Tulsi Gabbard: Trump’s Secret Partner For Peace!?!

Encinitas, CA
January 26, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Tulsi Gabbard has just returned from a trip to Syria where she met with
President Assad.

Careful observers will recall that the Democratic Congresswoman from
Hawaii met with then president-elect Trump last November in New York to
discuss her bipartisan efforts to “stop arming terrorists!”

Her visit to Syria occurred simultaneously with President Trump apparently telling
Egyptian President Sisi that he sees Assad as a courageous leader.

Our new president also announced his desire to create “safe zones” in that
beleaguered nation.

Are these events part of an elaborate plan wherein Trump and Gabbard
are collaborating to embellish (upstage?) efforts by Russia, Turkey and
Iran to facilitate a peace deal?

Whether in tandem with the President or on her own, the young veteran
of the Iraq war and three term House Member is demonstrating the kind
of populist leadership within the Democratic Party that transcends the
Establishment trappings of Hillary Clinton and the unrealistic socialist
pronouncements of Bernie Sanders.

Gabbard is filling the leadership void in her party and is positioning
herself for bigger things in the days ahead as she continues to serve
her country by being a true (woman’s) voice for peace in Washington.

That is extremely rare these days considering the hawkish hollerings
of Neocons like McCain and the Neoliberals like Obama and Clinton
all of whom seemed ecstatic with the prospect of confronting Russia.

Gabbard is showing the country and the world what an intelligent, high-
minded woman can do to promote a worthwhile cause without resorting
to the kind of antics and acts of violence recently on display by anti-Trump
groups during the Inauguration and Women’s March on Washington.

I have already written about how much I respect this new leader and am
thrilled that she continues to display unusual courage during these dangerous
times. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=59698

I hope Trump is using her in the manner I suggested. God’s speed to both
of them. We sorely need powerful voices and actors for peace!

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