Trump Vows to Give the Government Back to We the People

San Marcos, CA
January 20, 2017

‘Narcissist’ Trump Focuses On We The People In His Inaugural Address

by Rich Scheck

It was an inspiring spectacle!

Our new president gave an amazing inaugural speech in which he focused
on restoring power to We the People

Good-bye Globalists intending to create a New World Order! Hello
populism and America First as President Trump spoke about the
forgotten citizen rather than himself:

So much for claims that he is self-absorbed and wants to put the Trump
brand on everything!

Yes, it’s just a speech and typical rhetoric to be expected from a new leader
who can promise anything as Obama did in 2009 with Hope and Change.

We shall see if The Donald can deliver. Bush, Jr. promised a “humble”
foreign policy which quickly morphed into pre-emptive wars and efforts for
regime change inspired by Neocons who wanted to impose Pax Americana.

Trump has declared his intention of working with the Russians and today
acknowledged that all countries should act in their own self-interest including
the United States.

We shall see soon enough if he can keep his pledge to We the People and
fulfill the populist mandate his election represented to me and countless
millions who rejected the Establishment politics of Hillary Clinton when they
backed Bernie Sanders during the primaries and then voted for Trump in the
general election.

If he can create new jobs, cease provoking Russia at the risk of triggering
a brutal war and restore a sense of confidence to our beleaguered nation,
Trump will take a significant step towards “Making America Great Again”
while reducing the prospects of escalating conflict with our erstwhile enemies.

If he stays on message and implements his promised policies, the billionaire
populist will have succeeded in laying the foundation for a new political party:

All and all, it was a great start to his 4 year term and his new Administration.
Congratulations President Trump and God’s speed!

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