The WashPo Defends Another Pizzagate Degenerate: Amanda Kleinman aka ‘Majestic Ape’

Wake Up and Smell the Culture

Written by: Diana West


Behold the Washington Post Style section of January 3, 2017.

All but the trimmings of Page One and Two belong to a woman named Amanda Kleinman, who, we are told, is the leading victim of the headline’s “Troll Patrol” — online harassment resulting from that “viral fake news conspiracy theory” known as “Pizzagate.”

What is “Pizzagate?” Whatever it is, it is either not on the media menu (a la Breitbart); or it is served up by news organs such as the Washington Post as a complete nothing — the original scoop of “fake news” as cooked up by “the Internet” beginning with the John Podesta Wikileaked emails that include possibly unusual, possibly coded references to “pizza,” also something called “Spirit Cooking.”

For example, in one of the stranger “pizza” exchanges, a realtor on Martha’s Vineyard writes to Democrat moneybags Susan and Herbert Sandler (the latter, per Wikileaks, a patron of Podesta) to let them know that some items were forgotten in a rental, including “a square cloth handkerchief (white with black) that was left on the kitchen island.” Do they want it back?

Susan Sandler then writes an email to John Podesta about this handkerchief. Sandler: “I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yours? They can send it if you want….”

Note that the realtor’s original query does not mention anything about a “pizza” or a “map.”

Interesting? Odd? A code, perhaps, worth checking into? Unrelentingly, the media say no. They believe — en masse, to date — that such communiques among the high and mighty seeking to rule the land (some offering leads on stories of elite depravity that I had not previously followed) require not investigation to see where they might lead, but rather eye-rolling and debunking to make sure they lead nowhere. Even cursory study online quickly reveals a wealth of data points that may or may not take shape inside or even on the edge of the dark world of child/sex crimes; it takes a resolutely blind eye, however, not to notice the rough outlines.

Another fact that is not fake news is that there exists a long and horrific history of such scandals erupting and being covered-up and at high levels of government and media, etc. This is another reason leads and telltales demand some serious attention.

But the media mantra was clear. If you see something say nothing; or, better, say it’s just “fake news” — but be careful to withhold from readers the most perplexing exhibits that have inspired online research for their being so close to the sick heart of Washington power. The contrast between the vitality online, pulsing with discoveries, dead ends, wild theories and intriguing connections, and the moribund newsroom of the praetorian media, could hardly be sharper.

The key to entering Pizzagate, then, is that its most intriguing, possibly earth-shaking, theories grow from real facts, not “fake news.”

As noted above, sex trafficking and prostitution, often involving minors, is real. There is the fact of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his myriad connections to the high and glitzy, including 21 phone numbers for Bill Clinton (all under the name of Clinton Inc. factotum Doug Band). There is the fact is that Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on Epstein’s “Lolita Express”, riding some 26 times, five of those flights without any Secret Service. Erik Prince, citing a NYPD source familiar with the Anthony Weiner “sexting” laptop, claimed Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s “sex slave” island at least twenty times; Prince claims Hillary Clinton visited six times.

This, then, is the world in which they they live, and it is our frame of reference for viewing power players at certain levels. In such a  world, in such a context, perhaps Anthony Weiner’s perverted behavior — another fact — is not so very out of character, except insofar as it was uncontrollable and came into public view. Another fact to consider is that shortly after Weiner’s laptop was seized, there was a major bust of sex traffickers across the nation. Connected?

It is also a fact that children disappear — some anonymously, some in torrents of headlines, such as poor, little Madeleine McCann, who was kidnapped in Portugal on May 3, 2007. It is another fact that police drawings made public in 2013 in the McCann kidnapping case bear a resemblance to the Podesta brothers, John and Tony.

See for yourself.

