Why does the LA County Sheriff Badge have a Pedophilia Symbol on it—5 times?

PIZZAGATE Investigation Unit
State of the Nation

This particular clue was first submitted in a comment at BeforeItsNews by: 2QIK4U.  He receives full credit for making this very important observation.  Thank you, 2QIK4U!

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First, here’s the LA County Sheriff Badge. Notice the same triangular shapes within each of the 5 points of the badge.

Now here’s a blown up shot of a single point.  Take a close look at the same triangular shape that is often used in Pedophilia logos and symbolism around the world.

What follows is an FBI “Intelligence Bulletin” which contains the “Symbols and Logos Used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences”.  See the blue triangle shape within the RED box.  This symbol is the generally recognized pedophilia logo for a “Boy Lover”.

So the real question here is: How does a “Boy Lover” logo end up on a county sheriff badge?

Perhaps LA County can explain how this happened. After all, the LA Sheriff Department is perhaps the largest in the entire nation. And they do coordinate frequently with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on all manner of sex crimes, especially pedophilia.  As a matter of fact, the LA County Sheriff Department just assisted in the arrest of hundreds throughout the state involved in a child sexual exploitation sting operation.

California police arrest 474, rescue 28 sexually exploited children during statewide human trafficking sting

There is definitely something VERY wrong with this picture!

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