Everything Changes With Trump In The Oval Office

Jan./Feb. 2017


George Eaton

We finally have a new president! It was a nerve racking few weeks since the elections, wondering what tricks the liberals were going to pull before Trump could be inaugurated. But finally Obama is out of the Whitehouse and the work of getting the nation back on track has begun. Trump laid out his plan in his speech to put America first, bring back more jobs and stop Islamic terrorism. And, since that day he has kept his promise by immediately signing executive orders to change the course of our nation.

World leaders that have been standing against the new world order and social globalism are ecstatic about Trump finally becoming president. This has also caused the enemies of the US to change their activities, knowing they will not get away with what they have been doing the past 8 years. The communist agitators and race baiters no longer have an ultra liberal administration and attorney general that look the other way with un-American activities. The Border patrol and the courts, plus the states will now feel they have the authority to stop illegal immigration into the nation.

The news media is still reeling from the loss of their socialist candidate Hillary Clinton. The main media will be in an adjustment period trying to figure out how to cover Trump or to twist the new propaganda to match their political agenda.
It is a foregone conclusion that Trump will not be able to fulfil everything he wants to accomplish because of Congress dragging their feet. But the environment and chemistry in America has changed drastically now – and that will have far reaching ramifications. Tens of thousands of jobs will be kept in the nation and more jobs created. Taxes will be reduced, oil pipelines will be put in place, US defenses will improve, a sound fiscal policy will emerge and a positive attitude for the future of the nation will be established. Time will tell what kind of resistance Trump will receive from the global socialists who were trying to turn the US into a third world nation. In this regard we cannot assume all is well and we have attained an ideal utopia. We must continue to be vigilant in defending our way of life and be aware of the dangers we face in a chaotic world. We can celebrate a small victory now, but, the real work has just begun.


I want to thank all of you who have supported this newsletter through the years. As a token of my appreciation I am sharing my 5 novels with anyone that will write for them and I will send you an email with the first two novels in a file. Obviously the over 200 book agents I contacted on getting them published would not touch them because they are not politically correct. I had rave reviews from my friends who read them. They told me once they started they couldn’t stop reading them.

The first two are called “Project Genocide and Earth on Fire”. They detail the struggles of a group of people trying to defend their way of life and protect America. It exposes real threats to the nation through global conspiracies using false flags and created disasters. They are like James Bond novels in some respects but more in line with the patriot movement in our country to defend the Constitution and American values. The next three are a continuation of the same main characters but takes on a science fiction theme where they discover their roots from another planet. The battle against the conspirators expands beyond earth and reaches to other solar systems. But, the same enemies are revealed and the root cause of their power is explored beyond earth. The connection between the conspirators on earth with a malevolent race from another planet is discovered. The titles of that trilogy are: Son of Nibiru, Thrones of Draco, Defenders of Freedom. (The Son of Nibiru book explores the origins for the boom sounds heard across the nation)
I must stress that these books are based on real facts I uncovered through more than 30 years of research and inside information revealed to me from high level government sources. The actual meaning of our existence, our roots as a people, where we came from and what we are supposed to do as a destiny is revealed. Being retired and on a small fixed income I haven’t had the finances to get the books printed yet, so I decided to go ahead and offer them free to anyone that wanted to read them. (As many know I was robbed of my savings over 2 years ago and lost my ability to have a place in the country and to get my books printed)

Send me a note in an email or letter giving me your email address and I will send them to you at no charge. I will send the first two unless you ask for all five books. My email address is: lyndoneaton@yahoo.com

~~Benghazi whistleblowers reveal Obama and Hillary Libya operation killed 1 million

