BOMBSHELL: Three Muslim Brothers Hired By House Gained Unauthorized Access To Intelligence Info!

WATCH: 3 Muslim Agents Caught SPYING On Trump, Evidence Points STRAIGHT to Obama

During the end of his presidency, Obama made some very questionable hires that had people shaking their heads. Among these, were three Muslim brothers.

These brothers, Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were accessing computers without the authority to do so, and may have seen classified information. These three men were overpaid, getting at least $160,000 and one of them had a criminal background. Yet, Obama hired them.

They are currently being investigated for ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and they may have funneled information from the House of Representatives onto an external server. (via Breitbart)

It is also believed the individuals are responsible for theft and the overpricing of computer equipment, the extra money no doubt going into their pockets! The three brothers, and the wife of Imran, made around $160,000 a year as information technology employees of the House.

Even though they were being paid quite a bit of money, their financial activity is suspicious, including mortgage transfers and evading debt with bankruptcy. Abid was a million dollars in debt after a failed business venture, through this business it is believed he stole money and vehicles. (via Daily Caller)

This business, which was an automobile business, was reportedly being run while he was working for Congress, which seems hard to believe. He has been on the payroll of the government for years, but despite his failed illicit business, he was still able to be an employee of Congress.

How did the Obama administration allow these criminals to slip through the cracks? These people were doing many illicit acts that the government should have caught, but because of Obama and his soft spot for Muslims, they looked the other way. Who knows what information they have gleaned from the government’s servers.

We have long taken the stance that Obama simply did not, and does not, care about the safety of this country. Based off this information, it would appear as though Obama vetted employees for the government about as well as he does immigrants and refugees pouring across our borders.

While these men are now fired, we currently do not know how much vital information they have already given away to our enemies.

My guess is that this will not be the last we will hear about situations such as this. As Trump continues to revamp our governmental department structure, he will no doubt uncover more Obama spies that have been systematically working at cracking the foundation of America.


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