Piers Morgan: Media’s Attempt to Delegitimize Trump Is ‘Un-American’

FOX News Insider

Piers Morgan believes that the mainstream media is fueling “hysterical” attacks on President Donald Trump, and it’s fundamentally “un-American.”

“There is an absolutely frenzied and concerted attempt to delegitimize, sabotage and destroy the Trump presidency before it’s even started,” Morgan said. “I think that is un-American.”

He said that the media’s “nakedly partisan” coverage of Trump is actually bordering on “abuse.”

Morgan pointed out that resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and allegations about the Trump administration’s ties to Russia are being portrayed as a scandal on par with Watergate.

“This is a wildly exaggerated view,” Morgan said. “The facts are, there is nothing right now to link Donald Trump to any collusion with anyone from Russia in relation to the American election. Nothing.”


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