This is all but certainly a coincidence. But that doesn’t erase the resemblance. In fact, if I were a news editor, I’d send a reporter out to seek proof of the Podestas’ whereabouts on May 3, 2007, the day Madeleine disappeared, just to make sure — and especially after taking another look at Tony’s twisted tastes in artwork (children, teens, the Jeffrey Dahmer victim sculpture in the vestibule, etc.). Remember how easy it was to shoot down the genuine fake news about Trump aide Michael Cohen, who was not in Prague last August? Why not do the same for the Podestas?  I would also check into the claims that the John Podesta Wikileaked emails begin or pick up on May 4, 2007 — the day after the kidnapping — again, just to make sure.

To the non-pizza-initiated, this may seem like a most sensational tangent; within Pizzagate, however, there are even more data points that connect, possibly, to reveal the outines of even greater crimes, also possibly involving high and mighty. Here, for example, is one such set of data points; here is another; here are many more. I don’t know what to make of them — some are surely blanks — but others are intriguing, not in a good way. Here is quite perplexing and well-sourced story headlined, “The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal and How the Media Attempted to Ignore/Cover It Up.” Never heard of it? Give it a read. 

Meanwhile, we are also looking at a significant cultural story.

That is, there is cultural significance in the fact that co-founders of a multi-million-dollar Big Democrat lobbying firm, Tony and John Podesta, together amassing clients in industry and governments, a Kalorama mansion (two doors down from the Obamas’ new home), White House jobs, and the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, seem, for example, to be on quite friendly terms with a “performance artist” whose palette is pain, genitalia (warning, yuck)bodily fluids and the occult. I refer to performance/flim-flam artist Marina Abramovic, whose Wikileaked dinner-invite to Tony and John Podesta to come over to her place for some “Spirit Cooking” was just not your regular rubber chicken Kiwanis Club meal ticket.

Once upon a time, pooh-bahs such as the Podestas, men whose own business is erecting Pillars of Society, would have run screaming from such associations — certainly not hung out with them, or hung their work on their walls — to preserve their own reputations, as basic professional assets.

Now, it’s:

“Dear Tony [read in throaty Balkan accent],

“I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is coming?

“All my love,


That’s Marina, above, with shirtless child.

Imagine the city room turned stenography pool (as if anyone in media knows shorthand) when the “Spirit Cooking” item popped up. Creeper-artiste wants to “Spirit-Cook” for Washington mover-shaker/White-House-confidante? What’s “Spirit Cooking”? Tony collects this woman’s “art”? What other “art” does he collect? Kids? What? “Naked teenagers in the bedroom”? A Jeffrey Dahmer victim look-alike hangs in his vestibule? A painting of two men about to eat a third hangs in the John Podesta’s Hillary Clinton for President campaign office? Who are these weirdos running around the halls of power in our democratic republic, which, as Madison told us, depends on good, old fashioned morality to survive? And what’s with the nauseating homage to cannibalism for dessert? Bizarre Beck is going there in his weird way, too?

Worth … reporting?

Nope. Not in the “classic” sense. What I mean is the media have no questions, none — just answers. They issue rejoindersnot reports. Abramovic’s invitation to Spirit Cooking “ostensiblymakes playful reference of one of Abramovic’s past works,” writes New York Magazine’s Eric Levitz. “Abramovic’s mention of `Spirit Cooking’ appears to refer to her 1996 artwork that consists of a book with recipes,” says the Washington Post’s Abby Ohlheiser. Never mind that it’s the pukesome “Spirit Cooking” video, mentioned later, that actually grabbed people’s attention.

In other words, the media have no curiosity, they have insistence. They don’t know whether the “playful” or culinary explanations are correct for a fact — they just know.

For the record, the Abramovic “cookbook” is a sophomorically obscene update on “eye of a newt, toe of a frog” stuff: “Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk…”

“Again, this isn’t an actual recipe book for eating dinner,” the Post reporter writes, interposing herself between reader and gag reflex, “and there’s no evidence that the recipes were served at the 2015 dinner at the artist’s house….”

“No evidence”? Did Ms. Ohlhiser delve through sedimentary layers of the city dump to confirm?

