Trump Stumbles As US/Russia Relations Continue To Deteriorate!

Encinitas, CA
February 14, 2017

by Rich Scheck                                   

Every day things seem to get worse between the United States and Russia.  Pretty soon, push is gonna come to shove.  The bullets and missiles might start flying for real and no one will be able to duck!

A brief review of the latest news reveals a rapidly deteriorating situation which has been made worse by the forced resignation of Michael Flynn.–politics.html

With the “Deep State” apparently determined to destroy the Trump presidency in its infancy, the ability for him to develop a better relationship with President Putin appears  to be dramatically undermined by these events:

Dennis Kucinich describes an unprecedented effort to reignite the Cold War by the intelligence agencies:

As I suggested weeks ago, there is now a growing probability that this Administration will die stillborn as it continues to flounder under the withering attack of its many enemies and because of the limitations of its leader, President Trump himself.

How this all plays out in the coming weeks remains to be seen.  Sadly, the world is facing a growing crisis in this arena on top of many others that will require strong leadership and a high level of competence from our elected officials.

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