BREAKING: No word when evacuation order for 188,000 will be lifted as Oroville threat remains

Ryan Sabalow

There is a plan currently in place which would hopefully plug that hole, Honea said, including using helicopters dropping bags of rock into the crevasse to prevent any further erosion.

He said two inches of water is still coming over the dam, which “is significantly down” from earlier flows.

“That has helped reduce the level of the lake,” he said. “It’s hopefully going to reduce the pressure on that alternative, emergency spillway and stabilize the situation so we can find a repair and hopefully prevent it from complete failure.”

Meanwhile, officials say they’ve mobilized swift-water rescue teams to be ready should they need to rescue people in floodwaters below the dam.

Horse boarding, RV space offered

Sacramento businessman and former congressman Doug Ose is offering to help board horses for people affected by the evacuation.

“Gibson Ranch in northern Sacto County can accommodate 25 horses and RVs/campers/tents 916-806-3110,” Ose tweeted.

Residents scared

Some evacuees in Marysville say their mood is bordering on panic.

Erin English of Linda said she got a robo-call a few minutes ago telling her to evacuate and get to higher ground.

She immediately called 911 and dispatchers there at first told her to go to Chico, then changed their mind saying that she might not make it there before water came through.

Instead they told her to go to the Colusa Casino.

She was getting gas in South Marysville with her husband and two children and her dogs. They didn’t have time, she said, to grab anything from their home.

“I’m scared to death. I’ve never been through anything like this before,” she said. “I pray for the safety of everybody here.”

Kevin Carroll of Marysville said he’s dubious about the evacuation order, but he is obeying.

He lives on the banks of the Feather River and says the river is not high and could handle a lot more water.

Nevertheless he said the evacuation order is mandatory so he and his wife are gathering up some clothes and the dogs and heading out.

“My wife said go,” he said. “The river is right on our back door.”

He doesn’t expect Marysville to flood though.

“I’m not saying it won’t,” he said. “There’s a lot of room in that river right now.

“It can save lives or be a waste of time,” he said. “I hope for the best for the evacuees. Be safe.”

–Tony Bizjak in Marysville

Concerned citizens in Marysville, California are not waiting around to see what happens with the Oroville Dam spillway, but are gathering their families within minutes, loading up the car and flooding local gas stations as the prepare to leave town.

Tony Bizjak The Sacramento Bee