Is this coming from the same John Podesta who threatened the FBI?

Pizzagate Freak John Podesta Lectures Trump About ‘Undermining Reality’

John Podesta crawls out from under his rock to pen a remarkable piece of psychological projection

Rudy Panko
Russia Insider

Where is his "pizza-related" handkerchief?

Where is his “pizza-related” handkerchief?

You have to admire John Podesta’s stubborn resistance to the fact that millions of Americans now know that he’s an evil creep.

The Clinton insider and long-time Democrat powerbroker has emerged from self-exile to pen an extraordinary op-ed for the Washington Post, in which he lambasts Donald Trump for “undermining reality”:

President Trump’s fake-news pivot isn’t subtle. First he benefited from fake news stories during the campaign; then as president-elect and now president, he has constantly used the epithet against mainstream media outlets that dare criticize him.

Any negative polls, he has proclaimed, are “fake news.” So are news stories that put him in a bad light — even if they are corroborated by Trump’s own officials, as with reports that Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch termed comments about the judiciary “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”

What’s happening here is more than the simple continuation of Trump’s well-documented tendency as a candidate to lie flagrantly and refuse to back down. It is more than his narcissistic incapacity to receive bad news.

You know who else “undermines reality”? Trump’s best friend and mentor, Vladimir Putin.

Podesta cites an insufferable book by a Washington bootlicker to drive his point home: “the Kremlin has finally mastered the art of fusing reality TV and authoritarianism to keep the great, 140-million-strong population entertained, distracted, constantly exposed to geopolitical nightmares, which if repeated enough times can become infectious.”

Just to be very clear: Podesta is arguing that America’s 320 million critical thinkers are at risk of being distracted and terrified by their televisions.

Read that again, very slowly.

We can’t blame Podesta. If we were in his shoes, we’d also type anything we could to distract people from our own disgusting crimes.

As an RI contributor wrote last week,

We know that Bill Clinton made twenty-six journeys on Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘Lolita Express’ – the aircraft which brought Epstein’s guests to parties on his Caribbean island and other destinations where underage girls were regularly on the menu. Recent revelations about Anthony Weiner, ex-husband of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Huma Abedin, point in the same direction. Then of course we have the leaked Podesta emails and the whole ‘Pizzagate’ affair. If there is any truth at all in the idea that the coded language used in these emails refers to the sexual abuse of underage children, then it would appear that a substantial segment of the Democratic Party (as well apparently as some members of the Republican Party) are active pedophiles.

And it seems that Pizzagate-related arrests are already underway.

Podesta is free to continue to cry wolf. At least for now.


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