Door-slamming and blank walls are not solely features of Left wing story-telling, however. “No, John Podesta’s Spirit Cooking Dinner Wasn’t About Devil Worship” is the headline on an equally non-reported Townhall column by Katie Pavlich, who declares (based on what, we don’t know) that the 2015 “Spirit Cooking” dinner was put together on to promote Abramovic’s “cookbook.”

NB: A copy of the limited edition of Spirit Cookingthe 1996 book — 12 etchings with aquaprint and 25 letterpress prints — was recently estimated to sell at auction for between $20K and $30K.

And herein lies the true genius of Marina Abramovic: marketing. But that’s only part of the story. The other part is that the media sanctifiy all: the pornography, the pentagrams, the blood, the urine, the masochism, and, of course, the psychiatric-ward-ready exhibitionism. Art. What a toxic Trojan Horse such “art” has been for the degeneration of taste, sensibility and soul in society at large. Which is another story. Or is it the main story?

Or is it something else as well?

Here is a curious exchange on Reddit with Abramovic about “occult magic”: about how it is “art” when it is in a gallery. But, she explains, “if you are doing it [occult magic] in a different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art.” 

So, it is … occult magic?

Ah, that ever-cryptic Marina. “I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place…” Always keep ’em guessing. Secret to success.  Of course, whatever “it ” is, it is one more reason to be grateful Donald Trump is president. In the Trump administration, Marina Abramovic will not be Asst. DepSec for Satanic Outreach —

— or White House chef.

The more I look at the whole Pizzagate story — racing, coursing, spreading sub rosa (comb through the vectors of progress amid the misfires and spurts on voat sometime) — the more it takes shape as a front in the culture war, and, possibly, it is one of those central and climactic fronts. Deplorables know they are at the very least seeing manifestations of wider perversion and rot. They know, too, that the basis of the story isn’t “fake news,” it’s a dorsal fin on the shark that ate our culture, swimming through a dark web of possible leads to something big, maybe. So far, no matter what the MSM does not do, the Deplorables are winning. The story isn’t going away.


Back in October/November, when Pizzagate was just a tiny slice, the media’s presidential election of Hillary Clinton was just a matter of time. Mustn’t have any more depravity leaking out at the seams of Clintonworld, not after yet another Weiner-Gate, this one the Big Kahuna (connected to that national sex trafficking bust a week later?); nothing must distract from “pussygate,” and especially not anything coming from Hillary’s Russia-connected campaign chairman John Podesta, or, for that matter, Tony, whose degenerate tastes in “art” once would have caused him to be shunned or even arrested by Pillars of Society, not hired and rewarded by them.

The media, they see nothing.

In December, after an individual shot off a gun inside Pizzagate’s pizza restaurant, Comet Ping Pong, Pizzagate became entrenched across the media as a victimization story, pure and simplistic.

Megyn Kelly confirmed this narrative in a sweetheart-interview of James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong, host to Podesta, also Obama and Hillary fundraisers. Alefantis has strong connections to Democratic DC, among them his boyfriend David Brock, a Soros-funded Hillary Democrat whose opposition research entities are the quintessential Washington “industry.” Alefantis also maintained a public Instagram account (jimmycomet), now locked, which showcased many of the exhibits and clues that made Pizzagate a subject of tremendously heated speculation. Lots of pics of babies and toddlers for an unmarried, childless and homosexual man. Disturbing poses (chewing stacks of money, with price tag, taped to a table). Some wee ones with disturbing hashtags such as #Hotard, #chickenlovers. One member of this same Instagram set posting photos of a child-sized coffin. Then there are the, well, dungeon-like rooms tagged #murder and #KillRoom. Ha-ha? Pizza slices as X-rated sexual accessories. Even jimmycomet’s profile picture was overripe with man-boy symbolism.

Then there was Amanda Kleinman, the Post “troll” victim, who plays in a band which is presumably so “alternative” it references pedophilia (more on that below).

A lot of weird smoke to clear up and air out, one would think. But no.