This is the most extensive and riveting, expose’ of the Benghazi conspiracy I have ever heard. This is an interview by John B. Wells, Caravan to Midnight radio program with American citizens – a husband and wife (Joann and James). They were in Libya when the operation went down and reveal behind the scenes details that Americans need to know. It was a CIA, FBI, DIA, Blackwater operation to conquer Libya, take their oil, gold and cash – then put their own puppet government in place. They saw containers of gold transferred by plane out of Libya. They escaped with their lives losing millions in petroleum equipment and all their business supplies. To make matters worse the Obama administration tried to hush them up and prevent them from revealing the truth on what really happened. They revealed their information to Congressman Pete Sessions, Trey Gowdy and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman among several other politicians.
They also revealed that there was an operation planned the day after Hillary won the election against Trump. It was a new attack against Libya and also Egypt to overthrow that government and re-install the Moslem brotherhood. This was to be run through Qatar – but that operation was cancelled once Trump won the election. They have 200 gigs of information they recorded on their computer while in Libya.

They exposed the fact the US government had authorized the transfer of 20,000 shoulder held missiles to Libya. The US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, took part in that transfer and apparently had to be taken out by Obama and Hillary because he knew too much and because of the old theory of: “dead men tell no tales”. They also revealed the connection with Turkey and Erdogan, Mark Rich and the Clintons and the Clinton foundation for Middle Eastern operations. These covert operations were in the $ billions.

It was through Libya that the beginnings of terrorist army ISIS was formed. The training camps set up by the CIA, and other officer/soldiers from countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and various NATO countries were used to train the ISIS army to take out other Middle Eastern countries like Egypt and Syria. Obama was quoted as saying the Libya ”revolution” was to be the model of how to overthrow a country. It was affectionately called the “Arab Spring” by Obama.

This couple went into detail on how CIA agents trained mercenaries to take part in rapes, murders and atrocities against innocent Libyan citizens. Children as young as 3 and 4 years old were killed and chopped up and left in the parents refrigerators to be found when they came home from work. Girls were raped and their breasts cut off. They personally saw people beheaded and their limbs chopped off – and video taped it from their hotel room window. They took photos of the killing rooms and the bodies, and of at least 6 mass graves of bodies before they were covered up.

They had contacts with the Libyans that told them exactly who killed Ambassador Stevens, but the US government would not listen to the information they had. The couple escaped from being killed several times because they had friends that helped get them out of the country.

I seldom listen to long interviews, this was 2 hours. But I can say without reservation that this is worth your while. It was very revealing, educational and inspiring to see the dedication they had for telling the truth and to understand the courage they had under fire. Their personal account confirms the information that has come out on this subject from other sources. The first hour and 30 minutes apx. is an absolute MUST to listen to. Their information was so revealing and dangerous that even the John Birch Society decided not to have them share their account to their members nationwide. The Glenn Beck program interviewed them over 6 hours and decided against running the information. The couple discovered that the person working for Glenn Beck was a CIA agent, – and she told them to stand down and forget about everything they saw and heard in Libya, “If they wanted to have a life”.

They were pulled over by unmarked cars and abducted at gun point to a building and interogated for 31 hours. they were never shown a badge and were told they could be “taken out” at any time, and to forget everything they knew about Libya. Drugs were planted on their car at another time and they were stopped and searched by police in Texas. Fortunately the mechanic found the drugs in advance and got rid of them. They made DVDs of their account and had them mass produced with their names and photos on the DVD cover. But before they sent them out to people they decided to check them out and found that their interview had been replaced with hard core pornography. They destroyed all of their DVDs by the advice of a police offeicer friend. They have been shot at and harassed by Obama’s thugs in the government ever since the event in Benghazi.

Take the time to listen to this interview which is on video, see them for yourself. Hear the details of their experience and understand the depth of corruption coming out of Washington DC. They were told by their contacts in Libya that 1 million people were murdered in the CIA takeover of that nation! The blood of those people are on the hands of Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mark Rich, and politicians like Senator John McCain and untold number of officials, agents and underlings that made this happen. More bombs were dropped by our US military on Libya, 60,000, than was dropped during world War 2. If you want to know the truth, watch this interview, you owe it to yourself.

George Eaton


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