have
somehow patiently withstood every provocation with mastery and diplomatic skill.

How much longer will they be able to forego an actual confrontation with their
erstwhile “American partners” remains to be seen as efforts to escalate tensions
keep coming from the disgruntled denizens in DC!

As someone with the opportunity to visit Russia this Spring on a mission of citizen
diplomacy, I am having great difficulty seriously entertaining that trip in light of the
very dim prospect for improved relations currently extant between our two nations.

With anti-Russian propaganda reaching a new high, I see little room for being a useful
change agent even with the best of intentions and warmest wishes for my potential hosts.

I pray cooler heads and more loving words can quickly replace what we are seeing today.
Otherwise, we will significantly enhance the likelihood that our grandchildren are doomed
to a grim future:

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