This must have been such an ordeal for you, Megyn Kelly said to open her “interview” — which, par for the media course, used the very act of interviewing to separate viewers further from what is unsettling about family-restaurateur Alefantis in his own (formerly) publicly showcased online presence.

Kelly did show viewers one disturbing snap — a little girl whose arms are taped to the table. Alefantis says this is his godchild, her sister did the taping, her parents were nearby. Pretty strange, but … ok?How about the rest of the photo album? Kelly failed to note other images singeing the antennae of “normal” people out in “flyover country” (spiritually or physically), whose sensibilities, still intact, lo, these many decades after the Sexual Revolution, are such that children are sacrosanct and should not be objectified, ever, even as a “joke.” And what’s with the pizza slice pics as X-rated sexual accessories? Is “pizza” a code word? How about the profane and unappetizing grafitti/art inside Comet? The pedophile “jokes” onstage? Isn’t this place supposed to be a restaurant for kids who play ping pong while waiting for their cheese and pepperoni?

But no, nothing. The non-interview ends, and, in the star-victim-treatment of Kleinman this month, the Big Media yawn/cover-up continues.

Who is Amanda Kleinman?

For all that newsprint, the Post tells us very little. We see four considerable photos of the woman, but her face is hidden or obscured in every image. She is a “college counselor,” we learn, but a reader must go online to find out Kleinman counsels college students at George Washington University. Mainly, Post readers learn that Kleinman is Pizzagate Exhibit A. As Jeff Bezos’s sheet explains, “Because Kleinman’s band had appeared at the Washington restaurant at the center of the bogus claims, she, too, was being called a pedophile.”

“Because the band appeared”? Readers whose meager source of news is the Post might wonder where “being called a pedophile” could possibly have come from. The paper had successfully placed itself between its readers and a video of  “Kleinman’s band,” live and in concert at Comet Ping Pong in which Kleinman (Alefantis?) appears onstage in the masked persona of a character called “Majestic Ape,” joking about pedophiliaSeriously.

But wait. Pretend you’re reading the Post. Near the end of piece, you come across this description of Kleinman:

The trolls know her as the flamboyant musician who dresses up in a red ski mask and blond wig to perform in her electronic rock band, Heavy Breathing.

Red ski mask?

Blond wig?

It is here, at this small but keen point of revelation where the cover-up really shows through.

If “the trolls” know Kleinman by her red ski mask and blond wig — having viewed pictures and videos Kleinman has herself placed online to promote “Heavy Breathing” — why don’t Post readers get to know her that way, too?

Is it because she looks like … such a weirdo?


This screenshot (bonus pedophile refererence) comes from the top video on Heavy Breathing’s Youtube channel. Even Post reporters could find it, if they wanted to. I do conclude they do not want to. Instead, they want to present Kleinman in her humdrum office clothes, at her small, neat desk, covering her face in her hands, the caption says, in reaction to what online nasties are saying about her. Is that a blush pinking her cheeks? Poor flower.

Any deeper online investigation (i.e., one that takes 10 minutes) quickly churns up more and more of Amanda Kleinman and Heavy Breathing’s toxic cultural bilge. An anonymous researcher posting at a blog called State of the Nation isolated a series of extremely horrific images from a Heavy Breathing video called “Neutered Noel.” These include such ghastly scenes of violence and torture as these:

They also include little kids — even a baby inside a slice of pizza.   

Media will say that people have no sense of humor; they’re so deplorable they don’t even know they are looking at “music” and “art.” Actually, I think we are looking at an old struggle, tradition vs. chaos, morality vs. the vortex. Once, it was between rowdy Cools and silent-majority Squares, the anti-Establishment vs. the Establishment. The Establishment lost when, as The Death of the Grown-Up discusses, it was subsumed and re-made by anti-Establishment.

A Deplorable Revolution now brings Donald Trump into the White House; the outrage that powers Pizzagate seems to derive momentum from this same movement. Where did our country go? people wondered and voted Trump.

Now it’s time for another question: Who stole our culture?

It reeks.


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